What Makes Edwin Miranda Tick?

The fast-changing marketing industry is advancing with each passing day, forcing the players in the industry to go beyond the norm, in order to retain their cutting edge. One of the marketing agencies that have been able to integrate the new marketing strategies with their traditional ones is KOI IXS, which is led by Edwin Miranda who is also its founder.

KOI IXS has been able to conquer and dominate the marketing industry of Puerto Rico, and Edwin Miranda has been the main architect behind the continued success and growth of KOI IXS. Miranda has built a solid reputation as an innovative leader who is redefining the metrics of the marketing sector in Puerto Rico. According to Edwin Miranda, the success of the company he founded in his twenties, is, by and large, influenced by the capable team of talent that works at KOI IXS.

Miranda believes that the success of a company is largely dependent onĀ  workforce, and it is the reason he surrounds himself and his company around brilliant minds. As such, Edwin Miranda has hired the best designers, creators, trends analysts, strategists and thinkers, and bestowed unto them, his full and unreserved trust. Consequently, KOI IXS is the poster boy of marketing success in Puerto Rico and is widely considered to be the premier marketing agency in Puerto Rico. It is the passion and the push to achieve set goals that drives Miranda and his team at KOI IXS.

Since his youthful days, Edwin Miranda has always been passionate about delivering the best service to his clients and other people in his life who look upon him. Miranda is a big advocate for self-help projects that boost productivity. Miranda matriculated at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico where he earned his degree in Business Administration and Marketing. His accomplished career as the Chief Executive Officer of KOI IXS is illustrative of top quality education.

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OG Juan: Family Man Who Helped Build An Empire

Juan “OG” Perez is one of Jay-Z’s most trusted business partners. He has been mentioned in several of his hit records including American Gangster back in 2007. The track “Success” is an ode to Jay’s career. Even with all the material things he has gained, he brings it back to the people who matter to him – his family and Roc Nation. In this record Jay tells OG Juan to “tell these boys” what he’s all about.

The way Jay-Z and OG Juan have affected each other has been stood to be monumental. OG Juan’s wife, Desiree Perez, has also been close to the family for decades serving as Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She is a force to be reckoned with, having credit for the deals made with streaming music application, Tidal. She is considered to be Jay-Z’s righthand woman when it comes to sealing the deal. She has sharp negotiation skills and an amazing pulse of the industry. Desiree and OG Juan are in an elite group that runs the Roc Nation empire.

The two have managed to stay out of the spotlight for all of these years in the industry. They owe that to putting their family first. Although OG Juan recently made headlines due to running up a hundred thousand dollar tab for his birthday, they typically live a pretty low-key lifestyle. Gene Smith, Roc Nation Sports athlete, says they do a great job keeping the environment family centered, the culture and the atmosphere are very normal. The Perez family is committed to the empire and its success.

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