Sharon Prince on Fighting Contemporary Slavery

Grace Farms Foundation recently announced that it has entered into an MOU with Georgia as well as Unchain to establish a set of standards in addition to practices that will enhance supply chain transparency to assist in ending contemporary slavery. The move is consistent with the state’s objectives of creating a sustainable as well as technologically smart capital in the next ten years. The collaboration will also help to create a viable business model that will educate corporations and investors about the financial benefits of making sure that corporate supply chains are handled with transparency.

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, has recognized Grace Farms for its responsibilities in collaborating with the government to create a licensing system and review legal and institutional policies. The standards imposed are set to strengthen various processes that will foster a reliable supply chain in the food and technological sectors.

Regarding this MOU, Sharon Prince said that developing a comprehensive system and partnership that will disrupt human trafficking was critical to the mission of the organization. She added that the world needs a global commitment to be actionable against the destructive forces. As such, it’s essential to agree with Unchain. Besides, Georgia is committed to creating a viable business model. The structure will bolster growth and drive an effective social change.

The MOU will also help to create an awareness campaign intended to end slavery launching in 2019. It will also define the ethical standards for transparency at the macro as well as micro levels. The advisory council will evaluate technologies set to be used to the standard methodologies. Krishna Patel, the president of Unchain, added that Grace Farms looks forward to working with the organization. The partnership has attracted the attention of highly recognized people in the world.

Grace Farms Foundation was formed in 2009. It’s a private firm that supports different initiatives in arts, justice, and nature. Under the guidance of Sharon Prince, the foundation carries out its operations through integrated programs. The non-profit organization was formed as a vital platform to welcome people and government entities to partner for the greater good of society.

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Frank Oren Talks about Talkspace, His Innovative Talk Therapy App

Frank Oren is a renowned marketer, entrepreneur, and business administrator. At present, Oren manages, an innovative app that provides talk therapy services to millions of individuals battling post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, and other mental maladies.

How did he start and develop Talkspace? According to an article posted on, Frank Oren unveiled that he launched to help people who could not afford psychotherapy services, as well as those who wanted to remain anonymous while receiving mental therapy.

How does Talkspace enhance accessibility and affordability of mental health services?

Talkspace a dedicated team of therapists

Frank Oren’s app works with dedicated therapists who is driven by goodwill, and professionalism when managing their patients living with depression, stress, sleep disorders, and any other mental condition.

Talkspace offers stigma-free psychotherapy services

Frank Oren’s Talkspace app was designed to eliminate the stigma associated with in-office therapy sessions. Patients are allowed to remain concealed during the psychotherapy session. They don’t disclose their identity, and they don’t come into contact with their psychotherapist.

Talkspace provides affordable services

Frank Oren co-founded Talkspace with a primary aim of cutting down the cost of mental health care costs. Each therapy session costs $15, a significant reduction from the $150 charged by an in-office psychotherapist.

Talkspace prevents conditions before they develop to complex stages

Frank Oren’s licensed team of therapist aims at combating their client’s mental conditions before they mature to complex clinical situations that require expensive medical approaches.

“We understand that various mental health conditions can develop to serious clinical disorders if left unmanaged. On that account, our team works hard to eliminate the conditions during their early stages,” says Frank Oren.

Talkspace treats its clients with dignity

Talkspace therapists handle all clients with the dignity they deserve. The specialists avoid the use of distancing and inappropriate language that can put off their clients during the psychotherapy session. Check out:

