US Money Reserve Celebrates Second Anniversary Of Internship Program

US Reserve has not only become an important representative of the precious metals wholesale industry, they are now looking to emphasize their internship program for those looking to start professional careers in finance, marketing, consulting and other services.

Just two years ago they launched this program through the guidance of Executive Director Jim Warren, and it was Mallory Burgess who began in it.

She is now on the PR staff at the company and the internship program has now grown to six participants, most of whom are currently university students looking to get started with their careers. Warren has been excited about what’s happening with the program and is hoping to see it continue to grow and bring more opportunities.

US Money Reserve is known as “America’s Gold Authority” because the products sold at the company are certified and come with detailed information in the company knowledge base. It’s important to know what you’re buying with gold and silver bullion and whether or not they’re the right assets for you, but it’s also important to know why they’re considered safe havens.

Studies have been done on the current state of the US dollar and what’s happening with the Federal Reserve’s policies, and most experts warn that problems could be coming if the US national debt continues at the rate it is. If trouble were to come to the markets, you could protect your wealth by buying physical gold and silver which keeps its value and is unaffected by the Fed.

US Reserve was founded in Austin, TX in 2001 and one of its founding members is Philip N. Diehl, the former US Mint Director who made commemorative coin minting a priority there and restructured its operations to bring in profits of over $2.7 billion.

As president of the largest privately-owned precious metals company, Diehl has not only helped bring better visibility to certain rare gold products, he’s also offered buyer’s advice in various information packets.

US Reserve has basic buyer guidelines in its free gold kit, a kit you can receive by going to their website and signing up. While you’re at the website, you can see limited deals, special first time buyer promotions and learn about their buy back procedure.

If you have any questions or need assistance in making purchases, returns or special inquiries, US Money Reserve has live support through its Client-Connect Advantage system.

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