Isabel dos Santos Is the Most Influential Woman In Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the most influential woman in Africa. She is making huge strides in creating a better world with more job opportunities for young people all across the continent. She is an advocate for women’s rights in business, a strong voice in the digital development for several African countries and a pioneer looking to pave the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Digital and Technological Development Is Key

One of her most important goals to develop technology in Africa. Isabel dos Santos told the European Parliment how important digital development is to Africans. She says in part “…technology contributes to improving the quality of life.” She describes some of the most valuable places technology could be used in African countries. Digital technology is used to create a better and safer public transportation system. In agriculture, digital technology is used to make produce prices more affordable and competitive. Digital technology can also be used to create better medical facilities, digital banking, and much more.

Helping African Women Entrepreneurs

Isabel dos Santos regularly speaks about equality in the workplace for women all around the world. She says that when we have mostly men influencing all the decisions in a company, “… a lot of the issues pertaining to women, motherhood and raising the children might be left behind.” Santos believes women should have the same career opportunities as men.

Fighting Against Poverty

“Give people the opportunity to sell, work, produce and have enough income. This is the only true solution,” says Isabel dos Santos. She is passionate about providing people with job opportunities and education to reduce poverty. She aims to “empower the young generation of the future.”

For Isabel dos Santos, the opportunity is the key to the success of anyone. Opportunity for women in the workplaces, the opportunity for creating a profitable business and the opportunity for digital advances are just some of the ways Africa will build a bright future for the next generation.

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The Life of Peter Briger, Principal and Chairman of Fortress Investment Group

Successful people are rare in the market at the moment. To become successful in the tight market, all professionals must work hard and invest their little resources in the right places. Getting wealthy fast no longer possible. People have to use the traditional way of climbing the success ladder from the bottom to the top. Hard work and discipline means everything to the people who have already made it in life. Peter Briger, a principle, and co-chairman of the prestigious Fortress Investment Group sets the example of an individual who has endured hardships on his way to success. His story is one that shows that everyone, regardless of their family background, can reach to the top. Learn more about Peter Briger at Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

Peter Briger, at the moment, is based in San Francisco. His career life started getting in the right direction when he registered for a BA at Princeton University. Immediately he got his degree the businessman proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania where he managed to get an MBA. Peter Briger laid a powerful background for his career life by working extremely hard in his studies in school. Unlike many, the finance executive refused to settle for just one degree. According to him, the American market was too tight, and it was also suitable for people with the best academic qualifications. His education has been assisting him in running the Fortress Investment Group.

As a principal of a global firm that specializes in complex financial services, Peter Briger is always faced with complicated issues that require so much knowledge in the industry. His MBA has helped him in ensuring that the company is always running in the perfect condition. Before starting the company, the businessman, according to his portfolio, had already worked in the financial services sector for a long time, and he had come across almost all of the issues that need to be handled with care in the market. Peter Briger is a unique personality who, apart from having a great career, is happy to take part in helping the community. There are many families that have received help from Briger in the past.


Therapist Roseann Bennett Gives Her Take On Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett is a marriage and family therapist. Bennett helped create the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Bennett enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and helping them cope with the daily challenges of life. Bennett has an MA in marriage and family therapy from Seton Hall University. Bennett is also a certified clinical trauma professional.



With Mental Health Awareness Week on the horizon, Bennett has taken an interest in Telemedicine. Telemedicine involves using telecommunication and information technology to help people receive health care. There are many different types of telemedicine. Telemedicine has been supplemented by the invention of new technology such as apps, video conferencing, and online chat forums. Many patients prefer telemedicine, as it allows patients and doctors to interact with each other without having to be in the same room.


The Origins Of Telemedicine

Telemedicine was originally used in Australia during the early 1900s. In some locations where residents did not have easy access to health care, the residents used radios to communicate with doctors. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


Why Bennett Supports Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett considers telemedicine to be a logical next step in the world of healthcare. Bennett notes how waiting for an appointment time with a doctor can be stressful. However, with telemedicine, patients can schedule an appointment and be seen the same day instead of possibly waiting for months to see their doctor. Bennett also notes that virtual appointments are not as expensive as regular visits. Doctors can use telemedicine to help expand their knowledge on different medical issues. See This Page to learn more.


Negative Aspects Of Telemedicine

Bennett does not believe that telemedicine is completely reliable because it takes away the human element. Bennett fears that eliminating the real life human interaction between a patient and the doctor may lead to a misdiagnosis. With any technology, there are risks that the data may become compromised. A patient’s medical history may be at risk of being hacked. Bennett fears that the technology may prevent doctors from performing the necessary care on a patient. Bennett believes that telemedicine does not benefit people that are dealing with mental disorders.