Talos On The Move With Acquisition And Renovations

Talos Energy LLC is on the move and will be moving its headquarters. The Houston based company moves from the office tower in Allen Center to Three Allen Center. Three Allen Center is a 98,000 square foot space.

After 17 years the move comes forward to give the company more space and allows Talos Energy more room to grow. The company is on the move and looking to make even more room for growth. Talos Energy also announced it would buy an all stock deal of the Lafayette, Louisiana company Stone Energy Corporation. With such an acquisition Talos Energy Inc. will have an enterprise value of approximately $2.5 billion. The initial equity market capitalization would be approximately $1.9 billion.

With the new move to Three Allen Center and Talos’ new lease, the building is now 94 percent occupied. This movement is not new because it has been worked on since June 2016. Allen Center, owner of Brook field Property Partners LP, has been diligently working on the space. The renovation has cost $48.5 million. Some of the changes that have come about are: the company has replaced the courtyard with an acre of outdoor space that accommodates 1,500 visitors. When this space was revealed in October the space was called “The Acre”. It is a replacement of the previous courtyard that sat between the Allen Centers.

The updates and renovations did not stop with The Acre. More was revealed with a new entryway. The lobby is now housed in three glass walls. The updated look also includes an art installation. The art installation was commissioned by Brookfield by the Japapnese artist, Tokujin Yoshioka. This gives One Allen Center a sleek feel. The three glass walls that house the two story lobby have been referred to as the “glass box”, or the symbolic front door to Allen Center.

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