Sandy Chin’s Books, Boxes & Bodies

Sandy Chin may be an unknown name to many for now. However, she is a highly successful portfolio manager. For the past twenty years Sandy has been able to manage to buy and sell consumer staple stocks to secure her expertise as a portfolio manager. Sandy runs her own hedge fund company, Tidal Bore Capital. Her ability to organize and get things done is one of the reasons she is relevant. Sandy Chin saw a need at a PS11, public elementary school on the West side of New York City and she was moved to take action and help.The students of the school were in need of books to be able to read over the summer, however, this presents a strain financially for summer parents. William T. Harris School is the school that services a diverse body of students. Their mixture of students include two low income housing project communities.

According to dailyforexreport, the solution to the fix was to help the children bridge the gap of the summer slide in their reading skills. Typically over the summer education tends to fall to the back burner. Activities of fun and relaxation trump educational activities or reading. Research shows it is common for some children to experience a summer slide in their reading skills due to lack of reading. In some instances, children may not read during the summer due to no access of books.

Sandy Chin and other volunteers decided to hold a summer book drive at PS11. They set a goal to collect used books that could be given away for free to the kindergartens, so that they would be able to have their own books to take home during the summer break. They named the event Books, Boxes & Bodies. They asked for donations to be brought to the school June 19th and 20th. Hopeful that they would get enough books donated to help the project be successful, they actually received more donations than they anticipated. Their goal was to get enough books for the kindergartens, but they were able to give books to students in other grades as well. The children were thrilled. Her willingness to help the PS11 school by creating the summer reading program takes a burden off parents and gives the students the lasting value of books.


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