Heather Parry, the dedicated visionary who inspires all to never give up on their dreams.

Heather Parry is a determined and hard working woman who continuously achieves the things she wants in life, because she does not let her downfalls or hurdles stop her. She has also been the President of Live Nation Productions since December 1, 2015.

Recently, Parry’s team at Live Nation assisted in creating marketing strategies for “A Star is Born.” This is a fascinating film featuring well known beloved public figures; When she heard Bradley Cooper was directing the film, she took immediate action in being part of such a phenomenal production.

When it comes to her work ethics and individuality, Parry diligently pushes herself to pursue the desires of her heart. She does not take “No” for an answer, and her demeanor demands attention the moment she steps into any room.

Parry is not only efficient at multitasking, but also very keen on being a visionary. Furthermore, when she feels deeply that something exponential is about to occur, she does not hesitate to partake. This is why critics and viewers continue to anticipate these releases on various platforms, one of which includes Netflix.

There is alot of passion and pride involved in all that Heather Parry accomplishes. Therefore, she knew creating and implementing marketing proposals for “A Star is Born” was going to be a life changing opportunity for all who were involved.

Thinking about everyone, and not just herself is what makes her an admirable, selfless human being and a remarkable President for Live Nation Productions. Currently, Live Nation Productions has several films, documentaries, and projects which they are working on.

They have collaborated with familiar faces such as Lady Gaga, and Puff Daddy. This is an essential component because Parry strongly believes in diversification, and she has since released other projects such as The After Party, and Believer.

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