The Trabuco Bradesco Way

Bradesco Bank SA has been led by its CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi since March 10, 2009. Cappi was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 6, 1951. He served in a vast variety of positions of Trabuco Bradesco Bank after first joining the company on April 17, 1969. During those early years, he got a university education. He served as Bradesco’s Department Director from 1984 to 1992. In 1998 he became the president of Bradesco Vida a Previdencia, a pension plan focused company. Read more about Trabuco Bradesco at

In 1998 he became Trabuco Bradesco Bank’s Managing Director. In 1999 he became is Executive Vice President. He served on the managing board of the Brazilian Association for Listed Companies from 2000 to 2003. He would lead Seguros to double in size, making it the top leader throughout Latin America’s insurance industry. In 2009, the year he became CEO of Bradesco, he also became the President and Director of Odontoprey SA. In addition, he also currently serves as the Director of Bradespar S.A. Read this article about Trabuco Bradesco at Estadao.

When he became Bradesco’s CEO in 2009, he became the company’s fourth in its entire history. One of the biggest highlights of his time in office and also one of the most important events in Trabuco Bradesco history took place in 2015 when Bradesco bought and absorbed HSBC, one of the largest businesses in Brazil. Another highlight also took place in 2015 when Cappi led Bradesco to found Unibrad, a corporate university. During these years his leadership of Bradesco Bank was so exemplary that in 2015 Isto E Dinheiro named him its Entrepreneur of the Year. The following year Forbes named him on its list of the best CEOs in Brazil.

Today it is considered one of the leading corporate universities in the world. His time as CEO of Trabuco Bradesco ended this year. Prior to officially stepping down, in October 2017 Trabuco began assuming the position of chairman of Bradesco’s board of directors.


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