Organo Gold and Intenational Coffee Day

If you are a coffee lover, then you have an extra reason to enjoy your favorite beverage even more especially on special days. Talking of special days, September 29 has been set as the official International coffee day. Launched in Milan Italy in 2015, this day has been set aside to celebrate the fun and fulfillment that has come with taking coffee over the years.

Apart from the celebration, the International coffee day is also a moment to create awareness for the challenges and the hardships that coffee farmers go through. So, on this day, you can opt to try out a new idea of making coffee and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Are you disappointed with summer flavors being used in lieu of pumpkin spice? Well, it may be time you tried Ice Orange creamsicle coffee. Otherwise, you may also see the need to go for pumpkin spice coffee. If you are a lover of pumpkin spice, then you do not have to go through a lot of hassle or spend so much. All you have to do is but a small jar of pumpkin spice and an instant coffee packet.

Organo Gold is a revolutionary company that deals in organic coffee products. Founded in 2008, the company has grown tremendously over the years. This has been greatly attributed to its dedication in offering high-quality organic coffee over the years. The company makes use of a membership platform where you can buy your coffee from an Organo Gold distributor near you.

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Ways in Which Jason Hope Has Given Back To the Community

Jason Hope is a prominent entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. Born in Tempe, Arizona, Jason is dedicated to improvising technology as well as empowering his long-term initiative of giving back to the community. He has a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s Carey School of Business. Apart from philanthropic moves and entrepreneurship, Jason Hope has also ventured into politics that are related to business in Arizona. His first career was an establishment of a mobile communication company before he started focusing on investments and biotechnology. He advises young entrepreneurs about essential lessons they can follow to be successful.

This article focuses on some of the philanthropic moves that Jason Hope engages in. They are merely the things done for the benefit of the people. Jason Hope has decided to stand with significant organizations to help support their significant undertakings such as the anti-aging Research by SENS foundation. SENS is a research foundation that upholds the rising of biotechnology through their Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. This conference brings together a collection of scientists who share ideas that are targeted towards cancer, cellular damage, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease treatments.

SENS is a nonprofit organization that stands from support from scientists and investors. Jason Hope is among the potential donor towards the improvement of the anti-aging research. The main aim of this research center is to find cures for those diseases that are breaking the body making it vulnerable to fast aging. Unlike the traditional medication which is focused on treating the disease only, SNES is focused on finding a way to prevent the infections from ever occurring. According to scientists, the time has been wasted on treatment, but its time to stop the diseases from ever getting into the human bodies.

There is hope of good results after several failed tests on animals as scientists can now give out the difference between animals and human beings when it comes to aging. Scientists have pointed out the protein in humans that is responsible for aging. This means that a breakthrough to this scientific research could be a historical medical discovery.

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How Ashley Lightspeed’s Work In Venture Capital Compares To An Architect

Lightspeed Venture Partners has really made an impact with young entrepreneurs and has really elevated female-owned businesses to higher echelons in its platform. They were responsible for seed investing in Snapchat and coming alongside Nutanix to build it up, but it’s been the contributions if tram members like Ashley Lightspeed that have allowed the firm to make as many inroads as they have with business startups. Ashley works specifically with the firm’s consumer investment team, and she often reviews business plans and helps turn them into something better, a job she considers similar to being an architect. She helps get business “prototypes” working and works off of those during the different financing and launch processes. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed learned a bit about being an architect from her father who was one, and she had originally considered becoming one herself. But as she attended university and spent a little time studying overseas, she found a new passion for building businesses that she started following. It started by becoming a consultant for Bain & Company, a Boston based consulting firm, and while here she got a chance to do some product prototyping tests that would gain her useful information for later on. Ashley then went on to become a team member of Thumbtack, the professional services hiring app, and it was here that she first became exposed to the world of venture capital when she became part of a fundraising effort.

Ashley Lightspeed went on from Thumbtack to attending the Stanford GSB and then running her own part-time consulting gig for a short time. She joined Lightspeed very recently, but having been with Thumbtack and having become familiar with much of the way Silicon Valley companies emerge, she’s been able to add valuable insights to the team. Though she may not have completely followed her father’s footsteps, there are still many things she learned from his architect work that she applies to her own today.

