How Alex Hern Became a Successful Tech Entrepreneur

3Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded many businesses. In his more than 25 years of entrepreneurship, he has been instrumental in the founding of more than six companies. He is known to focus on the incubation period of most firms, and once they gain momentum, Hern sells them off at a profit. Mr. Hern has been either the chairman or has sat in the board of many of this companies hence he has gained a lot of experience in handling startups. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Alex Hern was the Director and co-founder of a web directory and email marketing company Yesmail (YESM). Ten months later he made the company public and sold it to ModusLink Global Solutions for $650 million. Hern also co-founded Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT) which powered the search engine for Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Mr Hern was the chairman and co-founder of a cybersecurity firm ArcSight (ARST), which he sold off to Hewlett-Packard (hp) for $1.5billion. He was one of the founders of a network security company Cloudshield which he sold to a prominent engineering and technology firm SAIC. Mr Hern was also the Chief Executive Officer for a Lockheed and L-3 funded technology commercialisation incubator, Military Commercial Technologies. Apart from forming and selling firms he also served on the board of various companies such as Radial Point, Triton Network Systems and



Currently, Alex Hern has redirected his energies on Tsunami VR which he co-founded and is a CO-CEO. Tsunami creates artificial environments by designing and offering virtual and 3D solutions to better experiences. They help increase the productivity and ease of knowledge transfer at work. Tsunami VR provides software applications and content solutions to big companies in various sectors. Some of the firms they offer solutions to be in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Defense, Industrial Equipment, Aerospace and Automotive. Follow Alex Hern on

Victoria Doramus: Good for Business, Good for Community

University of Colorado, Boulder; was just the first step for a young Victoria Doramus. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication and put that degree to use as she began her career as a writer. She went on to write for the Huffington Post and others.

Victoria Doramus wasn’t just a writer in her early years. She also held jobs as a research assistant, personal assistant to film director/producer, Peter Borg, and west coast director for Trendera.

All of these experience eventually led her to become a well-known digital print and media professional. Yet, Victoria Doramus did not stop there. After being a benefit to multiple companies, she took on becoming a benefit to multiple communities of people.

As a self-employed director of philanthropy, she has benefited multiple non-profit organizations. She has donated both her money and time to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society, and the Women’s Prison Association.

The Amy Winehouse Society helps at risk youth by working to prevent addiction to drugs and alcohol. It also helps provide homes for newly sober woman, to provide the support they need to prevent relapse. Another rehabilitation program for women is the Women’s Prison Association. They assist recently released women acclimate to life after prison by helping them follow steps to become productive members of society.

Victoria Doramus doesn’t stop there. She also helps children around the world read through her work with Room to Read. They have helped 12.4 million kids in low-income homes improve their literacy.

Even animals benefit from Victoria Doramus’s work. By investing her efforts into Best Friends Animal Society she has helped to significantly lower the number of animals killed in shelters each year.

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Robert Ivy: A Force for Architects

Robert Ivy started school first at Sewanee: The University of the South, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English degree, sequenced by a Master of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture at Tulane University. Robert Ivy became the Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill in charge of the Architectural Record and strove to make it the most read architectural journal in the world. Robert Ivy was hired as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at The American Institute of Architects in 2011 and also wrote a book in his extra time. He also continues as a practicing architect. Since becoming CEO of AIA, the Institute has grown exponentially internationally and domestically and currently is at a record high membership in its 150 year history and has expanded out to seven globally based chapters across the world. As a Mississippian, Robert Ivy is the first architect to be awarded the Polk Award and is considered to be a worthy example of architects. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy was also awarded by the fraternity Alpha Rho Chi for communicating the value of design in architecture. He’s received the title of Master Architect, one of seven in ARC’s century long existence and the only architect in the 21st century. He led projects to help expand McGraw-Hill to the global stage, launching new versions of the journal in more languages for wider audiences. The expansions and growth exemplifies his dedication to international markets and to architectural communities as well. He continues to expand and grow the architecture profession in all he does.


He officially received the award at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters event. “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy.” said Nancy LaForge. She explained this as part of an AIA press release about the event The award is given to art critics and artists with strong connections to Mississippi. Others to receive the award include famous actors and artists. Ivy continues to be a strong presence in the architectural community and is clearly deserving of this praise. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Southridge Capital Helping Others

Southridge Capital is a financial company based out of Connecticut, that helps people with financial solutions, whether it’s loans, refinance, Investment, and trading. In today’s market it is imperative to find a financial advisor that could help you manage debt and assets for security reasons and peace of mind. Since 1999 we have all been through two big recessions and no one has been affected as much as first time homeowners who have lost a big part of their savings due instability in the housing market. Southridge Capital is striving to protect people from these types of unforeseen circumstances. Southridge Capital specializes in helping people get out of debt, this can result difficult and frustrating for many having a hard time and struggling in today’s economy. Their trained specialists understand that each customer is an investment in the overall growth of the company, and that is why they individualize each portfolio and work on a one on one basis to make sure that both parties are benefit. You can visit their website



According to PR Newswire, today more people are turning to Southridge for their financial problems and the reviews have been nothing but positive. True relationships have been forged due to the great business practices at Southridge Capital. Whether you are an individual person or a business owner, Southridge can navigate your capital to success and prosperity. Along with one of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, Southridge Capital also are reasonable when it comes down to commissions and fees. There are no real reasons to call and speak to a trained specialist, even if it’s just to go over your financial situation for a second opinion and some extra peace of mind. If you are in debt then there really is no other company that can offer individual help with the mindset that they are working with a friend, rather than working with a client. Debt is something that prevents us from gaining true happiness for us and our loved ones, so make the best decision and call Southridge today.


