The Chainsmokers See A Lot Of Success in 2018

2018 has been the biggest year for The Chainsmokers ever and it seems to just be getting bigger. When Forbes recently released their list of the highest-paid DJ’s in the world, the duo made it to the number 2 spot. Some of the other artists on the list included David Guetta, Diplo, and Steve Aoki. The Chainsmokers is made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The duo is based out of New York and in 2018 they have earned upwards of $45.5 million.

They are known for their singles like “Sick Boy” and “Closer” and they have a residency with Wynn Nightlife that pays somewhere in the 6 figures per night that they perform. Alex Pall, co-founder of The Chainsmokers has stated that he wants to know what happens next with their lives and career. Their premiere album Memories… Do Not Open has been at the tops of the Billboard charts and has been certified platinum.

Their single “Closer” off of the album Memories… Do Not Open has hit diamond status and has shipped more than 10 million units. This big news was announced through their social media on Instagram. Bot Drew Pall and Alex Pall posted it on their pages along with Halsey and The Chainsmokers pages. The singer Halsey was featured on the single and many say helped launch her into stardom. While she had already been receiving a fair amount of attention before the single was released, “Closer” was her breakout hit. She proved to the world that she was on the rise.

Since its release in 2016, and has earned a lot of recognition and awards. While it was nominated for a Grammy, the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance went to “Stressed Out” by 21 Pilots. Even though the song is now 2 years old, it’s still is making good sales and is frequently on the radio. On Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart, it set a record for being the longest-running song at No. 1. This record was recently beat by “The Middle”, but it was still an impressive accomplishment for The Chainsmokers.

Jeremy Goldstein helps us understand the stock options

Stock options have both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages have far-reaching effects such that many businesses are keeping away from them. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages, and this is the reason they have proved to be a liability. Companies have been trying to make more money, but such compensation methods have been working against the possibilities of making more profits. There are other reasons apart from saving money which have been behind corporations rejecting the idea of stock options.


Disadvantages that are associated with the stock options can make a business not perform well. Take the case of stock options becoming an accounting burden to the company. They are part of the company records whether the business makes profits or losses. There is nothing the business can do to avoid them. It normally leads to the company incurring more losses as it has to budget for something that is already making losses for the company.


Stock options are also susceptible to losing value. One, the company will be affected, and there will be option overhang. Option overhang will make the shareholders lose their investment in the company. Secondly, employees will lose their ability to use the stock options. Once they lose value, they are useless and add no value to the business or the employees.


It is clear that there is nothing to earn from the stock options. They can do more harm than good to the business. Jeremy Goldstein, a lawyer in NY, recommends that businesses should replace them with knockout options. They are better and protect the business from adverse effects in case of a drop in the stock value.


Application of EPS in employees’ compensation


Earnings per share is another effective method that can be applied in the corporate sector as a means of workers compensation. EPS allow incentives to be given to workers depending on the performance. If properly implemented, this is a method that has can lead to the growth of a business.


EPS have another effect on the business in that they determine the stock value in a company. The stock value is a key determinant of shareholders’ decision on whether to buy or sell a particular share. According to Jeremy Goldstein, business executives should use this method as a way of creating growth in a company. When the incentive is based on workers performance, every worker will put maximum effort to earn better pay. It is upon the executives in the corporate sector to lay out a strategy that will lead to the growth of their businesses.


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