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Article Title: The Promises Of AI For Jingdong

Article Text:

A New Venture in Artificial Intelligence and What That Means

Online retailer Jingdong is now investing into AI technology and hoping to fund new startups in the process. A project it started invites entrepreneurs to share their ideas and to compete for winning prizes. This AI Accelerator program  is raising money for the ideas that qualify. Here’s a look at how JD puts its own AI technology to use today:

Face Recognitions

• Face Recognitions: The AI of JD’s delivery fleet establishes order and has appeal. The fleet allows consumers to find a location where they can then receive their packages from. The robots use special technology that recognizes facial features. The right person is then able to scan themselves, a package is then released and they are on their way.

Synced Promotions

• Synced Promotions: The best way to distribute promotions and advertising is by targeting an audience. Jingdong wants to know who it’s speaking to and how they can help that consumer. Artificial intelligence outperforms any average person when collecting, storing or distributing data. These are the functions that JD hopes to improve on through its AI Accelerator program.

Flying Drones

• Flying Drones: The Jingdong drone has succeeded in over 400,000 hours of live trails. The drone is now legal to use for public service. The program is still limited as collects more data. Using AI in its drones will lower travel times. Artificial intelligence will then ensure that only the person who a package is for will receive it.

Delivering Better Products

• Delivering Better Products: A venture to use the top brands of the United States has successfully been launched. The program can rely on AI to better decide on which U.S. products will boost spending and to find the right consumer.

Chat Services

• Chat Services: The chatbot is a cool, fast service you experience once arriving at JD’s-help directory. The system can answer your questions, and the questions you ask go into improving JD’s services. Jingdong is already using this algorithm on its site by providing wine and legal advice.

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Ashley Brasier- The Revered Business Professional

Since 2018, Ashley Brasier is an investor as well as a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. She recognizes a significant potential in the arena of digital media since she has an extensive background in the sector of technology. Ms. Brasier studied Bachelor of Arts specializing in Visual Media Studies from the prestigious Duke University before joining Stanford University. This makes her one of the greatest advocates for individuals pursuing the same opportunities from the sector. Ashley Brasier is also at the forefront of advocating for those seeking chances in advertising, e-commerce, as well as using a model in experience selling. Since the outset of her career, Brasier has visited various companies specializing in digital media such as Netflix, The New York Times, and YouTube. These brands have a lot of significance in digital media. They are the standard benchmark for emerging companies as well as those seeking to join the industry. Because of her vast experience in digital marketing, Ashley Lightspeed has crafted the art of understanding various trends and processes in the digital sector.

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Ashley Brasier is a flexible entrepreneur. For someone still in the exploring stage of their career, she has stacked up an extensive list of experience and career accomplishments such as making critical contributions to the growth as well as the development of some of the recent leading companies in the world. From a tender age, Ashley Lightspeed has been passionate about making vital contributions to the latest growing services, business models, as well as products. Having been captivated by her father’s architectural works from that age, Ashley Lightspeed has pivoted away from the same industry into the forefront of designing business. Ms. Brasier is a revered member of the investing team. She applies her extensive knowledge as well as a passion for developing new products to establish an excellent product presence in the company. She also brings her perspective as well as a talent for spotting trends along.

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Michael Nierenberg the star that continues to rise

Michael Nierenberg is currently in charge of Fortress. Before landing at this place, he has worked at several different places including Global Mortgages and the Bank of America Merill Lynch. In the year 2008, he shifted from being a leader of Global Scrutinized Products in JP Morgan. This is also one of the places that he has worked. In all these companies where he has worked, he has always been at the forefront of several different leadership positions for 14 years when he worked at Bear Stearns. For seven years, Mr. Nierenberg had been working at the Lehman Brothers where he found his mentor.

Michael Nierenberg’s stock

His net worth at the moment is almost 42 Million dollars. This wealth has been acquired all through his working career since he also owns a variety of New Residential investment stocks. Since the year 2016, Michael Nierenberg has generated more than three trades of his new company. According to the form filled with SEC, this man trades an average of 412,885 units for every 111 days. He has maintained a growing and improvement trend since the year 2016, and in the year 2018 the stock trade carried out by him managed to get 25 million dollars.

Work expertise

It is quite clear that he possesses deep and vast expertise since it is not everyone who can be able to do what he does. He is only 55 years old, and many individuals are older than him even in the job market. They probably have a lot more work experience than he does, but they cannot work as he does. One of his mentors who is also a former CEO at Lehman Brothers where Michael Nierenberg previously worked describes him as a person who was determined to succeed. From a very young age, Michael Nierenberg showed his capacity to concentrate and also he liked asking questions. These qualities seem to have worked as they are being reflected in what he does. He is truly a star that continues to rise.

