Chris Burch Nihi Hotel wins an award

Chris Burch happens to be one of the most promising entrepreneurs of all times. Perhaps that is why Chris Burch created Burch Creative Capital in a bid to achieve his business dreams. He has been in successful business for more than forty years where he has sharpened his skills in the various industries. In his many years of entrepreneurship, he has founded and nurtured successful brands as such Faena Hotel, Tory Burch and Jaw Bone. These are renowned brands which are changing the lives of people on a daily basis, in addition, to making him a fortune. The year 2012 happened to be a consequential year for the legendary businesses person. It is in the same year that he acquired Nihi, see ( Afterward, Chris Burch sought funds needed for the purposes of renovation.

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The resort was converted into a modern day luxury resort capable of attracting high-class travelers and tourists. The luxury resort is located in the historical Sumba Island in the Philippines. The hotel is one of its kinds. It has been making news not only in the Philippines but also across the globe, get information on Four years after its renovation, it made headlines by being named Number One Hotel by Leisure Magazine. It was such an exciting moment for the businessman and his members of staff. That was the year 2016. Chris Burch’ hotel has continued to offer quality services. Chris Burch believes that his success is a result of collaborated efforts between him, his clients and members of staff of his businesses click