How Ashley Lightspeed’s Work In Venture Capital Compares To An Architect

Lightspeed Venture Partners has really made an impact with young entrepreneurs and has really elevated female-owned businesses to higher echelons in its platform. They were responsible for seed investing in Snapchat and coming alongside Nutanix to build it up, but it’s been the contributions if tram members like Ashley Lightspeed that have allowed the firm to make as many inroads as they have with business startups. Ashley works specifically with the firm’s consumer investment team, and she often reviews business plans and helps turn them into something better, a job she considers similar to being an architect. She helps get business “prototypes” working and works off of those during the different financing and launch processes. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed learned a bit about being an architect from her father who was one, and she had originally considered becoming one herself. But as she attended university and spent a little time studying overseas, she found a new passion for building businesses that she started following. It started by becoming a consultant for Bain & Company, a Boston based consulting firm, and while here she got a chance to do some product prototyping tests that would gain her useful information for later on. Ashley then went on to become a team member of Thumbtack, the professional services hiring app, and it was here that she first became exposed to the world of venture capital when she became part of a fundraising effort.

Ashley Lightspeed went on from Thumbtack to attending the Stanford GSB and then running her own part-time consulting gig for a short time. She joined Lightspeed very recently, but having been with Thumbtack and having become familiar with much of the way Silicon Valley companies emerge, she’s been able to add valuable insights to the team. Though she may not have completely followed her father’s footsteps, there are still many things she learned from his architect work that she applies to her own today.

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The Work of Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has built an impressive career as a business woman. Currently is the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms is a private foundation that is focused on improving lives through arts, community, and faith. Grace Farms has been spearheaded by Sharon Prince with the goal of making an impact across the globe.

Sharon Prince had a unique vision for company. The goal of Grace Farms was to create a space that could be shared by individuals and non-profits. Grace Farms has become known as a place of grace and peace. The company has been recognized on many occasions for its work. These awards have noted the company’s focus on architecture, the environment and social good. In 2017 Grace Farms won the AIA National Architecture Honor Award. Just a year early the company received the the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize. Sharon Prince was even appointed to the AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture Jury in 2018.

Sharon Prince has been focused on many of the major global issues impacting people around the world. Some of these issues include human trafficking, violence against woman and child exploitation. Prince has a number of responsibilities that include hosting a conference for fighting human trafficking. Currently she serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, a charity committed to helping victims of child exploitation. Sharon Prince’s resume also includes being the President of 66North, an outerwear brand that she developed has put in more than 100 stores in North America.

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Wes Edens’ push for transformative business and clean, reliable energy

Wes Edens is undoubtedly one of the most prolific personalities in today’s business world. He is a famed business leader, investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a stellar record to back him up. One of this investor’s characteristics his transformative business approach. A transformative business approach according to Wes is one which inspires you to make a positive impact. This can also be translated to making the market, industry or sector grow and develop. This is an approach that this business leader and entrepreneur has been relying on his path to success and continues to do so.

Transforming the business sector

Fortress Investment Group has been a Wes Edens tool for transforming the business sector. This firm is an excellently performing global boutique private equity firm. Wes and his business partners cofounded this firm in 1998. Under his leadership, Fortress has grown from a start-up to a global firm serving notable big worldwide clients. As the leader of this boutique private equity company, Wes’ transformative business approach played a major role in the growth and development of the company and the business sector in general.

The first move that Wes Edens made based on this approach is the creation and acquisition of companies that are positioned to play a significant role in the transformation of the business sector. Most of the companies that were either created or acquired during this time of pushing of a transformative business approach are excellently making their contribution towards this goal. New Fortress Energy is one such company.

Pushing for clean, reliable energy

New Fortress Energy is a clean and reliable energy infrastructure solutions provider that was founded by Wes Edens and affiliates of Fortress Investment Group. This company’s primary goal is to come up with infrastructural solutions that facilitate the generation of clean and reliable energy. Today, this company is publicly traded. The infrastructural solutions that are provided by New Fortress Energy are helping businesses be able to produce clean, reliable energy. In addition to this, businesses also get to save a lot of money in energy costs and redirect the resources to their growth and development.

