The Serge Belamant success story

Most successful people seem to have gone against the norm of society to become the most influential individuals in the world. For instance, Bill Gates dropped out of school and still went ahead to become not only a billionaire but helped change the world with his genius mind. Serge Belamant is yet another success story with the same plot.

Born in France, Serge Belamant pursued three different courses during his university years, and even with that, he still did not graduate. He has however gone to impact the world positively as he is the genius mind behind the blockchain technology and even holds a patent for it. His invention has positively impacted the world because, besides the life-changing cryptocurrencies, blockchain now boasts a long string of application which makes the world a better place.

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A look at his life journey

As noted above, Mr. Belamant was born in France, where he and his family stayed until he was 14. He, however, had to move to South Africa after his father got a lucrative job there and moved his family. He attended his highs school in South Africa where he showed excellent skills in both his studies and sports. He was particularly outstanding in rugby and chess and led his school team numerous times during high school tournaments. This saw him become the head prefect of his school as well as house captain among several other positions in the school.

After graduating high school, Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University where he pursued engineering and computer science during his first and second years consecutively, before moving to UNISA where he learned information systems. He, however, dropped out after realizing that he had already been through the same courses at Witwatersrand and got himself a job at Matrix. Here, his primary role involved keeping track and controlling the water levels in dams all across South Africa using medium-sized computers.

Serge Belamant worked as an employee for several companies, and finally decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream by establishing NET1. Through NET1, Belamant marked various milestones, including the design and development of an offline chip for Visa, as well as laying the foundation for blockchain technology. He has since moved gone on to establish a series of companies, the latest one being Zilch technologies.

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