In Pursuit of Greatness: The Academy of Art University

Greatness comes in many different forms and comes in many different flavors. Greatness can also be displayed in any field of work. The Academy of Art University epitomizes the word success to the highest degree. This extraordinary institution is a class-act thanks to its many talents. For 2018, this particular for-profit school has been honored by one of its past graduates. Daniel Arriaga is the man of the hour, and he is responsible for Pixar Animation Studio’s success at this year’s Oscars.

Daniel Arriaga is the senior director at the affluent Pixar Animation Studios. By implementing thoroughly researched information as well as a providing ton of actual illustrations, he has helped the studios win the award for Best Animated Film. That’s right! Pixar’s “Cocoa” was one of the biggest winners as it beat-out two other fine films. These other films are known as “Breadwinner” and “Loving Vincent.” Thanks to Arriaga’s extensive training in animation and in artistic direction, he has been able to provide his talents for direct-effect in motion pictures. Arriaga is a man of Mexican decent, which is why this film is so close to heart. “The film is very close to my actual culture,” stated Arriaga.

The Academy of Art University just knows how to develop its students into a success. It has some of the best teachers, which are estimated to over 1,154. The school has been in existence since 1929, and it has produced talent such as Raven Symone, Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, Asencio and Kara Laricks.

The school’s colors are red and black, it’s a member of the Pacific West Conference, and it has 200 vintage cars at its automotive museum. These vehicles are worth an estimated $70 million. The variety of subjects that this school offers is mind-blowing to some degree. It has student organizations, has advanced programs and has sporting events just like any other standard university.

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