Report about Southridge Capital

Stephen Hicks is the founder and Chief Executive of Southridge. He sets all the strategic directions for the group of companies; he is also in control of business execution and development. Stephen Hicks founded Southridge group in 1996.


Ever since then, he has been active in the speculation industry for more than thirty years. Stephen has extensive experience in financial structuring, risk arbitrage, investment banking and derivatives.


Steven Hicks went to King’s College where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He later earned his MBA from the Fordham University, which is situated in New York City.


He got the idea of starting the Southridge Capital while he was working at an NY privet fund that was very small, the principal of that fund had returned to Australia. Stephen thought he would not take more than a year to wind down the fund and start his hedge fund. The Principle of the NY fund allowed him to begin his organization while he was still working at the NY fund.


Southridge Capital is devoted to offering a full range of excellent financial resolutions with the aim of meeting the desires of their different group of customers. As the structure of the company has been redefined to have a better delivery of their services and products, which the clients want, the organization has recently energized the product to show the possibilities they offer.


The structured finance employees in Southridge has made a direct investment of more than $1.8billion since 1996. It has led to the growth of more firms all over the world. The group’s skills are based on their ability to tailor an excellent financial plan, which is based on the desires of a potential customer who can implement the program without disappointment.


Based on the Southridge’s financial experience, they have been able to fund more than two hundred and fifty public firms for the last two decades. Because of this, they have a unique understanding of the intricate problems being met by the upcoming firms. The team can advise a company on a variety of business issues, from the time of becoming a public firm to personalized financial procedures, to enhanced balance sheet administration. You can visit for more.






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