Jorge Moll a Leader in the Medical Community

Jorge Moll is a well-respected member of the medical community in Brazil. He specializes in neuroscience and understanding the complex nature of the brain. Jorge Moll is dedicated to analyzing and understanding all the complex issues and emotions that affect the brain. While his research is highly regarded in the medical community; he is also known as an entrepreneur with a strong social conscience.

He is a strong advocate in the use of technology to enhance patient care in the field of medicine. He advocates the use of the Sutter Health’s Google Glass. This device allows doctors to easily communicate with their patients, thereby enhancing their overall health care. He continues to promote modern scientific technology, that promises to enhance the healthcare of each patient. Visit Jorge‚Äôs profile on

The majority of his research is centered on emotions and their overall impact on a patient’s general health. His research demonstrates there is a direct correlation between emotional health and physical health. Jorge Moll believes that volunteer work, and financially supporting local charities has a strong impact on a patient’s emotional state. When people help others in need, it triggers a reward system. This reward system is similar to receiving a compliment, listening to music or enjoying a delightful glass of wine. This event has a strong positive impact, reducing the effects of an illness such as depression or cardiovascular disease.


In creating a positive impact on healthcare, Jorge Moll has redesigned hospitals in Brazil. The Star Cup hospital in Rio De Janeiro recently was completely redesigned by Jorge Moll. This hospital is one of the most luxurious hospitals in the world. The rooms compare to those of a five-star hotel. The hallways in the hospital display beautiful artwork from around the world. The hospital has a world renown chef, which eliminates any concern about traditional hospital food. All these amenities create a positive environment for each patient, thereby enhancing their overall health. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Talkspace: Let’s Get Started

When someone decides to fix him or herself and get their life in order, they are ready to get the ball rolling and they are ready to get the help they need. Now, just because they need to fix themselves, it does not mean they are a bad person or something is horribly wrong with them. It just means they need to tinker with a few things. At the end of the day, that is true of all of us. We all just need a little tinkering, but some people need a little more tinkering than others. They have a mental issue, which is a chemical imbalance in their brain.

Because of this, they need some help in their life, and there is nothing, at all, wrong with being mentally ill. There are a lot of mentally ill people in the world, and I admire the people that do something about it and combat it. They are not going to let it define them and they are not going to let it be the story of their life. They are going to handle it. It will be with them for their entire lives, but they can find ways to manage it thanks to Talkspace, which is the company that offers online therapy through voice phone calls, text messages, and videos. They have the proper tools to help someone live a healthy and happy life with a mental illness.

It is all about looking on the bright side of things and opening up to someone that knows what you are going through and knows the battle. They have gone to school for this and they know all of the tricks of the trade in that regard. They are able to help out anyone that needs it and wants to live a better life.

Decides On New Banking Initiatives

Do you feel under appreciated with their current automated customer service with your financial institute? Are you experiencing unreasonable bank fees? NexBank pays special attention to three core services and their personalized account holders are at the top of the list along with quality service for their commercial and industrialized accounts. Believe it or not, their bank has welcomed over 246,000+ online customers over the past year. Their CEO, John Holt told PRN News it is very important to provide transparent financial services to restore the trust with your customers in an unstable financial economy. In fact, he was responsible for making sure his financial services were one of the first to respond to a stabilized financial institute.

You can find their services easily located under the descriptive tab for each feature on their website. Decide what services with NexBank will help your hard earned money work for you. You can navigate their website to avoid standing in line to cash your check on Friday or to easily transfer money in between accounts. Customers can always speak to a customer service professional without a pesky automated customer service assistance with your new or existing account any time.

NexBank Features

– transfer money in between accounts

– free checks for the life of your account

– IRA accounts

– multiple account access

– 1.9% interest after 6 months

– expert IT professionals

– investment accounts

– retirement counseling

– referral incentives

– and much more…

Their college savings programs with NexBank ensures you more ways to save versus the threat of student loan debt. Parents and students have 1,300+ college savings programs. Get up to 36% savings on college tuition and other expenses. Join the superior NexBank financial institute today and save.