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Sussex Healthcare changes to improve health services

Sussex Healthcare has been at the forefront to ensure it develops and nurtures. It is dedicated to providing the best amenities to its workers and clients. The leadership of the institution is ambitious in offering economical and high-quality healthcare amenities. The organization trusts that communication is a crucial device for it to prosper. In addition, the institution promised to be clear on individual health changes and those affecting the firm. By doing this they will be in a better position to understand the clients’ needs and remedy the situation.

Each household functioning under Sussex Healthcare comprises of specialized and skillful personnel. The staff ensures they offer the best services, rectify problems and make a good result of the occupant’s life. Through their wide experience in healthcare, they are aware of how crucial a change can make an impact on someone. Sussex Healthcare is performing its best to ensure changes are made to match with competitors and satisfy the customers’ needs. It is able to retain them by fulfilling their requirements and support.

Sussex Healthcare is employing more nurses and care assistants to ensure customers needs are met and catered for. The institution’s objective is to change from the large group activities into private since people have different needs. This will permit the professionals to offer innovative and unique skills to every person. Oomph is an institution that is willing to assist Sussex Healthcare to improve the quality and methods of activities occurring.

Through this partnership, they will be able to bring innovative concepts to the institution. They will also improve the relationship with clients. At Laurels, the occupants had a committee session where they offered their response. Moreover, they outlined concepts on how the healthcare institution would improve their stay at the facility. The responses and thoughts are already being looked at and they will be fulfilled. There will be adjustments in the human resource department to ensure all the complaints are handled with effective effect.

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The History Between McDonald’s and OSI Group

The McDonald’s franchise is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. Since the food awareness movement began, more people have looked into where McDonald’s foods come from. For nearly a century, they’ve partnered with OSI Group, one of the most successful privately held companies in North America.

Since the early 1900s, OSI Group McDonalds steadily grew into the multibillion-dollar conglomerate it is today. Continuing OSI’s massive success is David McDonald, the current President and COO. When he first joined OSI, he was a fresh-faced college graduate who started out as an inexperienced, eager project manager.

When OSI first opened, it was a local butcher shop, only supplying meats to a few restaurants. The German immigrant that opened the shop in Chicago never would’ve thought his company would be as successful as it today. Much of that success comes from a partnership OSI formed with then-novel McDonald’s restaurant.

Before teaming up with McDonald’s, OSI dominated the regional meat-supply industry. It’s that dominance that attracted McDonald’s founders. No one wanted to work with the amateur fast-food restaurateurs, but OSI took a chance. Over a quarter-century later, OSI Group McDonalds are two of the biggest names in food.

Today, David McDonald leads OSI Group and its many subsidiaries. Having worked at the company in some form since his first job, it’s no wonder he has a handle on all aspects of the business. Before joining OSI Group McDonalds, everyone believed McDonald would do great things.

OSI executives choose David McDonald because he was deeply connected to American Midwest as their founders were. The German family that started OSI, the Kolschowskys, originally named the butcher Otto & Sons. It was Otto’s sons that decided to partner with the up-and-coming McDonald’s restaurants. With the help of Ray Kroc, the two seemingly neighborhood companies started the world’s strongest partnership.

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship is, by far, a testament to Otto Kolschowsky’s sons. They were smart enough to get in on something special.

Kevin Seawright Builds Company Dedicated To Helping First-Time Homebuyers

Kevin Seawright is an entrepreneur who is highly skilled when it comes to finance and leadership. He spent the first decade of his career in leadership positions for the city of Baltimore, Maryland. In March 2011, he transitioned out of public service and took a position at Tito Contractors, Inc. where he managed the accounting department and managed funding strategies. He also worked at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation before starting his own firm, RPS Solutions LLC, in Baltimore in January 2015. More about of Kevin Seawright at

He is the chief operating officer of his company. His company is dedicated to making affordable housing more affordable so that the homeownership rate of Baltimore is boosted from its current percentage. He works with non-governmental organizations in order to purchase homes that have been foreclosed on or are otherwise unoccupied. His company uses contractors and volunteers to fix these homes up and then they are put back on the market.

