Lime Crime Up And Coming In The Beauty Industry

From L.A. to Beijing, Lime Crime, the newest of competitors in the beauty space, has started to make their mark. The goal of selling their brand in China has proven to be no small feat. Strict requirements from the Chinese government have given the beauty company a fair share of obstacles to over come.

China’s regulations changed the game for how Lime Crime was to market and distribute their products in a country where there was a very high demand for their goods. It was out with the old and in with the new, as the company chose to find an alternative ways to market their beauty products.

Mandates from the government required that all cosmetic goods being sold to the wholesale market, must first be tested on animals before they are presented to the public. As a vegan brand the company whole heartily disagrees with this practice. Products being shipped from the United States could avoid being tested on animals but would be costly to the company because of complex transportation logistics, duties and taxes that would add additional cost to the consumer. There also was the hurdle of employing customer service representatives that would be able to handle a foreign language. On top of these hurdles the company discovered that counterfeits of their most popular products were being sold all over the country.

Lime Crime found a solution in teaming up with Revolve an e-commerce fashion platform to market their goods. Their ability to service the same consumer base made them the perfect partner. Starting with a seed audience through social feeds the company started to build a following. As new customers found them online they were encouraged to purchase the product through Revolve’s e-commerce platform. Fans of the product were also given exclusive access to the launch of new products early. Word of mouth carried the news and clients flocked to the site.

Working with a broad variety of influencers, both well known and lesser known the company also built it’s following on through their social media following. Choosing to stay true to their values they have succeeded against the odds.