US Money Reserve Is Warning Of An Upcoming Recession

The US Money Reserve is predicting a recession that might happen sometime in the future. The US Money Reserve is an American company that trades gold and other precious materials. They have economists working for them, and they are getting the information about a possible economic recession based on what they are observing in the market.

According to the US Money Reserve, the economy of the USA is already in its 100th month of continuous expansion. Many people hardly believe that a recession would come soon, because of the dropping numbers of unemployment, and a bullish growth in the stock market.

However, the experts are warning that the economy is a continuous cycle, and while the American economy is experiencing great heights, they will come a time that it will descend again in the time of recession and many will be affected. According to the experts, a recession happens when there is a scarcity of jobs, resulting in the increasing rate of wages for the workers.

A sudden increase in wage is dangerous for a business because their profit would immediately drop if it happens. The demand for a higher wage especially from a small company can hurt it so bad. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | Biz Journals

Despite the fear about the coming recession, there are experts who are saying that recession is not really bad at all, and it is part of the economic process. What the people and the businesses should do is to prepare for it.

Wall Street and a huge number of politicians also agree that recession will come, and it is a question of when. The two entities are working together to ensure that the coming of the recession will be slowed down. This is the best that they can do because the recession will really happen.

The USA experienced the worst back in the 1930s when the Great Depression happened. Many people lost their jobs, and thousands became hopeless because of the bad economy. In 2008, the USA experienced another recession, and it slowed down the economic growth.

Under the administration of President Donald Trump, what the experts see is that the hyperpartisan nature of the current government can lead to severe consequences in the economy. The experts are saying that the government should avoid being hyperpartisan all the time because it is bad for the economy.

The US Money Reserve said that people should prepare for a recession, and investing in gold would be a great idea because the precious metal is not affected by the fluctuation of prices of different investment options.

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U.S. Money Reserve Warns of Potential Recession

Who Else Wants to Learn About the Importance of Classified Ads?

Since the advertisements are short and comfortable, they are simple to produce and need no rocket science. A whole lot of educational publications may also be found under the classified ad section. Detailed advertisement is a little message or publication that’s put in newspapers, magazines or periodicals. Advertisement, one other essential feature of business which can’t be ignored is done in the most elegant possible manner here without spending an excessive amount of time and money. leolist

Importance It Holds Before you choose the ad classified, you may want to learn about the value of classified ads. On the flip side, if the ad isn’t getting any press, you might be marketing it to the erroneous web page, or perhaps it only needs just a little improving. Put, and you can be confident that a single and is displayed on several sites.

Every business produces a huge assortment of its products, as well as the shopkeepers available on the market near your house, might not have the capability to keep every one of the types of every one of the companies given they have only a small space. Additionally, you can present your company on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. It’s possible to install to visit businesses and ask for an expert service that will help you. For a reason, it’s wise to get the most out of the available and completely free on-line promotion methods to market your small business. For beginners who demand business from every potential resource. A great deal of little and medium-sized businesses choose classified advertisements to market. Video marketing also is an efficient means to boost up your organization online.

Advertising goes quite a distance in business advertising. It is a tool of marketing that is used to create awareness about a product or service. What you will notice with internet advertising is the fact that it is a lot better and effective in comparison to conventional advertising techniques in almost each and every way.

There are various types of trailers available based on size and weight capacity. You’re able to come across steel-body trailers or you’ll be able to choose aluminum trailers. Building Quality Backlinks There are plenty of ways on the best way to build quality backlinks for your site. To begin with, spot the merchandise or services that you would like to sell, pen down a quick Ad not more than 500 words which elucidate your services and products.

The Secret to Importance of Classified Ads

On-line market has given the possiblity to purchase goods with no difficulty. By using latest online market it is straightforward to search for any sort of product you wish to purchase within virtually no moment. You should try and present your merchandise or services whatever you’re providing from the benefit viewpoint. The consumers can claim the amount from them and they are obligated by law to return them of the original items or pay the compemsation. You will receive high-quality services, but at very cheap rates which will be helpful for your company. Different types of Private Security Services Security services are broken up into many types and people usually select the service according to their choice and requirement.

The principal issue is to reduce junk mail or publishing too many identical ads at once. Totally free ads publishing is seen as an easy and sure opportunity approach to take up yourbusiness business enterprise. On the same day that you begin with your campaign it is going to be possible to get started seeing results. For example, if you operate a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, you are only going to pay whenever someone clicks on your advertisement and actually visits your site. If you are prepared, you can begin a successful online marketing campaign utilizing several search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

When it has to do with online, you’re not just restricted to the usage of texts only. The best method of short-term technique is to use social media online effectively. Besides traditional ways, internet has turned into the new and far better platform for advertising businesses. To offer you more control over your safety, the web offers monitoring feature, so you’re able to monitor your house from wherever you’re. Now, there are numerous types of sites. You ought to take proper measures to about your site or internet store. Add images to your ad if the web site allows.