Credit Based Investment Management Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a well known investment firm that provides assistance with managing capital for a number of investors. The firm has been in business for over two decades and is among the leaders in providing credit and debt backed securities. These types of securities will allow a number of investors to use leverage in order to efficiently manage their capital. Highland Capital Management also offers collateralized loan obligations which is another product line that separates it from other firms in the industry. With success and recognition, Highland Capital Management has expanded to other places in order to serve more clients. It has offices in New York City, South Korea, Singapore and Brazil. Therefore it is in position to serve clients in all parts of the world. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

When Highland Capital Management was founded it started out as a life insurance company. It provided a number of life insurance policies for individuals, families and businesses. Within a couple of years, the firm became a successful and reputable firm in this industry. While it was quite successful in offering life insurance for a number of consumers, the firm believed that it would be more beneficial to offer more financial services. As a result, the company decided to provide other forms of assistance to clients such as wealth management, asset management and advising services.

With Highland Capital Management, clients can take advantage of number of different types of services. One of the most common services available is financial advising. The firm has professionals give feedback and instruction to clients on what to invest in and how to reach certain financial goals. Another common service offered by this firm is wealth management where the firm will oversee the financial assets a given individual or family. Highland Capital also assists institutional clients as well. It uses asset management to oversee investment capital of companies and government organizations.


There are a number of clients that the firm serves. Highland Capital Management provides assistance to individual investors who are looking to grow their capital for income and to reach various financial goals. It also provides service to corporations that are looking to manage their invested funds on a regular basis. Government entities are also provided assistance when they are looking to oversee their investment capital. Lastly, Highland Capital Management provides assistance to those who invest in pension funds. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Drew Madden Helps Change the IT Healthcare Field

Healthcare is always changing and it’s hard to keep up at times. Recent healthcare news has developed into two competing companies who are welcoming change in the world of healthcare. CVS and Amazon will be presenting new services to customers all over the world. In recent announcements, CVS has reported that they will be trying to acquire Aetna. Aetna is a huge health insurance company that has dominated the insurance market. Secondly, Amazon has elected to obtain a pharmacy license in many different states. They have been approved for the license and will likely be offering prescription drug services in the near future.

The connection between the two moves is relevant in competing for such health care services. With Amazon looking to further their business structure as they have expanded into the Whole Foods variety, they will most likely dive into the pharmaceutical sales department while CVS looks into other areas of interest.

CVS is a leading prescription drug company that has provided services for many years. With other companies such as Amazon arising in the market for prescription drugs, CVS has a new approach in offering a nationwide plan for next-day delivery options for prescriptions.

Both CVS and Amazon are taking proactive actions to getting a head start with healthcare options. Amazon already offers many different types of products while they dabble in the prescription drug field. CVS is working on expanding their healthcare services by including insurance services and conventional care plans.

As innovation in healthcare IT continues, the need for consulting companies to assist with implementing this technology will increase. Drew Madden is a seasoned healthcare IT entrepreneur who has worked with companies such as Ingenix and Nordic Consulting Partners. He is passionate about Electronic Medical Records (EMR), planning high-efficiency teams and building relationships with trusted clients. He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 before he became the president. From 2011 – 2016 he worked as the president building the company from a 10 person operation to 725 staff members. The business grew rapidly under his instruction and the revenue increased vastly. He attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering when he graduated with his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Medical Systems.

Some Things You May Not Know About Organo Gold

“We had taken everything that was wrong with network marketing and made it right; we took everything that was right about network marketing and made it better.” This is a quote from Bernardo Chua, an employee of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a global network marketing company which primarily specializes in premium coffees (as well as teas) which contain Ganoderma. This article aims to inform the reader about this ever growing company and shed light on some of the company’s goals as well as its functions. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Being something that is consumed in almost every country in the world, coffee is the main focus of Organo Gold. Organo Gold’s passion about coffee is not exclusive to pursuit of esqusite flavor but also health. Their passion for health is why Organo Gold mainly focuses on teas and coffees which have been infused with Ganoderma.

Originating from China, Ganoderma is ancient herb that has been being used by humans for over 4000 years as they attempt maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ganoderma is a genus of the polypore mushroom class. The name Gandoderma originates from greek and is based off of the mushroom’s physical charicteristics; “gando” meaning bright and “derma” meaning skin. The Gandoderma plant has a long list of reported health benefits including but not limited to: anticancer effects, antibacterial effects, liver protecting effects, reducing blood pressure and many more. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

These miraculous effects are why Organo Gold has crafted an alternative to coffee using Ganoderma that is not only great for your health but also great tasting. Organo Gold has partnered with thousands of people around the globe to make sure that the life changing information of nutritional value of the Gandoderma plant spread all over the world. I hope you continue seeking information about Ganoderma.