Kevin Seawright also works with lenders who offer favorable rates to homeowners who are interested in buying one of these homes. He says that homeowners improve neighborhoods because they really care about it versus someone who is just renting a home. They put down roots, maintain their homes, and bring value to the overall neighborhood.

Tyra Hudgins is a new homeowner who was helped by Kevin Seawright. She signed a contract in early October 2018 in order to purchase a townhouse that RPS Solutions had completely renovated. It’s a beautiful 1,152 square foot townhouse that was built in 1959. When RPS Solutions renovated this home they installed new hardwood floors, designer lighting, and a new kitchen featuring granite countertops and an island.

Outside of his work, he also helps out in the local community in other ways. This includes serving as a youth basketball coach at Suffolk Virginia Recreation.

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A Healthy Financial Life with Ted Bauman

The financial life is one of the most sensitive topics in most households. However, in most cases, people go through financial difficulties as a result of lack of knowledge. It is crucial that we seek financial information from trusted sources. Ted Bauman is among the financial experts who can offer reliable answers and solutions to the money problems you may be facing.

He talks about all the topics including protecting your assets and securing your retirements. There are a lot of misconceptions that may mislead you on the topics. Also, times and statistics are changing every day. It is, therefore, paramount that you stay abreast with the changes in the economy.

Ted Bauman says that he researches the topics he writes about himself. He says that it is important that he does it himself to ensure that Bauman exhausts all the sites with the information he needs. He advises young entrepreneurs in his field to do the same thing.

Everyone has their unique way of handling things that make them the people they are. For Ted Bauman, its time management. He says that his morning hours are spent on writing. This is when he is most productive. He mentions that if he went back in time, he would want to learn the time management skills earlier than he did.

No one gets to the top in a fortnight. There are a lot of hardships that you face before you get to live your dream. Ted Bauman worked in many places that paid low salaries before landing on his job. However, he says that he cannot describe this as his worst jobs. He learned valuable lessons from the jobs. He came to realize that they are many people who have to use a lot of physical energy to meet their basic needs. He also learned that the only way one can make a difference is on focusing on improving the welfare of the community.

Final Verdict

Knowledge is indispensable. There is also no limit on acquiring it. It is, therefore, wise to learn from those who started before us. This applies in our personal lives too. You are a step ahead when you have the right information on any issue.

The Life of Shafik Sachedina


Born in Dar-es-Salaam in 1950, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has managed to make a name for himself. He moved to London and changed his Citizenship to become a British National. He studied dental Surgery at Guy’s Medical Hospital School at the University of London. At the moment, Shafik Sachedina is a joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare located in the southern coast of London. Furthermore, he holds different positions in different healthcare organizations across the country. View Shafik Sachedina’s profile on Linkedin

Brief Overview

Started twenty years ago, Sussex health care has made a name for itself. The venture is jointly operated by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina as the joint chairmen. Their diverse knowledge brought under one roof has been the engine behind the success of the facility. Mr. Boghani has tremendous experience in management while Shafik Sachedina is a doctor with a clean medical history. To date, the company operates about healthcare facilities under their umbrella. They also have day care as well as a gym of its kind. Their services include taking care of the elderly as well as young adults who have Alzheimer’s.

Their success has been attributed to the diverse skills that the joint chairmen hold. Mr. Boghani is a hotelier who has vast knowledge in management while Shafik Sachedina is a doctor with immense experience in healthcare. Together, with the help of the other management team and well-trained staff, they have managed to move ahead of the rest in their space. The company has managed to train its staff such that they know how to treat their customers. The management believes that if you treat your employees right, they will address the customer right as well. Therefore, the staff is paid well, trained and encouraged to make Sussex the best place for those that call it home.

Furthermore, the first management team is Amanda Morgan who is the current CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Her vast knowledge in mental health will assist in moving the institution forward and outstanding. Her extensive experience from the different institutions that she has held positions is what Sussex Healthcare needs to become a game changer.