Nicolas Krafft Leads in L’Oréal’s Annual Fashion Event

The year 2018 was a revolutionary year for many fashion icons and designers in the industry courtesy of L’Oréal. Recently, Nicolas Krafft promoted L’Oréal’s brand through the fashion show held in France. Mr. Krafft is the company’s vice president in global business development. The glamorous event held in Paris was graced by famous international fashion icons as L’Oréal showcased their brands to the world. Besides, they wanted to promote the fashion industry and the need for beauty in the world. Some of the models that participated in the event were Ella Fanning, Eva Longoria just to mention a few. Through the annual event held by L’Oréal, they were able to demonstrate their creativity level of the different outfits showcased by the models.

L’Oréal was also in the ambition of promoting the guidance of ethics and policies in the company besides just showcasing their brands. Environmental sustainability and human rights have been some of the goals that they have been aiming to achieve through the implementation of their policies. While in the event, Emmanuel Lulin, the Chief Ethics Officer of L’Oréal said that the company has observed several ethical principles that have helped them reach their goals. Some of the few mentioned were; courage, transparency, respect, and integrity. Furthermore, the company holds open discussions and ethical days that are aimed to promote the company’s ethics among the employees.

Emannuel Lulin further said that the company also promotes the ethical standards in every country where the company holds its offices. Besides all the countries in participation are assigned an ethical officer who leads the promotion of L’Oréal’s brands. The company has garnered several awards since their establishment including the recent recognition by Ethisphere Institute as the World’s most ethical company. Since Nicolas Krafft took over L’Oréal, the company has had different monumental changes as well as gaining fame internationally. Additionally, several of the staff in the company including Emmanuel Lulin has been recognized through their endless participation in promoting environmental sustainability by the United Nations. As they partner with other companies, they ensure that environmental standards are as well as observation of human rights.