OSI Food Solutions Keeps its Standards Set High

OSI Food Solutions was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 and has been growing ever since. The company went by the name of Otto & Sons by 1928 the company started out as just a small store in Oak Park, Illinois selling high-quality meat and now has over 20,000 employees. It is also one of the largest food suppliers in the world and has 65 facilities in 17 different countries.

In 1955 Otto & sons made an important partnership with Ray Kroc and McDonald’s making them the very first supplier of their famous beef patties. In 1973, Otto & Sons opened its first meat plant in west-Chicago. It had the capability to process a very large volume of product which helped the company to expand substantially. The company name changed to OSI Industries in 1975. The “O” and the “S” is meaningful because these letters are a permanent reminder of the roots of the company.

In 1990 the company continued to rapidly grow, and they partnered with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation which allowed them to expand into the Philippines. OSI Food Solutions also expanded into China where they opened up OSI China in Beijing in 2002. In India, Vista Processed Foods was established in 1995. In 2011 they added a new wing to their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and named it the Culinary Innovation Center.

OSI Food Solutions has gained a reputation for delivering the highest-quality meats and they continue to uphold that well-deserved reputation. Over the years, OSI Food Solutions has been able to lock in reasonable process for customers as well as cut down in food preparation time, and they’ve always maintained a strict and regulated food safety program in all of its processing locations.

OSI Food Solutions is continuing to expand, and they are keeping up with the growing demand of the industry as well. Although the company has expanded into other countries in order to grow, the same high standards are upheld as well as safety protocols followed to ensure that the same high-quality of food is delivered to customers every single time.

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