When you have pages besides your principal site, then you need to link up them with the site by supplying relevant link. To Post free Classified Ads, you need to properly choose an internet page or a paper that has large visitors to concentrate on your requirements. The internet page has to be well-known and have good traffic so that one may acquire quick effect.

Article Title: The Efforts Of Steve Ritchie To Rebuild Papa John’s Image

Article Text:

After Papa John’s went through a phase of turmoil with the previous owner being considered to be a negative influence on the company, the new CEO of the company, Steve Ritchie makes a first step towards rebuilding the image of the brand by publishing a letter of apology to customers. The approach to the issue comes as the first move made by company to regain the trust of customers.

The new CEO has been working with Papa John’s for 22 years, and stated in the beginning of the letter that the week prior to the letter getting published was the hardest one in the company since he has been there. Steve Ritchie highlighted the fact that the previous owner’s views don’t represent his views or the company’s values, and as the new leader of Papa John’s he stated that he is sorry. He pointed out that racism and insensitive language will not get tolerated at the company at any level, and that Papa John’s isn’t one individual – in an attempt to note that the opinions of one individual don’t represent the company’s stance.

Noting that the company’s customers deserve actions and not just words, Steve Ritchie detailed the actions that the company will focus on in order to move forward and fix its issues. He pointed out that at the time when the letter was written the company was bringing in experts to help review its inclusion practices, culture and diversity. This process, according to Ritchie, will help the company identify its strong and weak points and they can then set clear goals as they move forward in order to do better.

In addition, Ritchie stated that the senior management team at Papa John’s will go on the road in order to listen to the company’s employees and franchisees and get their feedback. The process will be transparent and, according to the new CEO, the company wants to be held accountable by its customers. Ritchie will be at the helm of this effort, due to the fact that the company wants to work hard in order to earn back the customers’ trust.

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Sheldon Lavin on Moving from Banking to Food

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group LLC. Sheldon has built an indispensable profile in the food industry, particularly meat. Besides spearheading OSI International Foods Inc. operations, he serves as the board director for North East Bank and The Sheba Foundation, where he doubles up as the president. Sheldon Lavin holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He then furthered his studies in accounting and finance at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. His educational background inspired his initial career, banking, in Chicago.

While in the finance sector, Sheldon anticipated being his own boss. His career in food processing began through his financier activities. Sheldon Lavin was an initial investor in Otto and the Sons; a Chicago based meat processing company. Continuous participation in the activities of the company got him to rise to the sole owner of the entity, which was later renamed as OSI Industries. Sheldon had set out to develop OSI Industries into a multinational business. OSI Industries majors in the production of processed proteins. Other products from the company include baked foods, sauces, and vegetable foodstuffs. OSI has about 70 locations in 17+ countries.

What Works for OSI

OSI is an independent entity. Sheldon Lavin states that running the business like a family has set the company ahead of the rest. The leadership and culture and OSI have propagated its growth and development. In his opinion, that’s what makes them unique, and it has worked so well. Creativity and innovation are paramount to growth. Sheldon states that he has always had the urge to discover as well as explore different atmospheres. His urge has been nurtured at OSI. It is the open-minded set up has grown the company to such impeccable levels. The close-knit family at OSI has pretty much worked to the advantage of the company. Sheldon Lavin admits that at OSI, achievements are celebrated together, fostering grown and innovation. At the company, everyone receives attention, including employees’ families. The elimination of shear formality has done a great deal in workplace associations making everyone feel at home. Mr Lavin is also involved in philanthropy. He gives back to society through McDonalds House Charities among other organizations. Sheldon endeavours to help as much as he can.

The Serge Belamant success story

Most successful people seem to have gone against the norm of society to become the most influential individuals in the world. For instance, Bill Gates dropped out of school and still went ahead to become not only a billionaire but helped change the world with his genius mind. Serge Belamant is yet another success story with the same plot.

Born in France, Serge Belamant pursued three different courses during his university years, and even with that, he still did not graduate. He has however gone to impact the world positively as he is the genius mind behind the blockchain technology and even holds a patent for it. His invention has positively impacted the world because, besides the life-changing cryptocurrencies, blockchain now boasts a long string of application which makes the world a better place.

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A look at his life journey

As noted above, Mr. Belamant was born in France, where he and his family stayed until he was 14. He, however, had to move to South Africa after his father got a lucrative job there and moved his family. He attended his highs school in South Africa where he showed excellent skills in both his studies and sports. He was particularly outstanding in rugby and chess and led his school team numerous times during high school tournaments. This saw him become the head prefect of his school as well as house captain among several other positions in the school.

