Jose Auriemo Neto, The CEO leading JHSF

JHSF is an international real estate that has its central office in Sao Paulo. The company highly specializes in the development of high-end real estate industries that entail commercial and rental segments. Having four main business units in its portfolio, JHSF has invested in innovative technology and policies to govern different projects. Not only is it prominent for its high revenue when it comes to garnering profits but also its skills in identifying new opportunities in the investment world. Currently, the real estate company has developed different units not only in the USA and Brazil but also in Uruguay. It is also looking forward to growing its presence in foreign countries. Founded in 1972 by two brothers namely Fabior Auriemo and Jose Roberto, JHSF has shaped its portfolio of investments around four units in the Brazilian real estate sector.

They are such as top luxury brands, executive airports, real estate development, in addition to high-end malls. As of 2017, JHSF was listed in Bovespa’s stock exchange. Jose Auriemo Neto is an executive at JHSF. He serves as the CEO and chairman of the company. He joined the company in 1993, and his career took off instantly when he created the parking lot management company, Parkbem in 1997. The company was pivotal in recognizing lucrative business opportunity in the parking lot sector. Since then, JHSF’s parking lot department shows excellent results. He was trusted to lead the company through the next business year.

A year later, Jose Auriemo Neto managed to secure building rights to establish JHSF’s first shopping mall in Sao Paulo. Santa Cruz has since housed major retail brands in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto’s guidance and his leadership skills have since set the company on a strategic position when it comes to developing various buildings in Salvador as well as Manus. The malls have also transformed the landscape of the real estate sector by introducing high end malls such as Shopping Catarina and Cidade Jardim. Additionally, JHSF has overseen the development of multiple luxurious hotels and executive airports in the country. These investment opportunities have revolutionized Brazil’s economy. Jose Auriemo Neto believes that JHSF is work in progress.


Ted Bauman Is Getting His Word Out To Thousands In The Financial Industry

Ted Bauman is an economist from the United States that has spent most of his career traveling on a journey to help people through his financial expertise, particularly non-profit organizations around the world. Ted Bauman lived in South Africa for more than 20 years before he returned to the United States, where he now holds a chief editor position with Banyan  Hill Publishing. Coming from South Africa in an executive position at Slum Dwellers International, Ted Bauman took up a new position in Atlanta for Habitat for Humanity International. It took roughly five years before Ted started looking for something new so he could give up his traveling and he found the perfect place with Banyan Hill Publishing.

According to Ted Bauman, he wants to help people live easier and more successful lives by offering up his own economic expertise. One of the biggest reasons that people are held back is by inequality an oppressive movements made by corporations and governments. While this is much more common in other countries around the world besides the United States, it is still a factor that is present. After spending the last five years as a financial advisor doing research, Ted has found that most new investors out there are failing because of a lack of good information. Many times, investors are following bad advice that they typically get from friends, which is not a sustainable model for any serious investing.

Currently, Ted is able to work from home, which is something he is quite happy about this far into his career. For the past 30 years, Ted Bauman has been traveling all over world for his positions at non-profit organizations. Now, Ted is able to work in his very own basement, which is a very small commute in comparison. According to Ted, he starts his days very early, usually by 5 am. This allows him to get his research in while also being able to get his newsletters out to his readers on a consistent basis.

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