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Article Title: Entering Indonesian Market With

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The first regional commercial drone flight was assigned to the ideal location of West Java, Indonesia on January 8, 2019.

The controlled flight was satisfactorily completed, and rumors began circulating about what was planning next. has indicated on its official website, that the humanitarian project in West Java would open the door to more commercial business ventures in the specific region. Also, the theoretical possibility of introducing more regional and national explorative projects.

Much is in the creative works at and its consumers, steadily move into the second month of the new year.

The billion-dollar multisector mega company aspires to promptly introduce high-quality consumer products to the Indonesia e-commerce market. Something that, presently, has been unachieved by any other e-commerce retailer. In 2016, in necessary preparation, partnered with JV launching a new companion company, JD.ID.

JD.ID, would act as a subsequent market that provides products to Indonesian consumers.

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All about Neurocore Company

Neurocore provides brain-based and data-driven assessment and training program for children and adults to help them manage stress, sleep and improve concentration. It has become a national authority since it uses neuroscience which has nine brain performances. They use proven neurofeedback protocol and art to help patient optimize their brains so that they can stay healthier and have happier lives. When one has a reward training base, their mind creates stronger neural pathways and also learn better habits since it gets rid of unwanted symptoms, therefore, preventing cognitive declination nature even without medication. The company founded in 2004 by Elisabeth Devos.

Neurocore show the way of easing tension and stress, and Researcher has shown that fear can be contagious especially when one is prone to depression and anxiety, It’s easy to tell or identify a person with stress since they act ultimately transmitting emotions. Stress can cause restlessness, obsessive thought, upset stomach, dizziness, change in appetite, insomnia, allergies, and change in sex drive. When one has stress, the brain goes into flight or fight mode which releases hormones that’s creates reactions such as racing heartbeat, faster breathing, and tense muscles; it can also release cortisol which makes cell crave for sugar and hence lead to weight loss. Neurocore has come up with the drug-free treatment of stress.

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Agera Energy And Cambridge Community Electric Establish an Agreement to Save Customers Money

An electricity aggregation program was launched by the City of Cambridge in July called Cambridge Community Electricity. Electricity will still be delivered by Eversource, but the electricity supplier will be chosen by the city. The program provides lower prices than when the Eversource Basic Service program was launched. This increases the amount of renewable energy received.

Participating consumers will see the program price and Agera Energy on the Eversource bill under Supply Services. Agera energy and Cambridge have negotiated a contract for eighteen months. Although Agera Energy will be the supplier, the electricity relationship will remain with Eversource. The bill will be sent from Eversource. Bill payments will be sent to Eversource. If there is a power outage, the call will be placed to Eversource, not Agera Energy.

The benefits include a lower price than available during the launch of the Eversource Basic Service program. The basic service price from Eversource will change for small commercial and residential customers every three months. Large and medium commercial customers will see a price change every three months. This means the price may not stay below the price for basic service from Eversource. There is no guarantee on the savings.

More solar energy is included with renewable electricity than the state requires as a minimum. Projects near or in Cambridge will supply the additional solar energy. The options include Standard Green with an additional 25 percent solar energy and 100 percent Green. Enrollment in Standard Green is automatic, but customers may choose 100 percent Green.

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Organo Gold: A Great Way To Earn Money

Multi-level marketing companies are slowly becoming a great business opportunity, and many people are joining companies that have built their reputation through the years. In the United States and Canada, Organo Gold is becoming one of the fastest growing multi-level marketing companies, thanks to their Ganoderma-enriched coffee and tea products. Organo Gold also sells personal care items and supplements. The company was established by Bernardo Chua back in the year 2008, and it is currently headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. People who are interested to become retailers for the company has the option to apply through their website or to reach out to one of their legitimate partners.

The herb-infused coffee that is being sold by the company has become a favorite across the world. Many people are buying their coffee because of its distinctive taste, and people are saying that they felt better after drinking the product. Presently, Organo Gold products are being sold in 45 different countries. Their products are also well-reviewed online, capturing the interest of those who have not yet tried any single product from the company. The success of the brand makes it easier to offer to the people, and as a result, those who have partnered with Organo Gold to become their retailers are earning lot of money.

Those who have signed up to become an official retailer for Organo Gold will be given a chance to be trained by some of the company’s best retailers, and they will be given a short lecture on how they can effectively sell product. Those who have been looking for a viable way to earn money have put their time and energy in selling Organo Gold products, and their decision to join the company paid off because they are earning monthly income from selling huge amounts of products from the company, especially their best-selling Ganoderma coffee.

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