Freedom Checks: An Investment Dripping in Oil and Gas

They are called an investment and it’s name is “Freedom Checks.” Apparently, companies are writing them as they engage in natural resources that they produce, store, process and transport in the U.S. The general focus is in the oil and gas industries. The fracking boom has created a overwhelming decline in Middle Eastern oil imports and a huge spike in gas and oil production. This allows U.S. businesses to make large profits in the following years where they will pay upwards of $34.6 billion to investors in the form of Freedom Checks for coming 12 months. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali discovered Freedom Checks in the first place. He studied natural resources for 20 years becoming a superior expert in the areas such as energy, mining and agriculture. While teaching geology at Duke University and then the University of North Carolina, he began traveling across the world. He went from Singapore, Yukon, Iraq, Mexican desert, Hong Kong then Papua New Guinea. During this time he produced a video about Freedom Checks that went viral. He explains the investment itself is born from the United States determination to get energy independence. Freedom Checks are in fact considered an investment because they trade like a stock and can raise in value. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

The Freedom Checks fall under the companies called Master Limited Partnerships. These MLPs go out and find new gas and oil wells, move them through a pipeline and refine all oil and gas coming from Bakken Shale, Marcellus Shale, the Permian Basin and large U.S. fields full of oil and gas. The key part to remember is that the companies must pay out at least 90 percent of their income directly to investors. This is what makes a Freedom Check. When it comes time to filing taxes, investors are exempt from paying taxes on them because they are look at as a return of capital not income. The law that makes this all possible is Statute 26-F. It says that a company can operate tax free is they are a designated agency.

Matt has recommended stocks such as Northern Dynasty and Park Drilling. Further, of the additional 15 stocks he does consider people invest in, 12 have gone up gaining 18%, two that are down only show a loss of -1.01% and -2.47%. He narrows down the Freedom Check providers to a couple rules. One, the company must have 1 billion or in-demand assets. The industry should be in the oil, gas, silver, gold or earth minerals. They also need proof showing they have enriched investors and large consistent payments.


Vijay Eswaran Changes Business Mindsets with Better Life Management Skillsets

Vijay Eswaran is a leader when it comes to building a better career for people that want to get involved with direct marketing. As the leader in this industry in Asia Eswaran has been able to help those people that are trying to figure out how they can improve their direct sales technique.

He has written books like “Two Minutes from he Abyss: 11 Pillars of Life Management,” and much of this has to do with life strategy. Vijay is someone that is primarily positive, and he has an energy about how he perceives the world. He looks at all of the great possibilities that exist people explore the idea of getting out of the rut that they are in and establishing a strong work ethic.

He did not have rich parents, but he was not exactly what one would call poor either. What Vijay Eswaran has done in a leadership role with QNet is establish partnerships with major corporations. This is how he became successful over the years with selling an array of different products that range from jewelry and clothes to energy bar products.

Vijay has worked hard to bring this wide variety of products into play. He has proven himself to be a great leader that knows a lot about what it takes to organize a wide assortment of products and get boots on the ground to sell these products.

It is one thing to have the ability to start the partnerships with the companies that are selling products, but it is something else completely to have a team in place that is actually going to help you get these products out to consumers. This is where the strength of Vijay Eswaran really comes into place.

People that are taking on the role of direct sales must be entrepreneurs that have a strong desire to work on their own. They have to be motivated to sell these products themselves because they are working for themselves. What Vijay  Eswaran has been able to do is carve out his thoughts in book format and bring people a different perspective on what they can do to keep themselves motivated as they increase the amount of products that they are selling. Vijay Warren has the ability to help those people make better decisions. With books like “In the Sphere of Silence” Vijay provides a ton of insight on improving life management skills.

Performance of Southridge Capital in the financial sector

Southridge Capital is a financial investment company that acts as an advisory tool to its clients on matters concerning smooth running of the internal and external operations of the firms. Its clients are other business organizations such as the public companies, other financial institutions such as the banks, insurance companies and other profit and non-profit business institutions.

The primary objective of Southridge capital is to assist their clients to realize profit maximization and also ensure continued operation of their organizations by giving them tips on risk management skills. Southridge capital provides their clients with sufficient market information to make the right decisions when preparing their business plans to avoid making losses or lower profits.

Southridge capital has proliferated over its years of operation. This is because it has been showing full dedication to its clients and as a result, it has been able to contribute to the success of many companies resulting in increased number of clients who want to benefit from their services.

This company pays a significant role in working close to the financial institutions that give their clients credit services to assure them with the creditworthiness of their clients. In that case, clients do not have to go through too many procedures and registrations to acquire loans from the financial institutions.

