How Ashley Lightspeed’s Work In Venture Capital Compares To An Architect

Lightspeed Venture Partners has really made an impact with young entrepreneurs and has really elevated female-owned businesses to higher echelons in its platform. They were responsible for seed investing in Snapchat and coming alongside Nutanix to build it up, but it’s been the contributions if tram members like Ashley Lightspeed that have allowed the firm to make as many inroads as they have with business startups. Ashley works specifically with the firm’s consumer investment team, and she often reviews business plans and helps turn them into something better, a job she considers similar to being an architect. She helps get business “prototypes” working and works off of those during the different financing and launch processes. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed learned a bit about being an architect from her father who was one, and she had originally considered becoming one herself. But as she attended university and spent a little time studying overseas, she found a new passion for building businesses that she started following. It started by becoming a consultant for Bain & Company, a Boston based consulting firm, and while here she got a chance to do some product prototyping tests that would gain her useful information for later on. Ashley then went on to become a team member of Thumbtack, the professional services hiring app, and it was here that she first became exposed to the world of venture capital when she became part of a fundraising effort.

Ashley Lightspeed went on from Thumbtack to attending the Stanford GSB and then running her own part-time consulting gig for a short time. She joined Lightspeed very recently, but having been with Thumbtack and having become familiar with much of the way Silicon Valley companies emerge, she’s been able to add valuable insights to the team. Though she may not have completely followed her father’s footsteps, there are still many things she learned from his architect work that she applies to her own today.

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Ashley Brasier- The Revered Business Professional

Since 2018, Ashley Brasier is an investor as well as a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. She recognizes a significant potential in the arena of digital media since she has an extensive background in the sector of technology. Ms. Brasier studied Bachelor of Arts specializing in Visual Media Studies from the prestigious Duke University before joining Stanford University. This makes her one of the greatest advocates for individuals pursuing the same opportunities from the sector. Ashley Brasier is also at the forefront of advocating for those seeking chances in advertising, e-commerce, as well as using a model in experience selling. Since the outset of her career, Brasier has visited various companies specializing in digital media such as Netflix, The New York Times, and YouTube. These brands have a lot of significance in digital media. They are the standard benchmark for emerging companies as well as those seeking to join the industry. Because of her vast experience in digital marketing, Ashley Lightspeed has crafted the art of understanding various trends and processes in the digital sector.

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Ashley Brasier is a flexible entrepreneur. For someone still in the exploring stage of their career, she has stacked up an extensive list of experience and career accomplishments such as making critical contributions to the growth as well as the development of some of the recent leading companies in the world. From a tender age, Ashley Lightspeed has been passionate about making vital contributions to the latest growing services, business models, as well as products. Having been captivated by her father’s architectural works from that age, Ashley Lightspeed has pivoted away from the same industry into the forefront of designing business. Ms. Brasier is a revered member of the investing team. She applies her extensive knowledge as well as a passion for developing new products to establish an excellent product presence in the company. She also brings her perspective as well as a talent for spotting trends along.

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Isabel dos Santos Is the Most Influential Woman In Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the most influential woman in Africa. She is making huge strides in creating a better world with more job opportunities for young people all across the continent. She is an advocate for women’s rights in business, a strong voice in the digital development for several African countries and a pioneer looking to pave the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Digital and Technological Development Is Key

One of her most important goals to develop technology in Africa. Isabel dos Santos told the European Parliment how important digital development is to Africans. She says in part “…technology contributes to improving the quality of life.” She describes some of the most valuable places technology could be used in African countries. Digital technology is used to create a better and safer public transportation system. In agriculture, digital technology is used to make produce prices more affordable and competitive. Digital technology can also be used to create better medical facilities, digital banking, and much more.

Helping African Women Entrepreneurs

Isabel dos Santos regularly speaks about equality in the workplace for women all around the world. She says that when we have mostly men influencing all the decisions in a company, “… a lot of the issues pertaining to women, motherhood and raising the children might be left behind.” Santos believes women should have the same career opportunities as men.

Fighting Against Poverty

“Give people the opportunity to sell, work, produce and have enough income. This is the only true solution,” says Isabel dos Santos. She is passionate about providing people with job opportunities and education to reduce poverty. She aims to “empower the young generation of the future.”

For Isabel dos Santos, the opportunity is the key to the success of anyone. Opportunity for women in the workplaces, the opportunity for creating a profitable business and the opportunity for digital advances are just some of the ways Africa will build a bright future for the next generation.

