The Serge Belamant success story

Most successful people seem to have gone against the norm of society to become the most influential individuals in the world. For instance, Bill Gates dropped out of school and still went ahead to become not only a billionaire but helped change the world with his genius mind. Serge Belamant is yet another success story with the same plot.

Born in France, Serge Belamant pursued three different courses during his university years, and even with that, he still did not graduate. He has however gone to impact the world positively as he is the genius mind behind the blockchain technology and even holds a patent for it. His invention has positively impacted the world because, besides the life-changing cryptocurrencies, blockchain now boasts a long string of application which makes the world a better place.

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A look at his life journey

As noted above, Mr. Belamant was born in France, where he and his family stayed until he was 14. He, however, had to move to South Africa after his father got a lucrative job there and moved his family. He attended his highs school in South Africa where he showed excellent skills in both his studies and sports. He was particularly outstanding in rugby and chess and led his school team numerous times during high school tournaments. This saw him become the head prefect of his school as well as house captain among several other positions in the school.

After graduating high school, Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University where he pursued engineering and computer science during his first and second years consecutively, before moving to UNISA where he learned information systems. He, however, dropped out after realizing that he had already been through the same courses at Witwatersrand and got himself a job at Matrix. Here, his primary role involved keeping track and controlling the water levels in dams all across South Africa using medium-sized computers.

Serge Belamant worked as an employee for several companies, and finally decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream by establishing NET1. Through NET1, Belamant marked various milestones, including the design and development of an offline chip for Visa, as well as laying the foundation for blockchain technology. He has since moved gone on to establish a series of companies, the latest one being Zilch technologies.

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Frank Oren Talks about Talkspace, His Innovative Talk Therapy App

Frank Oren is a renowned marketer, entrepreneur, and business administrator. At present, Oren manages, an innovative app that provides talk therapy services to millions of individuals battling post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, and other mental maladies.

How did he start and develop Talkspace? According to an article posted on, Frank Oren unveiled that he launched to help people who could not afford psychotherapy services, as well as those who wanted to remain anonymous while receiving mental therapy.

How does Talkspace enhance accessibility and affordability of mental health services?

Talkspace a dedicated team of therapists

Frank Oren’s app works with dedicated therapists who is driven by goodwill, and professionalism when managing their patients living with depression, stress, sleep disorders, and any other mental condition.

Talkspace offers stigma-free psychotherapy services

Frank Oren’s Talkspace app was designed to eliminate the stigma associated with in-office therapy sessions. Patients are allowed to remain concealed during the psychotherapy session. They don’t disclose their identity, and they don’t come into contact with their psychotherapist.

Talkspace provides affordable services

Frank Oren co-founded Talkspace with a primary aim of cutting down the cost of mental health care costs. Each therapy session costs $15, a significant reduction from the $150 charged by an in-office psychotherapist.

Talkspace prevents conditions before they develop to complex stages

Frank Oren’s licensed team of therapist aims at combating their client’s mental conditions before they mature to complex clinical situations that require expensive medical approaches.

“We understand that various mental health conditions can develop to serious clinical disorders if left unmanaged. On that account, our team works hard to eliminate the conditions during their early stages,” says Frank Oren.

Talkspace treats its clients with dignity

Talkspace therapists handle all clients with the dignity they deserve. The specialists avoid the use of distancing and inappropriate language that can put off their clients during the psychotherapy session. Check out:

Edwin Miranda’s Great Contribution to Performance Marketing

Edwin Miranda is the CEO and initiator of KOI IXS based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami. In an interview last month, the businessman acknowledged the power of performance marketing. He offers the best service in the marketing platform. He is dedicated to engaging in meaningful customer communication, assisting international brands to achieve more extensive market shares as well as maintaining the upcoming clients.

The performance-driven agency hugely depends on predictive analytics. This has the potential of establishing personalized marketing possible. In the modern era of marketing, there are trends which are geared towards predictive and attributive marketing.