After graduating high school, Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University where he pursued engineering and computer science during his first and second years consecutively, before moving to UNISA where he learned information systems. He, however, dropped out after realizing that he had already been through the same courses at Witwatersrand and got himself a job at Matrix. Here, his primary role involved keeping track and controlling the water levels in dams all across South Africa using medium-sized computers.

Serge Belamant worked as an employee for several companies, and finally decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream by establishing NET1. Through NET1, Belamant marked various milestones, including the design and development of an offline chip for Visa, as well as laying the foundation for blockchain technology. He has since moved gone on to establish a series of companies, the latest one being Zilch technologies.

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Dick DeVos Continues To Help The City Of Grand Rapids Avoid Costly Mistakes

Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and for most of his life he has used his business skills to help people. He worked with his family’s business, which was Amway, when he was younger, and eventually became its CEO years later. DeVos attended Northwood University and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration there. He has also been the recipient of honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University and Grove City College.


Dick DeVos has been making important changes in Michigan since he was a young man. His hard work is what led to the passing of legislation that turned Michigan into a right to work state. Before he pushed that legislation through, the state required its citizens to be part of a union in order to secure a job. DeVos ran to serve as governor of the state in 2006 but lost to the incumbent Democrat. Never one to give up, he has continued to support the GOP through large donations.


Thanks to Dick DeVos, a tragic mistake was avoided during the 1990s in Grand Rapids. Back then, there was an idea being considered that would see a multi-purpose sports and convention arena constructed near the city’s downtown. Plans seemed to be moving forward with the idea until DeVos decided to hop on the phone and make some calls. His lobbying efforts eventually put a stop to the building of the arena.


The reason that Dick DeVos was so concerned with these plans was because he had witnessed something similar a couple of decades prior. Detroit had constructed the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills, which was to be used by its sports teams. Unfortunately, the Detroit Pistons and Lions left the city after the arena was built, and this left Detroit with a huge financial headache. Grand Rapids was lucky that DeVos was around when it almost made the same mistake.


Dick DeVos has been a guiding caretaker in his hometown for a long time. His business skills are what led to Southwest Airlines running nonstop flights out of the Gerald R. For International Airport. Before he made a deal with Southwest, he had convinced Air Tran Airways to continue to serve the airport. It wasn’t long after that the airline was bought out by Southwest. Today, Grand Rapids is a thriving city that many come and go from to do business, and a lot its success can be attributed to the continued work of Dick DeVos.


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OSI Food Solutions Keeps its Standards Set High

OSI Food Solutions was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 and has been growing ever since. The company went by the name of Otto & Sons by 1928 the company started out as just a small store in Oak Park, Illinois selling high-quality meat and now has over 20,000 employees. It is also one of the largest food suppliers in the world and has 65 facilities in 17 different countries.

In 1955 Otto & sons made an important partnership with Ray Kroc and McDonald’s making them the very first supplier of their famous beef patties. In 1973, Otto & Sons opened its first meat plant in west-Chicago. It had the capability to process a very large volume of product which helped the company to expand substantially. The company name changed to OSI Industries in 1975. The “O” and the “S” is meaningful because these letters are a permanent reminder of the roots of the company.

In 1990 the company continued to rapidly grow, and they partnered with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation which allowed them to expand into the Philippines. OSI Food Solutions also expanded into China where they opened up OSI China in Beijing in 2002. In India, Vista Processed Foods was established in 1995. In 2011 they added a new wing to their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and named it the Culinary Innovation Center.

OSI Food Solutions has gained a reputation for delivering the highest-quality meats and they continue to uphold that well-deserved reputation. Over the years, OSI Food Solutions has been able to lock in reasonable process for customers as well as cut down in food preparation time, and they’ve always maintained a strict and regulated food safety program in all of its processing locations.

OSI Food Solutions is continuing to expand, and they are keeping up with the growing demand of the industry as well. Although the company has expanded into other countries in order to grow, the same high standards are upheld as well as safety protocols followed to ensure that the same high-quality of food is delivered to customers every single time.


Peter Briger, Evolution of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the esteemed executive staff of Fortress Investment Group that under their watch this investment firm has been transformed into an empire. First forward, FIG was founded in 1998 as a Private Equity Firm, got its NYSE listing in 2007 and has been trading profitably until it was acquired by Softbank and remained a worthy investment. The firm has expertise in managing capital markets, mergers & acquisitions operations management, asset investment, institutional and credit management. The Group following its growth and expansion segmented its essential functions. Peter Briger since 2002 has been in charge of Private Equity, Credit and Capital Vehicles; divisions that have made FIG generate a lot of revenue.

