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A New Venture in Artificial Intelligence and What That Means

Online retailer Jingdong is now investing into AI technology and hoping to fund new startups in the process. A project it started invites entrepreneurs to share their ideas and to compete for winning prizes. This AI Accelerator program  is raising money for the ideas that qualify. Here’s a look at how JD puts its own AI technology to use today:

Face Recognitions

• Face Recognitions: The AI of JD’s delivery fleet establishes order and has appeal. The fleet allows consumers to find a location where they can then receive their packages from. The robots use special technology that recognizes facial features. The right person is then able to scan themselves, a package is then released and they are on their way.

Synced Promotions

• Synced Promotions: The best way to distribute promotions and advertising is by targeting an audience. Jingdong wants to know who it’s speaking to and how they can help that consumer. Artificial intelligence outperforms any average person when collecting, storing or distributing data. These are the functions that JD hopes to improve on through its AI Accelerator program.

Flying Drones

• Flying Drones: The Jingdong drone has succeeded in over 400,000 hours of live trails. The drone is now legal to use for public service. The program is still limited as collects more data. Using AI in its drones will lower travel times. Artificial intelligence will then ensure that only the person who a package is for will receive it.

Delivering Better Products

• Delivering Better Products: A venture to use the top brands of the United States has successfully been launched. The program can rely on AI to better decide on which U.S. products will boost spending and to find the right consumer.

Chat Services

• Chat Services: The chatbot is a cool, fast service you experience once arriving at JD’s-help directory. The system can answer your questions, and the questions you ask go into improving JD’s services. Jingdong is already using this algorithm on its site by providing wine and legal advice.

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