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How White Shark Media Deals With Complaints in Business

It is common in businesses for clients to complaint about either the product or the services been offered. White Shark Media is not an exception. To build a company that has little complaints takes a lot of time and effort. Over the years, White Shark Media has grown and upgraded their services based on their past mistakes.
One of the most common complaints is clients losing touch with their AdWords Campaign. Initially, the reporting procedure that the firm had put in place was inadequate to small enterprise owners. They were unable to review reports and find out what was happening to their complaints. In a bid to rectify the problem, the firm had to ensure that every client was taught everything about their campaigns and how such campaigns work. By understanding a campaign, it is easier for a client to a follow up on his or her complaints.
Another common complaint is lack of good communication skills. In the past, a number of clients have found it frustrating to keep in touch with their contact person. In order to eradicate the problem, the firm decided to schedule monthly calls via GoToMeeting, which is an online platform. By sharing a screen via the platform, the firm can go through the report with the participation of the client. White Shark Media created direct extensions where clients can talk to their contact person.
A number of clients want a one-stop shop. Others have been requesting White Shark Media to introduce SEO services. White Shark Media does not offer SEO services but recommends great SEO vendors and also look through the proposals to ensure clients are receiving the services that they pay for. Some clients do not like the fact that the campaign is created on the White Shark account. Therefore, the firm now uses a new AdWords account for all clients. It also walks with them systematically during the developing process. In case a client has an account, White Shark Media does the campaign on that account.
During sign up, clients are assigned a contact person who knows how and what the client wants. Once sign up is done, clients find themselves with a contact person that does not understand them and their needs. The client will feel frustrated and opt out. However, White Shark Media ensures that the senior consultants follow up with each client from sign up stage to optimization stage. This is done with the view of helping them understand the needs of each client and be available in case clients have questions.
Some clients receive inquiries from their customers through the phone and are unable to track the calls. White Shark Media has provided solutions by partnering with Marchex in offering call tracking services to every client that signs up.

Why Status Labs Is The Best Online Reputation Management Firm

At this day and age when a lot of activities happen online, it is very easy to get into an online reputation crisis. Status Labs is a well-known digital reputation company based in Austin, Texas. The company was launched not less than four years ago, and it has two other offices in New York and Sao Paulo with a staff of not less than 30 people. The company is in the business of providing second chances to companies, individuals and executives that have suffered online image-tainting.

Currently, Status Labs offers its services to not less than 1500 clients from more than 35 countries of the world. The company is in the business of polishing up their results through effective marketing and PR strategies so that they can regain their positive search engine results.

A testament that Status Labs works is its past clients that have gotten very positive online presence after contracting it. The company employs all tactics to see to it that all its clients get to the top of the search engines with the desired results and not negative ones.

Darius Fisher, the President of Status Labs, says that the biggest problem that people and especially high ranking executives make is lacking to make adequate preparations when matters related to taking good care of their online reputations are concerned. When people do not take very good care when matters related to being adequately prepared are concerned, they are at a much bigger risk to become attacked with bad press. It is also important that every social media user monitors and audits their web presence so as to at all times be in a position to mitigate bad press.

The company employs very respected tactics when changing a negative reputation online. It creates enticing and fresh content that is fed to the search engine. They also create relevant video content and press releases that are in tandem with the client’s profile and post it as well.

The best thing with Darius Fisher and Status Labs is the fact that it treats every case with the needed attention. The company is also able to offer customized solutions that go a very long way when matters related to coming up with a solution within no time are concerned. A positive online presence is important and especially at times like these when the internet plays a very imperative role in how things are done and how businesses are run.

Susan McGalla and the Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Overhaul