Mr. Peter Briger has shown his management prowess by being able to manage different funds from credit, real estate, long-dated values funds to secured lending funds. He has also proved his expertise in managing undervalued assets and distressed credit funds. His resourcefulness to the investment group has begotten cash generation from transportation, energy, healthcare, and financial services; some of the investments the firm has made. As a result, the firm has made many affiliations with other corporates, merged operations and acquired some too. Fortress Investment Firm, thanks to able executives such as Bridger has an international interface, expanding not only in the United States by in other continents such as Asia, where its currently pursuing asset acquisition from the Japanese government.

About Mr. Peter Briger

He is the Co-Chairman to the Board of Directors and Principal at Fortress Investment Group, based in San Francisco. He has held various positions heading key departments such as Private Equity and credit, he at one time was co-Investment Officer before rising to the present position. Before working at Fortress, he worked with Goldman, Sachs & Co for over a decade where he even became a partner. Peter Briger serves various advisory roles at Tipping Point Community, CNBC, Caliber Schools and Center for a New American Security. He studied Business Administration and later did a master on the same at Princeton University and Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University.

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Article Title: Jana Lightspeed on business and investing

Article Text:

Jana Messerschmidt is a revolutionary investor, currently serving as a member and partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. This is a notable American venture capital firm involved in early-stage investments in the technology and enterprise space. In this regard, Jana’s portfolio involves enterprise, the consumer, cleantech and technology markets.

At the company, Jana Messerschmidt is specifically focused on seed, early and later stage, startup, expansion, incubation and growth companies. She makes use of her wealth of experience on matters of debts financing o help develop progression strategies.

Jana Lightspeed is also passionate about empowering women. This explains her involvement in #ANGLES an investment forum focused on ensuring more women get involved in startups and become successful at it. Prior to this, she had served at Netflix as the director of business development. Here, she was tasked with building the initial streaming partnerships of the company.

Jana’s professional life, however, goes way back when she worked at DivX and SmartDrive as senior manager of sales and director of strategic accounts respectively. All through his career, Jana has rubbed shoulders with matters to do with technology and business. She uses these skills to excel in the venture capital field.

Married with one daughter, Jana Lightspeed lives in the San Francisco Bay. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Apart from her love for investment, Jana Messerschmidt is also passionate about event management and hosting. She loves having conversations to lead to building a strong community and empowering women to do more. In fact, she notes that her first idea on investment came when they were having conversations on the same with a group of women at an event. She hopes to see more women get into business and make sound investment decisions while at it.

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Luke Lazarus Lifetime of Greatness

Luke Lazarus has accomplished so much in his life. He has a history that goes back over two decades that has lead him to successful partnerships, managing growth and offering advice to CEO’s all around Australia.

Luke Lazarus is a consultant from Melbourne that helps startup businesses with advice they may need. He helps by answering questions and clarifying what startup business can do while they are taking their next steps.

He understands that even the best CEOs may need assistance sometimes and has grown from that along the way. Luke Lazarus earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was still in his early twenties. After earning his MBA, Luke started nearly a handful of successful firms before he was in his mid thirties.

Now, a decade later, Luke Lazarus spends his time identifying issues with startup businesses and offering his seasoned perspective on how to address the issues. Luke helps his clients by keeping them on track and assists them by clearly setting their goals. He is able to pinpoint the cause of a leading brand or product story.

Luke Lazarus is able to contribute to presentations that his clients have to investors by graphing financial need and linking those he consults to investors that will be able to connect and help. As a tenured adviser, Lazarus can pinpoint the growing presence of eCommerce as it relates to business models he works with and can analyze what competition may be in the way.

He is successful in making go-to market plans for his clients to bring them organized sales and marketing plans. He is able to create timelines for his clients that they are able to address and follow along their path to success. He is able to stay engaged with his clients and is always open to helping a company continue on with their plans. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

He states that he mediates for ten to fifteen minutes in the morning to get a fresh start and clear his mind. Once done meditating Lazarus makes coffee, walks his dog and then starts multitasking.

He says that he stays disciplined by going to the gym seven days a week with no exceptions. When asked how he brings his ideas to life, Luke says that his best business ideas have always come from stress that life has thrown in his direction and how he can build solutions that fit in the marketplace.

Luke Lazarus was asked about the trend that excites him the most and he stated that he enjoys watching companies meet demands in the marketplace that is constantly changing.

He goes on to say that a habit of his that makes him a successful entrepreneur is by recording everything, whether its jotting in his notebook or taking a photo to remind him of an idea, recording his day to day is imperative for success.

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