Former Fortress Investment Group Member Gareth Henry Finds New Position at Angelo Gordon & Company

In the financial world, Gareth Henry is a person who has gained an immense volume of experience as an investment banker. He holds an actuarial mathematics and statistics degree, which he received from the University of Edinburgh. Once his education was complete, Henry became product manager at a financial firm called Schroders. It was his research and advice that the company trusted regarding which groups of asset classes to invest in. Later, he achieved a good amount of success at Fortress Investment Group, which required him to relocate to the USA. In addition to being the firm’s managing director, he was also in charge of the marketing department. It was here that he was able to network successfully with both investors and clients.

Although he enjoyed his time at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry eventually realized that he would need to move on if he wished to further his career. Angelo Gordon & Company is the new place of employment for Gareth Henry. This investment firm values Mr. Henry quite highly, and he will serve as both managing director and global head of investor relations. His previous experience at Fortress will come in quite useful in these positions, and Mr. Henry will likely perform these roles with a great amount of efficiency.

As the firm’s fresh face, Gareth Henry will be in the spotlight as he sets out to do his work. Angelo Gordon & Company is widely regarded as one of the world’s best organizations when it comes to organization management, and Mr. Henry praised the firm strongly before accepting his new position. The firm is currently attempting to expand its reach with regards to the global market, and Henry will be instrumental in finding new clients in an efficient manner. With the experience from Fortress Investment Group and the resources of Angelo Gordon & Company Gareth Henry will likely be able to excel at his new place of employment, which is exactly what the firm’s president is hoping for.

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