There have been successful results in recent campaigns. Moreover, the company is aimed at developing the industry more by putting in place advertising contents that drive sales without feeling like advertising. He also states that the firm is becoming widely accessible to marketers globally.

Edwin Miranda has explained his experience in leading as an exciting encounter. This is because he interacts and works with a strong team of talented and passionate inventors, thinkers and designers among others. This enables him to align visions innovative talents to come up with a product that is unique.

One of the software or web service that he appreciates in his organization of work is fantastical 2. It works together with office 365, G-suite, iCloud and exchange. It makes planning and management easier.

One of the healthy habits the entrepreneur has is waking up early. He outlines a to-do list to check if his daily goals are accomplished. This enables him to successfully perform all the activities as planned. He advises young entrepreneurs to love what they do and be confident. In addition, he states that making mistakes enabled him to become mature in his goals and ideas. Challenges arouse values like endurance, resilience, and determination.

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Jojo Hedaya and His Career Success Story

He started his organization while still a college student. Since then Jojo Hedaya has never looked back. He is the founder and CEO of Unroll.Me. Besides his executive positions, Jojo is the chief product and consumer supervisor. He heads the product development division as well as its operations. Since its inception in 2011, Unroll.Me has been a significant success.

Among the top ten apps in the App Store was the iOS app. Numerous people consume it, and the app has received much attention in the media news. Unroll.Me success drew the attention of Rakuten Intelligence, and they acquired this business in 2014. Jojo Hedaya is the king of evading junk mail. Unroll.Me allows users to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. Unroll.Me does the clearing of junk mail. It has features of gathering or combining an organization’s essential subscription of emails.

Jojo Hedaya ensures that all consumers can access the app by availing it on both Android and iOS. Although Jojo Hedaya is a successful businessman, he prioritizes education. He has degrees in business and philosophy from Brooklyn College. As a student, Jojo exhibited leadership skills through his position as vice president of the student government. These skills came in handy when he started managing and leading his organization. Despite his entrepreneurial breakthrough, he did not drop out of school.

Work and business are not the only things that comprise Jojo’s life. He is a friendly person with a vibrant life beyond work. Jojo is married with a child. During his free time, Jojo travels, bonds with his family and watching Knicks. Jojo Hedaya believes he is in an excellent place in his career.

For this reason, he takes time to mentor budding entrepreneurs. He also assists people he works within the organization. Jojo further inspires local communities through events such as the Startup Grind and the Hybrid Conference.

The Story of the Life of Richard Liu Qiangdong as an Entrepreneur

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the richest individuals in China with a worth of about US$11 billion and CEO of, a leading e-commerce platform in China which is worth about US$60 billion. Richard Liu hails from a humble background and he worked his way up to become a prominent individual in the e-commerce sector.

The journey to success started when he was in college. Mr. Richard Liu Qiangdong was struggling financially and amidst the financial challenges, he started a restaurant which did not see the light of the day. He then ventured into computer accessory business. The business blossomed after a short while to expand into 12 shops within the same line of business. Things took a nasty turn during the sars outbreak in early 2000s. The businesses closed down and while pondering on the next move with his workers, the idea of selling products online came along.

Richard Liu ventured into e-commerce sector fully in 2004 with the launch of He started off with a few products including digital electronics, mobile phones and IT equipment. The entrepreneur worked around the clock to add products into the platform. Additionally, the e-commerce sector was full of fraud and counterfeit goods. Mr. Qiangdong realized that and endeavored to sell authenticated goods only. He also issued invoices, endeavors that gave the business an edge in the competitive market.

The platform is now full of products adding up to about 1 billion. The many options available for customers in the platform makes it one-stop shopping platform. Richard Liu Qiangdong now looks to take his business global and make it number one e-commerce platform in the world. But first, he aims to bring the best products from around the world to China. He will then work to take his business to South Asia, Middle East and the United States.