Southridge capital also gives their clients loans for starting capital or continuation of their business operations but these loans with their assets or shares as securities. The company also offers advisory services on matters concerning financial management in any given business organization. Such services include on how to prepare financial statements such as profit and loss accounts, cash flows, balance sheets, statement of financial position of a company and more reports that are used in decision making and implementation and also used by other financial institutions in deciding whether to accept to give them loans or decline.

Southridge capital will continue to grow drastically due to its wide range of market that continues to grow over time due to its excellent services to its clients. The business sector is also continuing to grow as the time changes, and this means if Southridge capital continues to be technologically updated in their services, they will need they will continue to increase their profits to even higher levels. You can visit for more details.

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Richard Dwayne Blair, Owner And Backer

The amount of detail and finish that Richard Dwayne Blair puts into his craft is stemmed from the pursuits that he encountered at school and in the home as well. In the place where he grew up almost all of his female family members were heavily involved in the education industry, and thus brought on a culture that touted learning as the number one facet of human psychology. He became interested in what attaining am education would do for him even more and as a result of finishing highschool, he then went on to commuting to the throes of a college university in Houston where his expanding knowledge and education resides in the terrains of the dollar. He then opened up a financial business called Wealth Solutions and it is an exceptionally established institution that actually protects and grows the money that is put inside of there by the venturing investors that seek the service out to begin with. His courses of action are divided into three distinct parts that contribute to the fullness of his client’s bank account. The first is the whole foundation that the strategy is built on which the expressed desire that the client wants to take as well as a business acquaintance that may be formed during the process as well. The second procedure consists of the actual development of the strategy that is utilized to maximize their profits over the long term. It is made specifically to take advantage of uptrends and hedge against down trends. It is as simple as that, and it compounds in the interest accrued as well which is a necessary procedure to their eventual growth. The third topic that is covered by Richard Dwayne Blair is the monitoring of the lump sums that are fluctuating up and down the market place which he take sole responsibility for and accountability to. This is not a game to the venture capitalist who at a young age found the beautiful aspects of education from his mother, nor is it less important than it should be to him. He takes seriously and takes into full importance the wages at stake for not owning his business Wealth Solutions like he should, and because of this simple difference people are benefiting everywhere from his efforts.


Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman Banyan Hill Editors

The Banyan Hill publishing company was previously called the Sovereign Society. The company changed their name in 1998. Jeff Yastine became their editorial director in 2015 and publishes the Total Wealth Insider. Banyan Hill provides readers with investment advice and the global economy updates. They also inform readers about stock market options and income increasing strategies. They have many readers and employ financial professionals as editor and analysts.

Jeff Yastine began his career with Banyan Hill in 2015 and has expertise in stock market investing and as a financial journalist. He attended the University of Florida and received his Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications. He worked as a senior correspondent for the Nightly Business Report with PBS for close to two decades. He was also employed by The Oxford Club, LLC as an editorial director and as the director of financial newsletters for Newsmax Media, Inc. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff Yastine has written about real estate crisis’s, national disasters and the political events that affect the economy. He is the editor for the Total Wealth Insider and brings all these areas of expertise to the publication. He writes about the international economy and the impact that world events have on finance. He has been nominated for the Emmy-award as a newsworthy anchor and has met with many influencers in the industry. He has spoken with Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell.

Jeff Yastine works along with Matt Badiali another editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes the Real Wealth Strategist and educates people about Freedom Checks. He is also an expert in geological investing. He has traveled to Hong Kong, Iraq and Turkey in search of his next opportunity and specializes in geology. He works with Ian King the editor of the Crypto Profit Trader newsletter and specialist in cryptocurrency. He also works with Ted Bauman a writer for The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert newsletters. They each have their own field of interest that they contribute to Banyan Hill.


Jeff Yastine continues to provide his insight for the Total Wealth Insider and delivers pertinent information to his readers. He has a large amount of readers and an impressive social media following. He explains the current political situations and provides his advice on how to invest based on these issues. He is a resourceful advisor and is enthusiastic about guiding his readers through the investment process. Read this article at

A Complete Guide to Online Luxury Consignment with The RealReal

“Julie Wainwright is former CEO of, and now successful entrepreneur of, a luxury item consignment boutique. Starting online in 2011, and expanding to 8 valuation offices in large cities including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Julie is currently presenting her portfolio to investors to raise an additional $1 million to further expand and enhance her high-end consignment organization. The company enjoys a generous lead over her competitors in the industry, namely ThredUp, Poshmark, Threadflip, Twice and E-bay. She has raised over $170 million in the past seven years with investors, with plans for an anticipated IPO within the next few years. Her premier website and social media accounts have grown to over 5 million users selling 3 million items with combined revenue close to $300 million.

