Guilherme Paulus impact on the tourism sector

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo. He is an international businessman who manages as an advisor of CVC and GJP Hotels. GJP hotels and resorts have more than 20 facilities in Brazil. He pursued business administration at the university and graduated with a degree. After completing his studies, he got an attachment at IBM and it served as the starting point of his career. The company has created job opportunities for the society in that it has over 500 workers. He established his initial hotel in 1995 and it has been able to assist thousands of individuals through its assets. Carlos Vicente is the expert who innovated the platform to initiate the firm; at that period he was the state deputy and he highlighted the concept to Guilherme Paulus.

Both came up with an investment plan on how to make capital for their venture to initiate. The concept was successful and both partners worked for some years. Guilherme Paulus reached a certain point and decided to operate by himself. During his expertise leadership, the firm grew tremendously and it became diversified to other regions. He brings his unique concepts to reality through trying and working out the venture. Guilherme Paulus believes that when you try a venture you will get to learn whether it is appropriate to continue or not. Every business is about believing in it and the effort you put towards it. The trend that excites him is the modernized technology.

This is because of the speed at which details travel and firms are able to comprehend their customers’ requirement. After knowing their need firms can amend their issue and supply the products quickly. The regular aspect Guilherme Paulus takes to be productive is through interacting with workers and customers. Paulus urges entrepreneurs to enjoy what they do so as to prosper. In addition, he recommends them to concentrate on customers’ requirement together with their adjustments in consumption. The outstanding approach that made them successful is through charter flights. There was no local operator, an investor at the time, hence CVC took the opportunity and it worked out. Click here.

US Money Reserve Celebrates Second Anniversary Of Internship Program

US Reserve has not only become an important representative of the precious metals wholesale industry, they are now looking to emphasize their internship program for those looking to start professional careers in finance, marketing, consulting and other services.

Just two years ago they launched this program through the guidance of Executive Director Jim Warren, and it was Mallory Burgess who began in it.

She is now on the PR staff at the company and the internship program has now grown to six participants, most of whom are currently university students looking to get started with their careers. Warren has been excited about what’s happening with the program and is hoping to see it continue to grow and bring more opportunities.

US Money Reserve is known as “America’s Gold Authority” because the products sold at the company are certified and come with detailed information in the company knowledge base. It’s important to know what you’re buying with gold and silver bullion and whether or not they’re the right assets for you, but it’s also important to know why they’re considered safe havens.

Studies have been done on the current state of the US dollar and what’s happening with the Federal Reserve’s policies, and most experts warn that problems could be coming if the US national debt continues at the rate it is. If trouble were to come to the markets, you could protect your wealth by buying physical gold and silver which keeps its value and is unaffected by the Fed.

US Reserve was founded in Austin, TX in 2001 and one of its founding members is Philip N. Diehl, the former US Mint Director who made commemorative coin minting a priority there and restructured its operations to bring in profits of over $2.7 billion.

As president of the largest privately-owned precious metals company, Diehl has not only helped bring better visibility to certain rare gold products, he’s also offered buyer’s advice in various information packets.

US Reserve has basic buyer guidelines in its free gold kit, a kit you can receive by going to their website and signing up. While you’re at the website, you can see limited deals, special first time buyer promotions and learn about their buy back procedure.

If you have any questions or need assistance in making purchases, returns or special inquiries, US Money Reserve has live support through its Client-Connect Advantage system.

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Marc Beer Is Utilizing His Healthcare Vision To Help Fill A Game Changing Need In Women’s Health:

Marc Beer is a figure who is well known in health care circles due to his involvement in numerous projects in the areas of biotech, pharmaceutical development and diagnostic devices over the past twenty plus years. He sports an impressive resume that includes time as the Chairman and Founder in MInerva Neurosciences Inc’s Compensation Committee as well as spending time as the Founder and Chairman with Good Start Genetics. Marc Beer had a huge year in 2000 when he took over the CEO role of ViaCell, an organization that did critical research in the area of umbilical cord stem cells. Marc’s tenure saw this firm grow into a company that had over three hundred employees.


These days, Marc Beer is placing his focus on his latest and perhaps most exciting healthcare industry endeavour with Renovia Inc. This innovative outfit is doing critical work in the area of research and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women. Marc Beer and his team have been doing some impressive work that has already see its first product approved by the FDA and he has done some creative work in coming up with valuable capital to fund the operation.


Marc Beer was recently proud to announce the fact that he has secured some great funding for Renovia during the course of a new round. This critical capital amounts to more than $30 million and was acquired during a Series B round. There was also an additional $10 million that Marc Beer was able to gain in terms of venture debt. This critical funding allows Marc Beer the ability to truly put to use his extensive experience and his deep knowledge in helping to make sure that Renovia Inc. is able to continue to do the critical work in the realm of research and treatment for disorders that in are regard to the pelvic floor.


The very first product release from Renovia Inc., a drug known as Leva, has now been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. The fact of the matter is that the development of this revolutionary new drug has been made possible due to Marc Beer’s ability to garner all of this necessary capital. The Longwood Fund was a major contributor along with Ascension Ventures. The Perceptive Advisers were the other major contributor to the work that Renovia and Marc Beer are doing. There are now four new products that Renovia will be testing and the funding from this great investors will help to make this testing a reality.


It is Marc Beer’s overall ability to see a need that needs to be filled in healthcare and then use his vision to fill that need that really caused him to start Renovia Inc. This was the case in his recognition of the need for a better understanding and better treatment options in regard to women’s pelvic floor disorders. Learn more: