Cytovance Biologics Inc. Brings Edwin Miranda On Board Of Their Leadership Team

In January 2018, Cytovance Biologics, a leading biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer hired Edwin Miranda to serve as Vice President of Quality. He brings over 30 years of experience working for Keppra, Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Piramel Critical Care, and Ucb Pharma Inc. His expertise in quality assurance, FDA inspections, and leadership is a huge asset for the quality team and the company.

Three years before joining Cytovance, Edwin served as Director of Quality at Legacy Pharmaceutical, a provider of packaging and design solutions, in St. Louis, MO. He led the quality team in inspecting its high-technology and rapid design and packaging services. He also served as director for URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals and Piramel Critical Care. Some of his accomplishments include successfully developing a remediation plan for correcting over 480 observations. While managing the quality control systems and overseeing the functions of regulatory compliance, Miranda received approval of a good-standing Establishment Inspection Report.

Edwin Miranda is a graduate from Angelo State University and holds a B.S in biology and chemistry. He joined the military in his early years for the United States Army and is proud to be a veteran. His new role at Cytovance Biologics comes with the duty of managing all aspects of planning, development, and directing polices and programs of the quality assurance systems. Edwin is head director of processing and testing of the company’s products for quality standards and government regulations. He will work with his team for improving efficiency and profitability.

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