Richard Liu is an entrepreneur who believes in himself and competes with himself. He is also trying to be a better person and as a family man, he is always trying to be the best father, husband and son. The entrepreneur is now recognized worldwide. Richard Liu Qiangdong attributes his success to hard work. He schooled with a hard-working group and as a result, all his friends are now successful.

Predications That Were Made During Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He has invested in companies that include Uber and Airbnb. He is also the co-founder and former manager of Investment company and a co-founder and former chairman of Hyperloop One. Before his 21-hour tweet storm, his last tweet was on December, 17, 2017. In February, he continuously tweeted for 21 hours regarding topics that include Silicon Valley, the stock market in the United States, immigration, and inflation.

The United States Stock Market and the Looming Financial Storm

Shervin Pishevar started his tweet storm by discussing his predictions about the looming financial storm in the United States. At the beginning of February, the stock market in the United States was unstable. He explained that central banks would rely on stocks in the past to get through these times. However, Mr. Pishevar stated that this strategy is no longer effective because it has been overused. He predicted that the stock market will fall more than 6,000 points in 2018. According to the investor, there are a number of factors to blame for the looming financial storm in the country, which include tax giveaways, higher interest rates, and problems with credit accounts.

The Problem With Silicon Valley

When it comes to Silicon Valley, Mr. Pishevar stated that the United States has lost its exclusivity. He believes that there is no longer the plethora of talent, ideas, and entrepreneurial force that was seen in the past. He stated this would have a negative impact on economic growth in the United States.

The Five American Monopolies

Shervin Pishevar also stated that Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, and Google are the five big monopolies in the United States. According to Mr. Pishevar, these monopolies are buying out more startup businesses, which will be detrimental to the United States economy. He was also critical of the American system for turning a blind eye to the activities of the five major monopolies.

InnovaCare’s Own Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Dr. Richard Shinto currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare Health. Graduating from the University of California with his B.S. and from the University of Redlands with his medical degree, Mr. Shinto has an extensive educational background in science and medicine. On top of his extensive educational background, Richard Shinto has more than twenty years of clinical and operational healthcare experience serving in numerous leadership positions including operating as the Chief Executive Officer at both MMM Healthcare and Aveta Inc. In 2018, Richard was recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. For more info check out



The Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare award given to Dr. Shinto recognizes the top minorities in the healthcare industry who are influencing policy and care delivery models nationwide. Leaders receiving this award have produced an incredible track record of results in raising the quality of patient care within their organizations while simultaneously advancing their peers to boost diversity. After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, the subsidiary of InnovaCare, MMM Healthcare, was instrumental in reestablishing healthcare services for residents, raising more than four million dollars in relief. You can visit


Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Health Solutions. Prior to her position there, she served as the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta for six years, from 2006 to 2012. Her service in the healthcare industry doesn’t stop at Aveta, before her tenure there, she operated as the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health HMO beginning July of 2008. Her educational background includes a B.S. in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University and an M.S. in Social Work from New York University. Ms.

Kokkinides also received a second Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.


InnovaCare was founded in 1998 by President and CEO Richard Shinto after joining North American Medical Management in California. Leveraging the operational experience of the team, InnovaCare is revolutionizing healthcare by providing value-based care models which improves the overall quality. InnovaCare has continued to grow since their inception in 1998, there revenues increasing significantly after entering the Medicaid market.



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Bernado Chua Makes a Connection With Independent Distributors

There is a large amount of growth in the world of coffee distribution. Bernardo Chua is someone that started a company called Organo Gold, and he knows better than most that social media is a great platform for a distribution.

