Dentists Put the Smiles on Patients – MB2 Dental Puts the Smiles on Dentists

As a dentist, you have devoted your life to the education, practice and love of your craft. Sure, you knew that running a practice required you to wear many hats, but what if you could toss those hats over to a team dedicated to freeing you to give your full attention to the dental health of your patients? At MB2 Dental, we excel in managing the structure of your practice so you can focus on dentistry. You want your patients to experience the best care you can give them, and we share that goal. As an MB2 affiliate practice, you maintain your autonomy while we provide the support necessary to keep your practice in peak condition day after day. You want to be the best dentist you can be without having to be a marketing guru, human resources professional, procurement specialist, or eagle-eyed accountant.

What powers our mission to be the wind in your sails? MB2 Dental was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD. Dr. Villanueva began a dental career much like you. He discovered that the struggles of running a practice meant taking time away from the work he set out to do. He decided to make it his mission to create a company with the sole purpose of allowing dentists to focus their time, energy and expertise on dentistry while providing the power of practice management to see that goal come to fruition. Get back into the dentist’s chair, confident in the knowledge that our company is there to support the profitability that your hard work and professional expertise deserves.

Proof that it works? From the beginning of this undertaking in 2009 to today, MB2 Dental has, itself, grown to consist of the strength of over 75 employees who currently serve over 70 practices across 6 states. If you are ready to shed the burdens and stress of practice management, but still want to be in control, MB2 Dental is the solution you need.

Be the dentist. Let MB Dental be the rest.


IAP Experts Called in Support of Hurricane

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the world largest full-service companies. IAP Worldwide has been activated to provide emergency and assistance power to support the Mathew Hurricane victims under the regions IV and V of FEMA. IAP Worldwide Services has deployed numerous working teams of experts to the Initial Best Support along the Fort Bragg, East Coast, Orlando, North Carolina, Florida to support the state affected by the Mathew Hurricane for the critical regional effort.

IAP Worldwide response team for emergency support services responded with immediate effect during the Sandy, Katia, Katrina, and other numerous devastating events that occurred during the Mathew Hurricane.  During the 2011 Mathew Hurricane, IAP Worldwide Services deployed more than 50 power expert personnel to support the activation process using power generators in areas like New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

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The contract, which was awarded to IAP Worldwide Services by the United States Army Engineers of Corps (USACE) in 2013, saw the experts deployed to Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. For this reason, IAP Worldwide was allowed to provide the emergency power supply systems to support the government through engineering services, emergency power supply, and the support of emergency public works during the national significance incidents.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of IAP Worldwide Services, Doug Kitani, said that the company remains in constant communication with the United States government and other numerous agencies to support this mobilization before the dawn of the new Mathew Hurricane. According to the president of IAP Worldwide Services, the company is proud to form a part of the working solution for the people who were badly affected by the Mathew Hurricane in 2011. For the company, they have trained their teams of expert personnel to support the community and their customers.

IAP Worldwide Services teams allocated in their regional office at Cape Canaveral have evacuated their regional office to offer the emergency support needed by the United States Government in Panama City. This activation, which lasted for more than two days, saw the IAP Worldwide staff coordinate one of the most complicated operations in history. For the company, the complicated operation means daily business. Moreover, the company has partnered with ECC to offer the most unmatched solutions to their customers.

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Doe Deere Is Keeping Things Colorful

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that has taken the world by storm, and it is due to its amazing founder.


Doe Deere was born in Russia, and she was raised in New York. Doe Deere wanted to prove that cosmetics can do more than just cover up the imperfections that a person may have. Doe Deere wanted to prove that cosmetics can be used to help an individual express themselves as well.


Doe Deere is an individual that always loved fashion and color. In 2004, she launched her own account on eBay called limecrime. Deere had her own DIY fashion line, and she was her own model. Deere would also sample colorful makeup and she would model her own clothes. Her fans loved her makeup, and that gave her the idea to start her own line.


Doe Deere says that she waits for her inspiration to come patiently. Sometimes that inspiration can take weeks or even months. Doe Deere insists on trying out her products first. In that way, she can be sure that the product is authentic to Lime Crime and her customers. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to focus on e-commerce. Doe Deere believed that she would be able to have a lot of success by selling cosmetics online, and that is what she did. Other make up companies decided to follow her trend, and now it is a standard in the industry.


Doe Deere believes that she is a productive leader because she is optimistic when it comes to approaching people in business situations, and she has a clear picture of who her customers are. With those qualities, she has been able to make good business decisions. Doe Deere wishes that she would have started her Lime Crime company earlier, and also she wishes she would’ve had a customer service department sooner as well. Now, Deere is very happy with her company, and also she is thankful for her great customer service team. Doe Deere is truly a unique individual and entrepreneur. Because of her hard work and her dedication, she was able to form a very successful cosmetic line.