Luke Lazarus Lifetime of Greatness

Luke Lazarus has accomplished so much in his life. He has a history that goes back over two decades that has lead him to successful partnerships, managing growth and offering advice to CEO’s all around Australia.

Luke Lazarus is a consultant from Melbourne that helps startup businesses with advice they may need. He helps by answering questions and clarifying what startup business can do while they are taking their next steps.

He understands that even the best CEOs may need assistance sometimes and has grown from that along the way. Luke Lazarus earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was still in his early twenties. After earning his MBA, Luke started nearly a handful of successful firms before he was in his mid thirties.

Now, a decade later, Luke Lazarus spends his time identifying issues with startup businesses and offering his seasoned perspective on how to address the issues. Luke helps his clients by keeping them on track and assists them by clearly setting their goals. He is able to pinpoint the cause of a leading brand or product story.

Luke Lazarus is able to contribute to presentations that his clients have to investors by graphing financial need and linking those he consults to investors that will be able to connect and help. As a tenured adviser, Lazarus can pinpoint the growing presence of eCommerce as it relates to business models he works with and can analyze what competition may be in the way.

He is successful in making go-to market plans for his clients to bring them organized sales and marketing plans. He is able to create timelines for his clients that they are able to address and follow along their path to success. He is able to stay engaged with his clients and is always open to helping a company continue on with their plans. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

He states that he mediates for ten to fifteen minutes in the morning to get a fresh start and clear his mind. Once done meditating Lazarus makes coffee, walks his dog and then starts multitasking.

He says that he stays disciplined by going to the gym seven days a week with no exceptions. When asked how he brings his ideas to life, Luke says that his best business ideas have always come from stress that life has thrown in his direction and how he can build solutions that fit in the marketplace.

Luke Lazarus was asked about the trend that excites him the most and he stated that he enjoys watching companies meet demands in the marketplace that is constantly changing.

He goes on to say that a habit of his that makes him a successful entrepreneur is by recording everything, whether its jotting in his notebook or taking a photo to remind him of an idea, recording his day to day is imperative for success.

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