The Leader of Capital Group Provides His View of the Economy–Post-Trump

Tim conveyed that during his career he has noticed little, in the way of change, in interest rates, since the financial crisis. However, now he notices a profound change occurring. He mentioned the change was interesting and he believed real. He further conveyed, since interest rates seem to be rising, that it had to do with the fact that they had, prior, hit bottom. In other words, there was no way for them to go but up.

Tim Armour is the leader of the Capital Group. The company is a trillion dollar asset management group. Mr. Armour mentions that he has noticed a change in the economy since the successful and surprising election of Trump in November.

Too: some sectors, that appeared more vital, seem to have “flat-lined,” a bit. Other areas, wherein lethargic economic behaviors were apparent, have been in a growth mode.

Armour mentioned that he could not predict, at this point, what these apparent economic changes meant–however, he believed them to be very real. In example, the oil and gas industries appear to be on the mend; and the utility sector is not as vital as it was prior to Trump’s surprising November victory.

Other speculators such as Bond speculators, despite the stock market’s underneath economic changes still remain cautious. They continue to build up their portfolios.

Tim, on a more personal career note, even though he is the company’s leader, continues to manage an investment fund. He has been with the organization for 33 years.  Mr. Armour, received a private college education.  He remains optimistic about the post-Trump economy. However, much still needs to be seen. He believes the favorable economic shift is beneficial with respect to certain lethargic areas of the economy; while other sectors, that were vital, tend to slow down a bit.

Post-Trump Economy? Mr. Armour mentions globalization will play a part, too, as it pertains to the Nation’s future–in general.