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Jana Messerschmidt is a revolutionary investor, currently serving as a member and partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. This is a notable American venture capital firm involved in early-stage investments in the technology and enterprise space. In this regard, Jana’s portfolio involves enterprise, the consumer, cleantech and technology markets.

At the company, Jana Messerschmidt is specifically focused on seed, early and later stage, startup, expansion, incubation and growth companies. She makes use of her wealth of experience on matters of debts financing o help develop progression strategies.

Jana Lightspeed is also passionate about empowering women. This explains her involvement in #ANGLES an investment forum focused on ensuring more women get involved in startups and become successful at it. Prior to this, she had served at Netflix as the director of business development. Here, she was tasked with building the initial streaming partnerships of the company.

Jana’s professional life, however, goes way back when she worked at DivX and SmartDrive as senior manager of sales and director of strategic accounts respectively. All through his career, Jana has rubbed shoulders with matters to do with technology and business. She uses these skills to excel in the venture capital field.

Married with one daughter, Jana Lightspeed lives in the San Francisco Bay. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Apart from her love for investment, Jana Messerschmidt is also passionate about event management and hosting. She loves having conversations to lead to building a strong community and empowering women to do more. In fact, she notes that her first idea on investment came when they were having conversations on the same with a group of women at an event. She hopes to see more women get into business and make sound investment decisions while at it.

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