How Rocketship Education is the Sauce Boss

Charter schools do not ask tuition for enrollment, unlike private schools. While fees from charging parents makes for more money they can use for ultimately helping their students learn, charter schools among the network of 18 Rocketship Education facilities across the United State do not require them from any enrollees.

Rocketship Education was created by Preston Smith in 2007 with some help from technological genius John Danner. They brought personalized education to the bulk of the United States. Before this time, many schools didn’t use technology in helping students learn from their mistakes on an individual level. Such is an important part of students’ days at Rocketship Education.

There are four class periods that last about 90 minutes each. Three of them or more traditional subjects, while one is for personalized education.

Preston Smith, the current president of Rocketship Education, recommends schools hire teachers if their demographic backgrounds are similar to open classrooms with similar characteristics.

He learned a handful of other things from being with Rocketship Education over the past ten years.

Reaching test scores loftier than comparable private schools in neighborhoods hosting Rocketship Education’s top-notch facilities is a work of Preston Smith’s educational background. The network of public charter schools – not requiring any tuition from parents – is regarded as one of the most popular in the United States. Tallying more than 3,700 students is a direct result of the pedagogical theory brushed up on in college, then having luck applying it to the real world.

Visiting the homes of children is an important part of personalized education for Rocketship education. Teachers have to engage in this activity at least once a year. They don’t have to stay at students’ houses very long either, just enough to get a hang for how they might want to learn in class.

Rocketship Education is known as a leader in the United States for bringing innovation to education. It is currently the most popular public school of its kind.

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