Peter Briger, Evolution of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the esteemed executive staff of Fortress Investment Group that under their watch this investment firm has been transformed into an empire. First forward, FIG was founded in 1998 as a Private Equity Firm, got its NYSE listing in 2007 and has been trading profitably until it was acquired by Softbank and remained a worthy investment. The firm has expertise in managing capital markets, mergers & acquisitions operations management, asset investment, institutional and credit management. The Group following its growth and expansion segmented its essential functions. Peter Briger since 2002 has been in charge of Private Equity, Credit and Capital Vehicles; divisions that have made FIG generate a lot of revenue.

Mr. Peter Briger has shown his management prowess by being able to manage different funds from credit, real estate, long-dated values funds to secured lending funds. He has also proved his expertise in managing undervalued assets and distressed credit funds. His resourcefulness to the investment group has begotten cash generation from transportation, energy, healthcare, and financial services; some of the investments the firm has made. As a result, the firm has made many affiliations with other corporates, merged operations and acquired some too. Fortress Investment Firm, thanks to able executives such as Bridger has an international interface, expanding not only in the United States by in other continents such as Asia, where its currently pursuing asset acquisition from the Japanese government.

About Mr. Peter Briger

He is the Co-Chairman to the Board of Directors and Principal at Fortress Investment Group, based in San Francisco. He has held various positions heading key departments such as Private Equity and credit, he at one time was co-Investment Officer before rising to the present position. Before working at Fortress, he worked with Goldman, Sachs & Co for over a decade where he even became a partner. Peter Briger serves various advisory roles at Tipping Point Community, CNBC, Caliber Schools and Center for a New American Security. He studied Business Administration and later did a master on the same at Princeton University and Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University.

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