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Neurocore provides brain-based and data-driven assessment and training program for children and adults to help them manage stress, sleep and improve concentration. It has become a national authority since it uses neuroscience which has nine brain performances. They use proven neurofeedback protocol and art to help patient optimize their brains so that they can stay healthier and have happier lives. When one has a reward training base, their mind creates stronger neural pathways and also learn better habits since it gets rid of unwanted symptoms, therefore, preventing cognitive declination nature even without medication. The company founded in 2004 by Elisabeth Devos.

Neurocore show the way of easing tension and stress, and Researcher has shown that fear can be contagious especially when one is prone to depression and anxiety, It’s easy to tell or identify a person with stress since they act ultimately transmitting emotions. Stress can cause restlessness, obsessive thought, upset stomach, dizziness, change in appetite, insomnia, allergies, and change in sex drive. When one has stress, the brain goes into flight or fight mode which releases hormones that’s creates reactions such as racing heartbeat, faster breathing, and tense muscles; it can also release cortisol which makes cell crave for sugar and hence lead to weight loss. Neurocore has come up with the drug-free treatment of stress.

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