This is one of the reasons why people will be able to see a lot of social media posts from Bernardo about the Organo Gold brand that he has developed over the years. It has become one of the hottest brands for independent distribution when it comes to coffee, but that is not the only thing that this company is selling. This is why there is now a great social media push for the detox supplements and the energy bars that are also associated with the Organo Gold product line. This product line is growing, and more independent distributors are needed to handle the large amount of growth that is happening inside of this organization. This is why Bernardo Chua also utilizes this social media platform to reach out to potential independent distributors. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

If there is any Organo Gold news that is taking place there is also a push from Bernardo Chua to highlight the things that are happening inside of the Organo Gold organization. This has given him a great amount of money to utilize for other purposes. He does not have to spend as much with advertising and marketing campaigns because he puts forth the effort to utilize social media. He is doing a lot of the groundwork himself, and there are also more people inside of his organization that are referring friends as well.

This is the great thing about having an independent distribution chain. People that get in can introduce their friends to the business and spread the news about the Organo Gold brand through word-of-mouth promotion.



Shervin Pishevar Predicts Gloom for the US Economy in His Tweet Rant

After hibernating for nearly half an year, Shervin Pishevar came back on Tweeter with a 50-message rant on the declining economy in the United States. He talked of different things ranging from the stock market to Bitcoin and space exploration. Shervin is a renowned investor and a business person. Therefore, his tweets got a lot of attention from his followers and the business community at large. Below are some of the most exciting pieces of the 21-hour Tweeter storm.

The United States is losing to emerging powers like China especially in infrastructure

Shervin noted that China had several examples of the increased speed of execution. One of the cases is the train built in nine hours. Pishevar lamented that the US infrastructure was in tatters and that companies and the government were trapped in short-term thinking. Shervin Pishevar singled out the Virgin Hyperloop as well as SpaceX as exceptions to the decaying infrastructure and short-lived thinking rule. He said that teams here were pushing for something on the long-term.

The five biggest US companies will continue to hold too much power

Shervin Pishevar lamented that the Silicon Valley had given the monopoly to five biggest giants, which are the Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. He added that these companies always stifled startups that seemed to challenge their status quo. Therefore, firms in the States are holding too much power, and the trend is not ending anytime soon. According to Pishevar, Uber was the giant that was able to eke out before things got out of hand.

Entrepreneurs can now raise capital beyond the borders

These days, the digital currencies have altered the way entrepreneurs raise their money. They need to choose the currency and get the funds. The new methods of fundraising make it easier for any company, whether large or small, to find different capital and grow. Shervin Pishevar rants are a wakeup call to the economy players. He believes that the market is asleep and oblivious to tell-tale signs of difficult times ahead. A good number of warnings may come to pass, and some of the advice given may prove useful.

Robert Ivy: A Force for Architects

Robert Ivy started school first at Sewanee: The University of the South, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English degree, sequenced by a Master of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture at Tulane University. Robert Ivy became the Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill in charge of the Architectural Record and strove to make it the most read architectural journal in the world. Robert Ivy was hired as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at The American Institute of Architects in 2011 and also wrote a book in his extra time. He also continues as a practicing architect. Since becoming CEO of AIA, the Institute has grown exponentially internationally and domestically and currently is at a record high membership in its 150 year history and has expanded out to seven globally based chapters across the world. As a Mississippian, Robert Ivy is the first architect to be awarded the Polk Award and is considered to be a worthy example of architects. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy was also awarded by the fraternity Alpha Rho Chi for communicating the value of design in architecture. He’s received the title of Master Architect, one of seven in ARC’s century long existence and the only architect in the 21st century. He led projects to help expand McGraw-Hill to the global stage, launching new versions of the journal in more languages for wider audiences. The expansions and growth exemplifies his dedication to international markets and to architectural communities as well. He continues to expand and grow the architecture profession in all he does.


He officially received the award at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters event. “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy.” said Nancy LaForge. She explained this as part of an AIA press release about the event The award is given to art critics and artists with strong connections to Mississippi. Others to receive the award include famous actors and artists. Ivy continues to be a strong presence in the architectural community and is clearly deserving of this praise. Learn more about Robert Ivy at