Agera Energy And Cambridge Community Electric Establish an Agreement to Save Customers Money

An electricity aggregation program was launched by the City of Cambridge in July called Cambridge Community Electricity. Electricity will still be delivered by Eversource, but the electricity supplier will be chosen by the city. The program provides lower prices than when the Eversource Basic Service program was launched. This increases the amount of renewable energy received.

Participating consumers will see the program price and Agera Energy on the Eversource bill under Supply Services. Agera energy and Cambridge have negotiated a contract for eighteen months. Although Agera Energy will be the supplier, the electricity relationship will remain with Eversource. The bill will be sent from Eversource. Bill payments will be sent to Eversource. If there is a power outage, the call will be placed to Eversource, not Agera Energy.

The benefits include a lower price than available during the launch of the Eversource Basic Service program. The basic service price from Eversource will change for small commercial and residential customers every three months. Large and medium commercial customers will see a price change every three months. This means the price may not stay below the price for basic service from Eversource. There is no guarantee on the savings.

More solar energy is included with renewable electricity than the state requires as a minimum. Projects near or in Cambridge will supply the additional solar energy. The options include Standard Green with an additional 25 percent solar energy and 100 percent Green. Enrollment in Standard Green is automatic, but customers may choose 100 percent Green.

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