The Value Of Working With White Shark Media

Where Do You Go When You Need Advertising?

As a small business owner, I feel compelled to share my experiences with advertising agencies. It gives me great honor to share that our business has been quite successful lately because of the added assistance that our advertising programs have offered to our sales department. We had received a small amount of incoming calls, probably one or two each day, before we decided to increase our outreach efforts. We have since been working with an adwords management company called White Shark Media. This company helps hungry consumers find our website through careful SEO targeting strategies.

The services that my company has received from White Shark Media have thoroughly impressed both myself and the other owner of the company so much so that we have decided to release information regarding our relationship. These exact details have not previously been shared because we are careful about showing our competition what we do to increase our sales. However, we want to take time to share with other companies just how much value White Shark Media has added to our growth and development of a properly operating client outreach model.

Of their staff of 180 people, 52 of those individuals are certified through Google Analytics. Another 57 of the staff at White Shark Media are Bing Ads accredited. According to their website, White Shark Media has sent over 39,000 reports, and they have answered over 37,000 emails from clients.

My staff has had a wonderful experience in dealing with the team members at White Shark Media. They give us a monthly report on how our advertising program is operating, and they are always willing to work on new ideas to funnel clients to our landing pages. We are experiencing a higher volume of calls nowadays, and those calls are usually of a much higher quality than they were on our previous program.

There is value in working with White Shark Media. You can see for yourself in their blog, written by an SEO specialist, just how knowledgeable their staff is on keywords, SEOs and other tools for driving clients into the front doors of your company. The article on their blog that I am referring to is called “How To Target Your SEO Keywords: The Right Way.” It includes a long list of different ways to change your SEO keywords in order to bring more clients to you. It also talks about how sophisticated search engines are today.


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