Steve Lesnard shares his best practices in brand consultancy

Steve Lesnard is a prosperous global brand consultant whom many young professionals in the sector and beyond look up to. He has one of the most admirable portfolios in the sector having worked with numerous brands helping them succeed in different aspects. Steve is known for his talent in building powerful strategic partnerships across technology, sports, and lifestyle. He has also run high-profile global brand campaigns and launched iconic products for some of the world’s largest brands in athletics and other sectors. Recently, this high-scoring professional consultant had a sit-down with IdeaMensch where he shared his best practices in brand consultancy. This was to help young professionals in the sector find their way to success.

Benefits of teamwork and improved productivity

In this sit-down, Steve Lesnard pointed out that teamwork is at the core of success in brand consultancy. For this reason, every young professional should have a reliable team backing them up if they are looking to succeed in the sector. This team should be made up of individuals with different talents. Through teamwork, a brand consultant can easily come up with revolutionary ideas for their clients. Even better, superb execution of ideas matters a lot in this sector and a good team can make this possible. To increase their productivity, Steve advised young professionals always to plan their day. Even when busy, he says that it’s important to take a moment in the morning to strategize on how you are going to tackle your day and these will increase your productivity.

Stay ahead always

This global brand consultant also said during his interview with IdeaMensch that in the sector, success favors those who stay ahead always. As a young professional, you should always look to stay ahead of your competition. According to Steve Lesnard, the best way to do this is by staying curious. Always be interested in learning new things in the sector. Watch out for the latest innovations and also consumer trends. In addition to this, be open to interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. What you learn during these times could be very instrumental in helping you succeed in brand consultancy.

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