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Wealth Protection Simplicity With Ted Bauman

The current bull market in equities is still intact. So far it is the second longest bull market in stocks. Some pundits on the financial media will say its time to completely exit stocks, while others believe there are more gains to be made. If you were wise enough to jump into equities at the beginning of 2009, chances are you have enjoyed excellent gains. If you believe the stock market will never crash, you are in one camp. However, if you believe that this bull run may have about run its course, it’s time to heed some advice from Ted Bauman regarding protecting the gains you have made.

Ted Bauman attended Cape Town University and graduated with degrees in History and Economics. He spent some time with Habitat for Humanity working in the Caribbean and Latin America. After spending twenty-five years in South Africa working in the nonprofit sector, he returned to the US and since 2013 has served as the editor of the Bauman Letter for Banyan Hill Publishing. His current focus is on wealth protection for individuals and offers very simple advice that investors can take to protect their wealth.

Ted Bauman believes that investors should have bonds along with stocks. The stock market is where most investors put their assets and many investors avoid the bond market at all costs. If the stock market were to crash, equity investors who held some of their net worth would have a hedge against the losses. Also, bonds receive monthly interest payments which are somewhat like dividend payments for investors.

Ted Bauman also advices that investors keep a portion of their assets out of the control the banking system. He believes that investors should have a fireproof safe at home to store some cash or precious metals and to have some of their assets in a vault overseas. Although asset protection is not the hottest form of investing in the financial world, Ted Bauman believes that investors who seek to defend their assets rather than try to get rich quick will end up making higher returns over the long haul.

Energy Reform Brings Talos Energy to Mexico

The Mexican government has announced a change in its standing policy to keep private companies from oil wells in Mexican waters. This reticent announcement was made with back in 2015, stating that the government was seeking new ways to drive up competition in its energy markets. In response to this announcement, Talos Energy, a Texas-based oil and gas company, formed a partnership with Premier Oil from the UK and Mexico’s own Sierra Oil & Gas. Talos and company first lobbied the Mexican government back in 2015 when the announcement was first made. After much mediation, a $16 million deal for first-drilling rights. It’s the first drilling efforts in Mexican water by private, foreign companies and not the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938. Drilling efforts began at the Sureste Basin offshore from Tabasco.

The Sama-1 well is expected to contain an approximate 500 million barrels of crude, and these companies have but 90 days to extract it before their drilling window closes. Aside from direct business interests, the energy industry is very interested in what Talos has kicked off in Mexico. According to analysts from Edison Investment Research in London, as Mexico continues to reform its energy regulations and invite more companies to compete with Petroleos Mexicanos it will gain more attention. Seeing this as an opportunity for companies to expand to a new region, Talos has more incentive than before to succeed in meeting its drilling projections than before. The possibility of intense competition in a market that previously had none could shape up to be the most interesting energy story of 2017.

About Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company that specializes in offshore exploration and the development of deep-water assets. With years of experience operating in the Gulf of Mexico, Talos Energy has been instrumental in testing novel approaches to explorations and making use of high-end seismic technologies in the endless quest for energy stores while maintaining a commitment to protecting the environment. With more than 10 years in operation, Talos Energy has consistently remained at the forefront of success. Remaining abreast of the changes in the industry has allowed Talos to innovate in ways that helps the industry grow and expands their influence to new partners across the globe.

Milan Kordestani Achievements as a Horse Rider as well as Milan Farms CEO

Milan Kordestani is known to be a California native since he was born in Stanford. He grew up there and started attending Phillips Brooks Elementary school. Later he was forced to move to London, England by the divorce of his parents in 2009 but in 2010 he went back to the Bay Area, and in 2017 he graduated High school as an alumnus of Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton.

Milan Kordestani started riding horses when he was young at ten years old, what surprises people is that at one time he was thrown off the runway by his horse but instead of getting terrified he went back on the same horse. Unlike other children who would have lost the interest of riding such an unfriendly animal. Milan Kordestani is hardworking and his passion for becoming a world champion he has won major races. He started this career by first attending riding lessons in Atherton. His passion and interest in horse in competing in major horse races made him perform well and within a short time he was able to compete at World Champion Horse Show.

Currently, Milan Kordestani is a chief executive officer as well as the founder of Milan Farms. He founded Milan Farms in 2015. The firm targets to be among the farms that are transparent in their production, giving consumers and reasonable alternative. The animals at Milan Farms are raised using transparency, and their plants are grown using an organic option. He believes that if the consumers are aware of the best option they should be able to find pure and a reasonable option in his farm without anything to be worried of or keeping any secret of how it was grown. He believes this is important when it comes to selection of products.

In the year 2016 is when the Milan Farms acquired a trademark to operate on its brand and logo as company. Since 2016, the firm has grown very fast, and now it has opened three farms that supply eggs on the entire west coast. Milan Farms does not only believe in the traditional method of production but also invest in innovations.