Susan McGalla has built a legacy for herself as one of the top corporate leaders. She led American Eagle Outfitters, and she would grow to become an executive with would have much influence in the retail industry. She started her own consulting company because she was well-versed in the business of branding. Now that she is the Director of Strategic Planning with the Pittsburgh Steelers she is taking her branding expertise to a whole new level. The clothing campaign that the Pittsburgh Steelers is now launching in one of the best ways for this franchise to keep fans involved. There are lots of hometown fans – along with other fans across the United States – that are interested in team gear. The colorful black and yellow team colors of the Steelers have been featured in songs and displayed on many hats and t-shirts worn by fans. These colors are now seen on many more garments, and McGalla is spearheading this fashion campaign. She is the woman for the job because she knows how the retail industry works. She has a vivid sense of style, and she quite experienced in planning. For many years she has worked in the world of consulting, and she has the ability to connect the dots. Susan McGalla of ireport knows what will make customers react. The overhaul of the older gear with new gear will represent a new phase for the team. It will encourage fans that have loss interest in representing their teams to regain that team spirit again. There are times when the most valuable thing that a team can have is the support of their fans. When players know that their fans are counting on them they are going to put more time into playing better. They will make it their goal to give their fans something to be proud about. This is why McGalla’s fashion campaign is so important. The gear that is being sold will promote that team spirit that propels the team to high levels. This massive campaign will promote Pittsburgh Steelers fashion, and this promotes better team cohesiveness on the field.

Protect Yourself Against Invasion of Privacy – Status Labs

Knowing how easily information is spread throughout the world with the simple “mouse click,” anyone could quickly become paranoid about personal information getting into the wrong hands. Status Labs is a firm specially designed to take care of people or businesses that have been “doxxed”. Status Labs remove misinformation hovering out on the super highway, just waiting to be spread through the entire internet like a deadly germ. Status Labs not only resolves reputation problems, misinformation, and other bloopers lingering on the internet ready to destroy someone’s reputation, but they have a list of steps everyone should take to ensure they never get “doxxed.”

Things You Should Do – So You Don’t Get Doxxed!
This is something every person should do, whether you are a celebrity, public figure, and the guy or gal next door.
Remove your personal information from the Internet, such as your home address and phone number.
Areas your personal information may be located would be in People Smart, Spokeo, Pipl, Intelius, Zoominfo and White Pages. There are many more information groups, but these are the top groups at the present time.
You should be able to “opt-out” from their information databank. Time-consuming – YES, but necessary to keep your identity private.
If you own a website that is linked to your name, please be sure to register that domain name privately.
Aside from a website, everyone should own their domain name privately. You do not need to setup a website, but owning your domain name will keep other people from creating havoc on your reputation. In other words, if you do not own your name, someone else will.
Set up a quarterly schedule to search your private information on the internet and remove it. You can also engage the services of businesses that will do this for you on a scheduled basis and report their findings.

Check to ensure your Social Security information is selected as a “Private” setting. Also, ensure you have set your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to “Private” also.

Go ahead and Google yourself. This is an excellent way to see what information is popping up about you on the internet.

Check for photos of yourself floating around on the internet. Ensure the text attached to the photos is correct and acceptable to the standards you have set for yourself.

Follow these few steps and you will hopefully avoid being doxxed. If you have additional problems, you can always contact Status Labs for their assistance.

3 of the Most Interesting Major YouTubers

There are a plethora of interesting and colorful YouTubers, far too many to ever make a comprehensive top three list. Instead we will simply be look at three very distinctive YouTubers with very particular specialties whom are some of the best in their respective fields. So without further adieu, let’s get straight into it.

3. Health and Beauty – Wengie.

Wengie is a immensely popular (almost 900, subs) Australian-Chinese vlogger who rose to prominence due to her personal, bubbly and informative style. She primarily covers beauty tutorials (make up, fashion), healthy eating tips as well as cooking guides and travel vlogs. What makes her channel even more alluring aside from the wealth of information is the frequency with which Wengie uploads with new videos coming out every Saturday and Thursday.

2. Gaming – TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit.

TotalBiscuit is easily the most popular PC gaming critic on all of YouTube with well over 2 million subscribers and a wealth of jaded opinions. He is primarily known for his “WTF Is…” series which focuses on giving a solid and informative first impression of newly released title such that prospective buyers can make a more informed decision.

1. Politics and Philosophy – Sargon of Akkad.

Though not quite as popular as the previously mentioned broadcasters, Sargon of Akkad (self named after the historical figure) is still extremely popular with nearly 300,000 subscribers on his main channel alone and probably the most controversial broadcaster on the list. He currently runs four channels each of which has a different focus, his primarily and eponymous channel focuses entirely on political news, social critics and their philosophical implications. He is also a self styled champion for egalitarianism and possesses a distinctive disdain for doctrinal ideologies which often brings him into collision with other popular broadcasters.