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Sandy Chin’s Books, Boxes & Bodies

Sandy Chin may be an unknown name to many for now. However, she is a highly successful portfolio manager. For the past twenty years Sandy has been able to manage to buy and sell consumer staple stocks to secure her expertise as a portfolio manager. Sandy runs her own hedge fund company, Tidal Bore Capital. Her ability to organize and get things done is one of the reasons she is relevant. Sandy Chin saw a need at a PS11, public elementary school on the West side of New York City and she was moved to take action and help.The students of the school were in need of books to be able to read over the summer, however, this presents a strain financially for summer parents. William T. Harris School is the school that services a diverse body of students. Their mixture of students include two low income housing project communities.

According to dailyforexreport, the solution to the fix was to help the children bridge the gap of the summer slide in their reading skills. Typically over the summer education tends to fall to the back burner. Activities of fun and relaxation trump educational activities or reading. Research shows it is common for some children to experience a summer slide in their reading skills due to lack of reading. In some instances, children may not read during the summer due to no access of books.

Sandy Chin and other volunteers decided to hold a summer book drive at PS11. They set a goal to collect used books that could be given away for free to the kindergartens, so that they would be able to have their own books to take home during the summer break. They named the event Books, Boxes & Bodies. They asked for donations to be brought to the school June 19th and 20th. Hopeful that they would get enough books donated to help the project be successful, they actually received more donations than they anticipated. Their goal was to get enough books for the kindergartens, but they were able to give books to students in other grades as well. The children were thrilled. Her willingness to help the PS11 school by creating the summer reading program takes a burden off parents and gives the students the lasting value of books.


How Deirdre Baggot Has Been Transforming the Healthcare Industry

For over two decades, Deirdre Baggot has relentlessly developed, advocated, and implemented programs aimed to transform the healthcare industry. Her most important influence is advocating for bundled payments, an efficient billing scheme for both patients and healthcare workers.

Who is Deirdre Baggot?

Deirdre is a renowned strategist who has previously worked in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Michigan Health System, the Cardiac and Vascular Institute, and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services. She is a trained nurse with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at

Why does Deirdre Baggot advocate for bundled payments

According to MS. Deirdre Baggot, the bundled payment would be less expensive for patients since it is likely to support transparency in pricing. In fact, some reliable medical reports reveal that the bundled payment scheme can slash down patient’s healthcare cost by one third.

In addition to the reduced cost, the scheme eliminates the hassle of settling different bills separately, as well as the added expenses emanating from unnecessary medical services and tests.

On the other hand, Ms. Baggot argues that health practitioners have a lot to gain from the bundled payments. For instance, the scheme will eliminate the existing fragmentation between various medical subspecialties, thereby helping them to collaborate with a mutual aim of providing quality services.

Deirdre’s Achievements in the advocacy

Ms. Baggot has helped close to 200 hospitals to design and implement the bundle payment scheme. Those hospitals have reported a remarkable improvement in patience experience, decreased healthcare costs, as well as better clinical outcomes.

In addition, the healthcare policymaker has shared helpful insights into healthcare reform summits organized by chief organizations like; Innovation Summit, American College of Healthcare Executives, and the Bundled Payment Summit.

She has authored several papers that shed light on important issues regarding the healthcare reform and the bundled payment scheme.

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My New Project: Whitney Wolfe

I’m writing an article of Whitney Wolfe, the founder of the dating app, Bumble. She has a staff of women working alongside her with making this app a success.

She is known as a busy bee when checking her phone, emails, and texts during movement according to Austin Woman Magazine. Just like every young woman who starts a business, I believe Whitney Wolfe created something that could help every women find the right man in their lives. This is a very interesting subject concerning this dating app. I’ve heard of many dating apps and website on TV but this is the first I’ve heard of this particular app. The advantage of using Bumble or any other app is finding the right person with the same likes, interests, and even find your soulmate.

Since Whitney Wolfe found this app less than a year and a half ago, she pointed out that millions of new users that Bumble added has a growth rate of as much as 65% per day. That’s pretty much proves that the Bumble dating app works for women who access it. Whitney Wolfe is from Salt Lake City, Utah where she spent her early childhood in an environment that is more pastoral than metropolitan. Her father is Jewish while her mother is Catholic. She also has a younger sister. Whitney Wolfe went to a Jewish preschool and then a private Catholic high school when she learned about cultural understanding of different people with traditions and ways of life. At the age of 11, her family moves to Paris where they instilled their kids of a sense of the world. She made many friends in France and immerses into their culture. This was probably the reason she started to think about creating this app because it could help women of different languages find that special someone.

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