Jason Hope-IoT In The Airline Industry

A decade ago, many people thought the internet of things as science fiction stuff. This perception has changed today after the occurrences of the past few years. This is a technology that is going to be preparing your breakfast even before you wake up. The internet of things technology is based on the ability of electronic devices to connect to the internet. This is a technology that is changing the way we are used to doing things. It has affected almost every sector of life. From cars, toothbrushes, medical equipment, just anything you can think about has been or will be affected by this modern technology. According to a report by Gartner Inc, it is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be over 25 billion devices which will support the internet of things.

The internet of things is based on Bluetooth beacon technology which makes it possible for devices to communicate with each other and with human users. The purpose of the beacon is to gather information and relay it. In most cases, these beacons are tiny sensors that are embedded on different devices. As the internet of things takes shape, one of the industries that have been greatly affected is the airline industry.

In recent years, executives of different companies in this industry have been paying attention to this technological revolution with the intention of investing in it at the earliest possible opportunity. Already, 37 percent of the airlines have set aside budgets intended to pursue research in this field of technology. Also, 58 percent are in the process of implementing various measures towards the execution of the internet of things applications in the next three years.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a recognized futurist and a tech enthusiast who has projected that the impact of the internet of things in this industry will take shape as we move into the future. Jason Hope started commentating about this technology even before other experts were aware of it. As an top advisor to businesses on matters related to technology, he has a wide view of what will happen in the next few years and even in long-term. Due to his precision in making technological projections, Jason Hope has gained global reputation as an authority on matters technology.

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