Marcio Alaor Sees The True Profit Investing In Automakers


The smart money looks past bureaucracies and their arbitrary statistics based on arbitrary sensor readings to the steady high ROI that investing in automakers actually gains. Marcio Alaor has educated all his clients in the “abc”s of investing in automobile manufacturing. He uses real data to drive the point home that he has guided many good steady returns on careful investments in automakers over the years.

Mr. Alaor has always made good returns on automaker investments, never mind the current scandal of the industry, real or enhanced by the media. The returns he has experienced have averaged to an annual rate of well over 20%, even with Volkswagen’s revelation that a few of their engineers committed rogue fraud, but not related to any safety or performance systems, only to do with EPA emissions output sensor software operation. Sorry, that according to Mr. Alaor that is nonsense that makes no difference in the stock price. The important items to investors center around both safety and performance. Read more about Marcio Alaor.

Part of what the BMG executive feels important to teach to his staff and clients is the strategy of always studying history of investing in all areas of life. He shows how auto stock values have fluctuated in very predictable and steady ways throughout the last half of the 20th century and the first 15 years of the 21st. He teaches a concept he calls ‘mutual benefit’, which has everything to do with the importance of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) from a successful private company looking to go public.

As an illustration of the history of IPOs in the auto industry, Marcio Alaor points out that Henry Ford resisted an IPO until his death. It was his son who launched the first IPO of Ford Motor Company in 1956. You can certainly tell the difference in overall results from delaying the IPO when you compare the size and power of Ford to General Motors (GM). GM was early to launch their IPO, in 1915. The IPO launched the younger GM up and over Ford to become the $54 billion company that marches on today.

Finding The Right Bold Makeup With Lime Crime

If you have ever looked for bold makeup, you know that it can be hard to find colors that truly pop as well as ones that do not have a large amount of chemicals in them. These colors can be difficult to make at affordable prices for customers, but Lime Crime has managed to do just that. The company not only makes bold colors, but they also work to make colors that are safe for the skin. It is a company that knows people who love bold colors have a hard time finding makeup and it allows customers to truly get what they want out of the makeup options that are provided by the company.

The company was founded by Doe Deere. As a makeup blogger, she learned that she liked a lot of bold colors on her face. She did not like plain makeup or boring looks that were made only to cover up the blemishes on a person’s face. She wanted makeup that showed off who she truly was instead of showing off what a company was able to do. Because of this, she was able to provide her customers with the bold looks of Lime Crime. Not only was she able to solve a problem for herself, but she was also able to provide a company for others like her to find makeup that worked with their personalities.

There are many parts of Lime Crime that are perfect for customers, but the fact that the company is not one that is foreign and does not come from various sources is enough for even the boldest makeup lovers to flock to the company. It can be hard for them to find what they are looking for when it comes to bold makeup, but Lime Crime makes it easy. The company is dedicated to the customers and to making sure they have what they want. Most of Lime Crime’s customers are repeat customers and do so because they love the service and the product provided by the Lime Crime company.

Doe Deere has worked to make Lime Crime what it is today. It has not been an easy journey and she has had to overcome many scandals that were associated with the company. She wanted to make sure that the company had something for people like her and did so with the creation of the first collections. These are the ones that she tailored to herself, but she has also been able to market them to other customers. The Lime Crime opportunity has not only given Doe Deere the opportunity to have makeup that she loves and works with her, but has also allowed her to create options for others.

For Those In North Korea

Many people have heard about the atrocities that have been committed in North Korea, but few people have actually had to live through those horrors. Yeonmi Park is one of the few women that were able to escape from North Korea, and she is a brave young woman that did more than just leave, but she became an avid promoter of freedom from the North Korean communist regime. Yeonmi is a woman that was born in North Korea to well-off family. She believed that the life that she lived in North Korea was the best life that there was. There were horrible things that she witnessed, but she did not realize that the world that she lived in was a world of disappointments and restrictions. Yeonmi’s life soon took a turn for the worst when her father was sent to a North Korean jail. Not only was he badly mistreated as a prisoner, but his family was ostracized and had to live a very difficult life. Yeonmi and her family went through many trials and tribulations, and they were able to escape to South Korea. Parks wanted others to be able to not only know the truth about a very closed and secret country, but she also wanted to be able to tell her story to the world. That is exactly what she does with her book “In Order to Live.” This is a tell- all story on Amazon about the Journey that Park and her family had to go through in order to get free from North Korea’s hold. Parks shines light on the treatment that people have received in North Korea, and the treatment that people are still receiving down to this day. There have been very few defectors from North Korea that have been bold enough to tell the truth about what is going on in South Korea, so this book by Yeonmi is a rare treasure that will enable individuals in the Western world to know more about this brutal country. Yeonmi hopes that the book will inspire other individuals to help fight for freedom in North Korea.

