What Clay Siegall Feels When Fighting Diseases

Seattle Genetics, one of the most important companies in the research of new therapies and treatments for diseases like cancer, has a long history since its foundation.

It was created and established in 1998 by Dr. Clay Siegall, the founder and CEO of the corporation, and the current leader and supervisor of all the researches and studies that are being conducted in his facility. His company is based in Seattle.

Having studied Zoology in the University of Maryland, but later acquiring his Ph.D. in Genetics, he has changed his interests from zoology to oncology and the study of diseases, genetics, and science in a molecular level. He acquired his Ph.D. from the renowned George Washington University.

During his first years as a research supervisor at Seattle Genetics, the entrepreneur managed to develop the first-ever FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate, or ADC for short. The name of the drug is ADCetris, one of the most famous ADC’s in the world, being consistently used by many researchers from different countries around the globe.

Past the incredible achievement of having their ADC approved by FDA, which is the Food and Drug Administration federal administration agency, the company also developed many other drugs that are used in an international level, with more than 20 drugs under the company’s portfolio.

Dr. Clay Siegall supervised all of the researches done in his company’s labs, and most of them had the participation of Siegall in the development of their compositions as well, as he is considered an expert, or even a genius, in the field. This holds true for the antibody-drug conjugate that the team developed, as it was explicitly supervised by Siegall and had its formula retouched countless times to maximize its effectiveness and reduce any side effects to the person’s health and well-being.

As a medicine enthusiast, Clay Siegall always answers interviews with a smile on his face. Seattle Genetics, for the entrepreneur, was a dream come true, as he always felt a great sense of achievement whenever he knew he was helping humankind overcome some of the worst diseases that currently exist.

For someone who started with zoology, concluded Dr. Siegall, the field of genetics proved to be a pleasant surprise.

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