The company has over 600 in-house pre-sale virtuosos dedicating themselves to professionally authenticating such world-renowned designer brands as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. Over 250,000 items per month pass through the eyes of expert fine art appraisers, gemologists, horologists, and designer apparel authorities. Items for sale are categorized by women or men’s fashions, jewelry and watches, premium children ’s articles, fine art, and deluxe home decor.

The RealReal website has many amenities such as a sign up for first look items of each month, a sale item section, a consignment guide for determining when to sell, and a designerdirectory list comprised of acceptable brands. Consignors can schedule free valuation< and expect to receive a share of the sales up to 85% depending on location, quality, and brand of items. There is an amazing influencer program , and a beautiful blog called RealStyle; packed with so much useful guidance and trending styles that you don’t want to miss it.

The Realstyle blog features a typical day in the life of luxury manager  performing no-pressure, in-home appointment consultations and a “know when to sell””  chart to assist you in your decisions. To complement the website, RealReal features smartphone app  that you can set your choice of merchandise to view and shop. A Realbook mobile app makes locating your brands and finding the value of your luxury merchandise a breeze. This app has contributed to 50% of Julie Wainwright’s business revenue. Last, but not least, there are five extravagant social media  accounts, updated with current news, monthly sale specials, infographic announcements, and company information for careers in the luxury resale industry.

The RealReal is your entire family’s premier website for online luxury consignment. This $1 trillion second-hand industry has taken the world by storm, and Julie Wainwright’s masterful plan to grow her extravagant business into an IPO is a great opportunity for second-hand, top brand collectors to invest in. Explore her website and social presence today; shop for your favorite designer brands at the best prices available, sign up to consign your items, or even have a personal visit to your home from her experienced managers in this field. Better yet, do it all and fall in love with high-end luxury RealStyle!”

GoBuyside (AD/nY)

Talent is a valuable thing, especially in the field of business. With it your firm can soar to unbelievable heights of financial success. The factor is finding the right people for the right job.

Talking about talent is one thing, actually finding it is quite another. This is why it is crucial that such firms receive qualified help. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Well,look no further, because such help is a lot closer than you think, and all you need is a computer, laptop or handheld device. In other words you need GoBuyside.

GoBuyside, a recruiting firm that has been around for seven years, or since 2011, has gained the enormous reputation of helping major corporations of finding top talent, that has helped such corporations to accrue millions if not billions of dollars of immense wealth.

That’s because of hiring top professionals that have proven to be an asset to their companies, thus the value of hiring raw business talent. Read this article at Accesswire.

Now-if you haven’t known already-where to go to recruit for top-tier talent: GoBuyside. All you need to do is go to GoBuyside’s trusted website, sign up, and you’ll be a trusted member of their website, it’s that simple.

In fact, numerous clients have already benefited from GoBuyside’s website, they have learned the secret of success in the business world: that it isn’t a secret, all you need is to recruit the right kind of people for the job.

Once again, go to Gobuyside, register an account, and you’re ready to start finding raw talent for your business.

GoBuyside-it’s never been easier to find all the right people you need for your team, and now you know you have all the capable, qualified help you need for your business.

Time is of the essence, there’s money to be made-lots of it, there’s a business to run, but in order to do that effectively you must have people that are able and competent enough to do the job and do it right the first time.

So, don’t waste any more time than it’s necessary, it’s time to recruit raw talent, and now you know you’re not alone, because you’ve got GoBuyside at your side.


Jeff Schneider | From Manhattan to Austin

jeffry schneider professionalAccording to Austin Culture Map, “Austin, once again, ranks among the fittest cities in America. The 2015 American Fitness Index ranks Austin the No. 20 fittest city in the country; last year we ranked No. 14.” As an extremely dedicated sportsperson, Jeff Schneider, Manhattan native and CEO of a private company, is right at home living in Austin where he has access to a variety of health groups and gyms. An accolades runner, Jeffry Schneider joined a cadre of athletes dedicated to wellness in Central Texas when he moved to the area. Jeffry sees groups of people coming together around wellness as a beautiful thing. If you didn’t already know, Austin, TX is a beautiful place to visit, live, and experience.