Qnet: Conquering A Country At A Time

Conquering A Country At A Time

Qnet is owned by the QI group and was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. It is mainly a consumer goods company and was originally known as GoldQuest.

The company currently has nearly 40 different product brands, and they range from watches to skincare and wellness products.Its bio disc and chi pendant which are sold under the Amezcua brand, are its best selling products yet and are rather unique products.In fact, the glass that the products are made of is manufactured in a high tech facility in Germany which has operated for over 100 years. That is the level of quality that Qnet’s products uphold.

The company has distinguished itself from the MLM model and described its business as direct selling. In direct selling, the company has a limit on the amount of money an individual can make as opposed to multi level marketing.

It has experienced blistering growth in the region mainly because of its e commerce model which means that it doesn’t need a lot of brick and mortar stores. It also means that the company can track metrics easily and reach more people at the same time. This has enabled the company to expand to over 100 countries including Asia and Africa.

Since its inception, Qnet has acquired a number of businesses and companies to increase the services it offers to its clients. They acquired Down To Earth, a vegetarian health store chain and Prana Resorts and Spa, a vegetarian health resort.

Qnet announced a few years ago that it was going to shift its production base to India, a wise move considering that it would give them a cost benefit of about 10%. The company looks to India because it is somewhat centralized as far as the company’s operations go and is also a big market for the company. Executives at the company have pointed out that Nutriplus, its energy drink, was made specifically for the Indian market and that some of its products are already being manufactured in India.

The company recently decided to focus on Lifestyle Enhancement products away from just Lifestyle products for its Indian market.It described this move in a statement saying that these products provided value in one key area and they wanted to focus on that.Qnet has expressed the need for India to have a regulator who will oversee the market that the company operates in currently. This is because many people do not know that there is a difference between direct selling and multi-level marketing. The company advised the Indian government to try and speed up the process as other countries like Thailand and Malaysia already had a system in place.

A Home-Base For Your London Adventures

London, England is one of the most visited cities in the world. There is more to do and see here than most could manage in months. Gone are the days when visitors and tourists are relegated to staying in the first hotel with room availability. The hottest trend in traveling accommodations today is reserving a “vacation rental”. London is on the forefront of this trend. Staying in an apartment during your stay in London may well be the best choice to optimize your experience.

Conveniences of Home
One of the greatest benefits to obtaining a vacation rental is that these locations almost always have all the comforts and conveniences of home. No one can deny the convenience of having a fully stocked kitchen at your disposal while traveling. Yes, of course, you want to explore some of the local cuisines, but dining out for every meal is expensive and maybe not the best for your health. Knowing you can return to your short term apartment and prepare your own healthy, low-cost meal adds flexibility and comfort to your stay. Lush towels in a warm bathroom with a full sized tub and shower are greatly more appealing than many hotel bathrooms. Comfortable couches, a newer mattress and bedding, and separate rooms for relaxation are all additional home-like features you gain when you choose a vacation rental.

Feeling like you are truly experiencing life as a local Londoner is a huge benefit to renting a vacation apartment. Many of these apartments are located in well-known London neighborhoods, others in lesser known locally loved areas. Want to be right in the hustle and bustle? Perhaps you’d like a more historic neighborhood to witness London life? Many convenient and beautiful apartments are available and you are sure to find a location that suits your desired experience.

Reputable Booking Agency
One of the most important decisions you will make when arranging your travel plans will be to find a reputable and knowledgeable booking agency for you vacation rental. LondonEscape is such an agency. Founded in the year 2000 and based right in London, LondonEscape can help you find and book the perfect accommodations. Having local, well-informed people to help with finding and managing your rental brings great peace of mind.

So, whether you decide to stay in an apartment with a view of the River Thames or on iconic Oxford Street, renting a short-term vacation apartment can add immeasurable convenience, comfort, and adventure to your stay.