How Ashley Lightspeed’s Work In Venture Capital Compares To An Architect

Lightspeed Venture Partners has really made an impact with young entrepreneurs and has really elevated female-owned businesses to higher echelons in its platform. They were responsible for seed investing in Snapchat and coming alongside Nutanix to build it up, but it’s been the contributions if tram members like Ashley Lightspeed that have allowed the firm to make as many inroads as they have with business startups. Ashley works specifically with the firm’s consumer investment team, and she often reviews business plans and helps turn them into something better, a job she considers similar to being an architect. She helps get business “prototypes” working and works off of those during the different financing and launch processes. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed learned a bit about being an architect from her father who was one, and she had originally considered becoming one herself. But as she attended university and spent a little time studying overseas, she found a new passion for building businesses that she started following. It started by becoming a consultant for Bain & Company, a Boston based consulting firm, and while here she got a chance to do some product prototyping tests that would gain her useful information for later on. Ashley then went on to become a team member of Thumbtack, the professional services hiring app, and it was here that she first became exposed to the world of venture capital when she became part of a fundraising effort.

Ashley Lightspeed went on from Thumbtack to attending the Stanford GSB and then running her own part-time consulting gig for a short time. She joined Lightspeed very recently, but having been with Thumbtack and having become familiar with much of the way Silicon Valley companies emerge, she’s been able to add valuable insights to the team. Though she may not have completely followed her father’s footsteps, there are still many things she learned from his architect work that she applies to her own today.

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