Jeff Schneider is passionate about wellness plans which are starting to become a Twitter trend. A wellness  program or plan can be done solo or with a group. A wellness plan can bring about a multitude of positive health effects. For example, a program can improve overall health, increase cognitive function, decrease stress levels, and increase the rate of productivity in the office. Scientist have shown that there’s a positive correlation between individuals who exercise regularly as part of their health program and fewer sick-leave requests which is not the case for those who do not exercise at all. Because of this and many other reasons, Jeffry implements them at his workplace, in his children’s lives, and in his own life.

Austin isn’t just known for being healthy, it’s also known as the live music capital of the world and the most liberal place in Texas, a stereotypically conservative state. All kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds come together in Austin to share music, food, and nature. Places like Barton Springs and Lady Bird Lake boast beautiful flora and fauna and provide Austinites with a place to cool off in the summertime which typically reaches triple-digit temperatures. Even celebrities find love in Austin. For instance, Janis Joplin, famous singer/songwriter and Willie Nelson native Texan and famous singer/songwriter both loved Austin and even have monuments dedicated to them around the city. Willie Nelson, happily said, “There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.” There’s for sure a lack of inhibition that begins to creep in the longer you stay in Austin which could be why Robert Rodriguez, famed filmmaker and screenwriter feels that, “People don’t live in Austin to work, they work to live there.” Jeff Schneider couldn’t agree more and is grateful to be able to experience the awesomeness that is Austin. For more info, visit


In Pursuit of Greatness: The Academy of Art University

Greatness comes in many different forms and comes in many different flavors. Greatness can also be displayed in any field of work. The Academy of Art University epitomizes the word success to the highest degree. This extraordinary institution is a class-act thanks to its many talents. For 2018, this particular for-profit school has been honored by one of its past graduates. Daniel Arriaga is the man of the hour, and he is responsible for Pixar Animation Studio’s success at this year’s Oscars.

Daniel Arriaga is the senior director at the affluent Pixar Animation Studios. By implementing thoroughly researched information as well as a providing ton of actual illustrations, he has helped the studios win the award for Best Animated Film. That’s right! Pixar’s “Cocoa” was one of the biggest winners as it beat-out two other fine films. These other films are known as “Breadwinner” and “Loving Vincent.” Thanks to Arriaga’s extensive training in animation and in artistic direction, he has been able to provide his talents for direct-effect in motion pictures. Arriaga is a man of Mexican decent, which is why this film is so close to heart. “The film is very close to my actual culture,” stated Arriaga.

The Academy of Art University just knows how to develop its students into a success. It has some of the best teachers, which are estimated to over 1,154. The school has been in existence since 1929, and it has produced talent such as Raven Symone, Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, Asencio and Kara Laricks.

The school’s colors are red and black, it’s a member of the Pacific West Conference, and it has 200 vintage cars at its automotive museum. These vehicles are worth an estimated $70 million. The variety of subjects that this school offers is mind-blowing to some degree. It has student organizations, has advanced programs and has sporting events just like any other standard university.

Find out more about Academy of Art University:

For CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle, blockchain and cryptocurrency are a big part of a gamers’ life using the cutting-edge WAX Platform.

As the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle in involved in a company that is a leader when it comes to in-game virtual goods. With Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a decentralized platform that allows people to operate a virtual marketplace. The idea behind WAX is to provide a service to the 400 million plus players who currently collect, purchase, and sell their items used in their games.

There are also WAX Tokens as part of the Worldwide Asset eXchange. These WAX Tokens are utility tokens that accept virtual goods. These Tokens are not just for utilization in video games, but also can be converted and swapped for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others.

This WAX Platform allows millions of virtual goods traders to hatch their virtual stores on a single, decentralized computer system. With this system, or ecosystem for virtual good traders, it is efficient and secure. The credo of trust is what will deliver millions of new people to WAX. One of the selling points of WAX is both parties in a virtual asset transaction can trade with a high level of efficiency.

With the development of WAX, virtual goods traders have two fewer detriments to worry about — fraud and fragmentation. The key to solving these two technological problems is with a widget. This widget utilizes the blockchain technology. A video gamer never has to click off their game with a widget in use. The process of purchasing and selling these goods is a much more seamless process with the WAX widget.

Concerning the issue of fragmenting and geography, WAX will help by allowing differentiation of cryptocurrencies without the use of a middleman, and the current FOREX issues that have hampered markets dealing in virtual goods.

The blockchain technology that is part of WAX involves a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm. This blockchain technology (DPOS)used with WAX is considered the most decentralized, efficient, flexible, and fastest regarding consensus models.

As President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is confident in this cutting-edge blockchain technology-based system. Mr. CasSelle remarked that video gamers would help propel cryptocurrency into the mainstream.