Jake Gottlieb Altium

Healthcare investing titans Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod could be on the verge of working together again in the health sector after going it separately for close to twenty years. They worked together in a Biomed Group which Weisbrod was a co-founder in 1998 and had Gottlieb as one of his managers in 2000. Gottlieb and other employees helped the company generate large returns in 1999 and 2000 although it was eventually shut down in 2007.

The highly educated Weisbrod went on to found another healthcare company similar to the previous Biomed Group but focusing more on public companies including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, healthcare information technology, healthcare service and medical device companies. Gottlieb himself created his own company which grew up very quickly to having offices in London, New York, and San Francisco with almost 200 employees. The company, however, collapsed in 2016 after three top officials were accused of mismarking and insider trading within the company. Investigative authorities gathered evidence and investigated the company which resulted in charges against the former employees.

Gottlieb himself was not charged and continued working as the CEO to return funds to investors and wind down the company, having agreed to pay fines worth millions of dollars though the company never admitted or denied charges. He has been carefully considering his next move and has already decided to invest in another hedge fund company that will give him an opportunity to begin afresh. His new company’s first investment is a stake in a renowned pharmaceutical company. One of the first projects of the pharmaceutical company is to replace insulin administered through injection with an oral capsule. The capsule will require United States FDA approval, but it has the potential to impact on millions of lives of diabetic people all over the world if approved.

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