A Complete Guide to Online Luxury Consignment with The RealReal

“Julie Wainwright is former CEO of Pets.com, and now successful entrepreneur of theRealReal.com, a luxury item consignment boutique. Starting online in 2011, and expanding to 8 valuation offices in large cities including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Julie is currently presenting her portfolio to investors to raise an additional $1 million to further expand and enhance her high-end consignment organization. The company enjoys a generous lead over her competitors in the industry, namely ThredUp, Poshmark, Threadflip, Twice and E-bay. She has raised over $170 million in the past seven years with investors, with plans for an anticipated IPO within the next few years. Her premier website and social media accounts have grown to over 5 million users selling 3 million items with combined revenue close to $300 million.

The company has over 600 in-house pre-sale virtuosos dedicating themselves to professionally authenticating such world-renowned designer brands as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. Over 250,000 items per month pass through the eyes of expert fine art appraisers, gemologists, horologists, and designer apparel authorities. Items for sale are categorized by women or men’s fashions, jewelry and watches, premium children ’s articles, fine art, and deluxe home decor.

The RealReal website has many amenities such as a sign up for first look items of each month, a sale item section, a consignment guide for determining when to sell, and a designerdirectory list comprised of acceptable brands. Consignors can schedule free valuation< and expect to receive a share of the sales up to 85% depending on location, quality, and brand of items. There is an amazing influencer program , and a beautiful blog called RealStyle; packed with so much useful guidance and trending styles that you don’t want to miss it.

The Realstyle blog features a typical day in the life of luxury manager  performing no-pressure, in-home appointment consultations and a “know when to sell””  chart to assist you in your decisions. To complement the website, RealReal features smartphone app  that you can set your choice of merchandise to view and shop. A Realbook mobile app makes locating your brands and finding the value of your luxury merchandise a breeze. This app has contributed to 50% of Julie Wainwright’s business revenue. Last, but not least, there are five extravagant social media  accounts, updated with current news, monthly sale specials, infographic announcements, and company information for careers in the luxury resale industry.

The RealReal is your entire family’s premier website for online luxury consignment. This $1 trillion second-hand industry has taken the world by storm, and Julie Wainwright’s masterful plan to grow her extravagant business into an IPO is a great opportunity for second-hand, top brand collectors to invest in. Explore her website and social presence today; shop for your favorite designer brands at the best prices available, sign up to consign your items, or even have a personal visit to your home from her experienced managers in this field. Better yet, do it all and fall in love with high-end luxury RealStyle!”