The Long Thought Out Company Of Neurocore

Nuerocore is leading the charge in using EEG technology, brain mapping, and nuerofeedback to help people suffering from mental disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, ASD and depression although the area of neuroscience is not as new as someone might think. Although nuerotheraputic applications have just begun to be offered to the public, they began being developed in the mid-twentieth century and the science used for them dates back to the late 18th century.

Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta were the forefathers of modern electrophysiology and bioelectric theory with Galvani’s experiments with frog legs during lightning storms where he discovered something he called “animal electricity” when the legs contracted during lightning flashes and Alessandro Volta hypothesized and proved that the contractions were actually due to dissimilar electrical processes in the frog’s metal-tissue saline interfaces.

Hans Berger then made the first recording a of human EEG in 1929 and his innovations are believed to have started the birth of theoretical or clinical nuerophysiology. Berger also made the discovery of Alpha and Beta waves which are the slower frequency, larger amplitude waves that are found above the posterior of the scalp when a person closes their eyes and the faster frequency, small amplitude waves from the same area when someone opens their eyes. EEG is a test for detecting electrical activity in the brain using electrodes that are placed on the scalp to pick up electrical impulses and then the brain communicates to the electrodes day and night. Quantitative Electroencephalography also called qEEG or brain mapping is when EEG activity is recorded using a computer.

Nuerocore Brain Performance Centers use EEG, qEGG, and nuerofeedback to help mental acuity, sleep disorders, and increase patients’ ability to control stress. They were founded in 2004 and provide data-driven, brain-based assessments and training programs for adults and children. Nuerocore patients can also strengthen thier mind-body connection.

Nuerocore has since become the national authority for the applications of nueroscience. They are currently serving Florida and Michigan with thier eight brain performance centers. Althetes and franchises have even begun to utilize neurofeedback in thier training regimes.

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