Guilherme Paulus impact on the tourism sector

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo. He is an international businessman who manages as an advisor of CVC and GJP Hotels. GJP hotels and resorts have more than 20 facilities in Brazil. He pursued business administration at the university and graduated with a degree. After completing his studies, he got an attachment at IBM and it served as the starting point of his career. The company has created job opportunities for the society in that it has over 500 workers. He established his initial hotel in 1995 and it has been able to assist thousands of individuals through its assets. Carlos Vicente is the expert who innovated the platform to initiate the firm; at that period he was the state deputy and he highlighted the concept to Guilherme Paulus.

Both came up with an investment plan on how to make capital for their venture to initiate. The concept was successful and both partners worked for some years. Guilherme Paulus reached a certain point and decided to operate by himself. During his expertise leadership, the firm grew tremendously and it became diversified to other regions. He brings his unique concepts to reality through trying and working out the venture. Guilherme Paulus believes that when you try a venture you will get to learn whether it is appropriate to continue or not. Every business is about believing in it and the effort you put towards it. The trend that excites him is the modernized technology.

This is because of the speed at which details travel and firms are able to comprehend their customers’ requirement. After knowing their need firms can amend their issue and supply the products quickly. The regular aspect Guilherme Paulus takes to be productive is through interacting with workers and customers. Paulus urges entrepreneurs to enjoy what they do so as to prosper. In addition, he recommends them to concentrate on customers’ requirement together with their adjustments in consumption. The outstanding approach that made them successful is through charter flights. There was no local operator, an investor at the time, hence CVC took the opportunity and it worked out. Click here.

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