Isabel dos Santos Is the Most Influential Woman In Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the most influential woman in Africa. She is making huge strides in creating a better world with more job opportunities for young people all across the continent. She is an advocate for women’s rights in business, a strong voice in the digital development for several African countries and a pioneer looking to pave the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Digital and Technological Development Is Key

One of her most important goals to develop technology in Africa. Isabel dos Santos told the European Parliment how important digital development is to Africans. She says in part “…technology contributes to improving the quality of life.” She describes some of the most valuable places technology could be used in African countries. Digital technology is used to create a better and safer public transportation system. In agriculture, digital technology is used to make produce prices more affordable and competitive. Digital technology can also be used to create better medical facilities, digital banking, and much more.

Helping African Women Entrepreneurs

Isabel dos Santos regularly speaks about equality in the workplace for women all around the world. She says that when we have mostly men influencing all the decisions in a company, “… a lot of the issues pertaining to women, motherhood and raising the children might be left behind.” Santos believes women should have the same career opportunities as men.

Fighting Against Poverty

“Give people the opportunity to sell, work, produce and have enough income. This is the only true solution,” says Isabel dos Santos. She is passionate about providing people with job opportunities and education to reduce poverty. She aims to “empower the young generation of the future.”

For Isabel dos Santos, the opportunity is the key to the success of anyone. Opportunity for women in the workplaces, the opportunity for creating a profitable business and the opportunity for digital advances are just some of the ways Africa will build a bright future for the next generation.

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