Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman Banyan Hill Editors

The Banyan Hill publishing company was previously called the Sovereign Society. The company changed their name in 1998. Jeff Yastine became their editorial director in 2015 and publishes the Total Wealth Insider. Banyan Hill provides readers with investment advice and the global economy updates. They also inform readers about stock market options and income increasing strategies. They have many readers and employ financial professionals as editor and analysts.

Jeff Yastine began his career with Banyan Hill in 2015 and has expertise in stock market investing and as a financial journalist. He attended the University of Florida and received his Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications. He worked as a senior correspondent for the Nightly Business Report with PBS for close to two decades. He was also employed by The Oxford Club, LLC as an editorial director and as the director of financial newsletters for Newsmax Media, Inc. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff Yastine has written about real estate crisis’s, national disasters and the political events that affect the economy. He is the editor for the Total Wealth Insider and brings all these areas of expertise to the publication. He writes about the international economy and the impact that world events have on finance. He has been nominated for the Emmy-award as a newsworthy anchor and has met with many influencers in the industry. He has spoken with Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell.

Jeff Yastine works along with Matt Badiali another editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes the Real Wealth Strategist and educates people about Freedom Checks. He is also an expert in geological investing. He has traveled to Hong Kong, Iraq and Turkey in search of his next opportunity and specializes in geology. He works with Ian King the editor of the Crypto Profit Trader newsletter and specialist in cryptocurrency. He also works with Ted Bauman a writer for The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert newsletters. They each have their own field of interest that they contribute to Banyan Hill.


Jeff Yastine continues to provide his insight for the Total Wealth Insider and delivers pertinent information to his readers. He has a large amount of readers and an impressive social media following. He explains the current political situations and provides his advice on how to invest based on these issues. He is a resourceful advisor and is enthusiastic about guiding his readers through the investment process. Read this article at