Sheldon Lavin on Moving from Banking to Food

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group LLC. Sheldon has built an indispensable profile in the food industry, particularly meat. Besides spearheading OSI International Foods Inc. operations, he serves as the board director for North East Bank and The Sheba Foundation, where he doubles up as the president. Sheldon Lavin holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He then furthered his studies in accounting and finance at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. His educational background inspired his initial career, banking, in Chicago.

While in the finance sector, Sheldon anticipated being his own boss. His career in food processing began through his financier activities. Sheldon Lavin was an initial investor in Otto and the Sons; a Chicago based meat processing company. Continuous participation in the activities of the company got him to rise to the sole owner of the entity, which was later renamed as OSI Industries. Sheldon had set out to develop OSI Industries into a multinational business. OSI Industries majors in the production of processed proteins. Other products from the company include baked foods, sauces, and vegetable foodstuffs. OSI has about 70 locations in 17+ countries.

What Works for OSI

OSI is an independent entity. Sheldon Lavin states that running the business like a family has set the company ahead of the rest. The leadership and culture and OSI have propagated its growth and development. In his opinion, that’s what makes them unique, and it has worked so well. Creativity and innovation are paramount to growth. Sheldon states that he has always had the urge to discover as well as explore different atmospheres. His urge has been nurtured at OSI. It is the open-minded set up has grown the company to such impeccable levels. The close-knit family at OSI has pretty much worked to the advantage of the company. Sheldon Lavin admits that at OSI, achievements are celebrated together, fostering grown and innovation. At the company, everyone receives attention, including employees’ families. The elimination of shear formality has done a great deal in workplace associations making everyone feel at home. Mr Lavin is also involved in philanthropy. He gives back to society through McDonalds House Charities among other organizations. Sheldon endeavours to help as much as he can.

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