The Ultimate Responsibility of IAP Worldwide to its Clients

IAP WOrldwide Services, Inc. (IAP) has acquired DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Logistics and Aviation business situated in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L), and the Network & Tactical Communications Solutions Business (TCNS) located in Aberdeen Proving Ground. The Aviation and Logistics business provide mission and logistics services, aircraft repair management, and the Technical Communications & Network Solutions provides information technology, engineering, and communications support solutions to the United States Defense Department and other agencies. IAP Worldwide Services wants to integrate with these unique talents and capabilities to the acquired TCNS and A&L businesses as part of its long-term strategic growth.

This acquisition will increase IAP’s capabilities to deliver services to its clients worldwide on This acquisition will also double the addressable market of IAP. The purchased businesses will be integrated to form one major unit, Aviation & Engineering Solutions, and the existing National Security Program Unit in IAP. The addition of this communication, aviation, networking and communications technology businesses from DRS will fit naturally to IAP.

The company has established a strategy at the beginning of the year based on growth via lean operations, customer-focused discipline, and innovation in the management segment services, and inorganic growth realized by integrating and acquiring services and companies that complement the core business of IAP. This acquisition demonstrates our board members and investors support, and the long-term commitment of the company to serve the government clients.

About IAP
IAP Worldwide Services has continued to provide a broad spectrum of solutions and services to the United States, other organizations, and international government agencies. It is a high-end leader in providing seasoned logistics and program management. IAP integrates and leverages its capabilities to provide innovative, safe, and reliable solutions to meet the complex and diverse challenges facing customers. The corporate headquarters of IAP Worldwide is located in Cape Canaveral, FL, and has its operations running in more than 25 countries and 100 locations in the world. IAP has regional offices in Panama City, FL, Washington, D, C. Area, the United Kingdom, and the middle east.

This company always engages in the unexpected its services range from the overseas battlefield to natural disasters. IAP is always ready at any moment to offer its exclusive services to their customers. They are experienced in coordinating, planning, and managing all technical and military operations of their clients.

The Value Of Working With White Shark Media

Where Do You Go When You Need Advertising?

As a small business owner, I feel compelled to share my experiences with advertising agencies. It gives me great honor to share that our business has been quite successful lately because of the added assistance that our advertising programs have offered to our sales department. We had received a small amount of incoming calls, probably one or two each day, before we decided to increase our outreach efforts. We have since been working with an adwords management company called White Shark Media. This company helps hungry consumers find our website through careful SEO targeting strategies.

The services that my company has received from White Shark Media have thoroughly impressed both myself and the other owner of the company so much so that we have decided to release information regarding our relationship. These exact details have not previously been shared because we are careful about showing our competition what we do to increase our sales. However, we want to take time to share with other companies just how much value White Shark Media has added to our growth and development of a properly operating client outreach model.

Of their staff of 180 people, 52 of those individuals are certified through Google Analytics. Another 57 of the staff at White Shark Media are Bing Ads accredited. According to their website, White Shark Media has sent over 39,000 reports, and they have answered over 37,000 emails from clients.

My staff has had a wonderful experience in dealing with the team members at White Shark Media. They give us a monthly report on how our advertising program is operating, and they are always willing to work on new ideas to funnel clients to our landing pages. We are experiencing a higher volume of calls nowadays, and those calls are usually of a much higher quality than they were on our previous program.

There is value in working with White Shark Media. You can see for yourself in their blog, written by an SEO specialist, just how knowledgeable their staff is on keywords, SEOs and other tools for driving clients into the front doors of your company. The article on their blog that I am referring to is called “How To Target Your SEO Keywords: The Right Way.” It includes a long list of different ways to change your SEO keywords in order to bring more clients to you. It also talks about how sophisticated search engines are today.


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Securus Technologies Is Offering Free Calls In Louisiana For Inmate Families Affected By Flooding

It’s been a tough few weeks for Louisiana and the areas impacted by massive flooding, and for inmates in Louisiana’s correctional facilities this has been a time of grave anxiety. Fortunately, Louisiana’s chief correctional facilities telecom provider, Securus Technologies is offering a solution to help alleviate the concerns of its inmates. For seven days from September 1st to the 7th, all inmates will be allowed to make one completely free phone call a day to their families. Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith estimates the total worth of the calls to be made at about $300,000, and the company will be donating about $50,000 to the state’s inmate welfare fund. Securus Technologies has built a full-service electronic communication platform to thousands of facilities across the US.


It has advanced billing options for phone calls that allow families to pay for calls received on their own accounts, or send money to an inmate’s account where they can pay for their calls. Inmates can deposit funds or purchase calling cards through Securus kiosks and ConnectUs platforms. The most notable feature about Securus services are that they now include video visitation service in which families can now visit inmates without having to leave the comforts of their own homes. Instead of waiting in long lines for limited visiting time, families can now share special moments without being delayed by travel time or bad weather.


With its instant mail agent, words and phrases are closely scanned to make sure no threats or contraband terms are contained within the contents. Securus has also implemented biometric data readers and predictive analytic technology to notify appropriate personnel when an emergency response is warranted.


IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide prides itself on being a leading provider of facility management, logistics, technical and professional services. It operates in over 25 nations around the globe. IAP is known for its ability to solve the most demanding tasks from their clients. The company believes that success is defined by the way it treats everybody and not just their clients.

Mission and Values
The company believes in the principle of making clients’ goals their ultimate goals. The staff ensures that the expected results are achieved in the best and fastest way possible.

The staff at IAP is expected to personify everybody that the company stands for; serving workers, clients and the community with resourcefulness and purpose.

Since its inception, the company has focused on building the future. According to their website, IAP Worldwide is a result of the vision of founding companies that came together to offer the best services to the people all around the world.

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IAP Worldwide acknowledges the benefits it has enjoyed as a result of pulling various professionals in achieving its objectives and obligations to its clients, employees and the society at large. The group is always on the lookout for qualified and committed professionals to join it. Their commitment to the missions of the firm has placed the group among the best employers all over the world. The unique skills of the employees coupled with immense resources provided by the group enable them to solve all the problems of the clients. They give priority to the minorities, women, people with disabilities and protected veterans, but all is welcomed to apply for any advertised vacancy.

IAP Expansion Plans
In 5th November 2015, an article about the company’s plan to two units from DRS technologies was published on the PRNewswire website. This step was seen as a growth strategy adopted by the company to promote its long-term expansion plans. The acquisition also demonstrated the immense support IAP enjoys from its board of directors and investors. The group also has update social media pages to keep up with the modern generation that enjoys news from entertainment sites than on mass media channels. Another article on the same PR website published on 26th July 2015 showed the group’s leading role in developing air traffic control system at Kabul air control centre in Afghanistan.

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The Importance of Connection in Education

There are so many competing priorities today that it can be difficult to deal with. Many years ago, many females were able to stay home from work and watch their children. However, today that is no longer the case and females are in the workforce in record numbers. There are a lot of people who want to be more educated about how their child learns. This is a vital part of making sure that your child is developing. Class Dojo is an app that changes education from the ground up. Now this app is in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States, and it is only getting started with how to change education in the United States forever.


Class Dojo


Just a couple of years ago, two people got together asking the question of how they could conquer public education. There are a lot of problems facing the country in this area. Anyone who is looking for help can find it with this app. Class Dojo allows parents and students to communicate with teachers throughout the day in an attempt to stay more connected with their education. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing the positive benefits in their children from this app. If you are someone who is passionate about helping your children learn, this is a great option for you. In our busy society today, many people simply cannot be as engaged as they would like to be in their children. This is a way to accomplish both goals at the same time.


Future Expansion


In early reviews, Class Dojo is already making a huge change in education. This is a ground up change that will take some time. The interactive learning environment that the app brings is something that everyone can appreciate. With all of the new technology today, there is no reason for children to still suffer in school. A lot of people have issues with how their content is presented. This app allows teachers and parents to control the conversation throughout the course of the class.


Anyone who is looking to make sure that they are more involved with their child’s education should use this app.


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The Hottest Current Trend in Fashion: Fabletics

Way too often gym wear is frumpy, boring, and not fun to wear. A new company is changing the game on this, making fit fashion not only great for the gym but perfect for an outing for coffee, a walk in the park, or a trip to the mall. Enter Fabletics by JustFab, a new and stylish activewear line designed specifically for women who want to look cute and stay comfortable.

Fabletics offers a variety of products in assorted sizes and colors. Their jackets alone are to die for, with flattering silhouettes and form fitted material they can go from gym to cafe in a breeze. Staying on top of the current color trends, Fabletics offers a variety of jackets in the hottest seasonal colors.

Yoga pants are another hot purchase item from this company on Whether your prefer something funky or a more traditional pair, their yoga pants have a style for just about everyone. Plain black, striped, geometric, and funky patterned pants are all available for customers selection.

Something else that is great about JustFab and Fabletics is the outstanding pricing for their outfits. While some competitors can charge a whopping one hundred dollar bill for their yoga pants alone, customers can get their entire first outfit from Fabletics for a mere twenty five dollars. Compared to other athletic companies, this is a steal.

Another added benefit is the diverse clothing selection. While maintaining its reasonable price, much of their clothing has a style that looks less like activewear and more like daily wear. This means you can buy your yoga outfit and your casual wear all at the same place, for the same amazing price.

Leading their social media campaign is founder Kate Hudson. Kate models a lot of Fabletics clothing and, of course, makes them look fabulous. Taking the activewear brand to an entire different level, she has created an athletic empire for women looking for cute and fashionable outfits.

Between their adorably cute outfits, practical wear, and knock out prices it is hard to go wrong when purchasing from this company. Check out Fabletics the next time your in the market for some activewear, you definitely won’t be disappointed. See:

Fashion Execuitve Don Ressler

Don Ressler is an executive in the fashion industry. He is currently the Co Founder and Co Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty Inc. Ressler is also the co founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Fitness Heaven.Com. Along with being the co founder and CEO of these companies, Don has also led a number of other ventures that have enhanced the value of shareholders. A couple of these ventures that Don Ressler has helped run have been Alena Media and Brand Ideas which he co founded. During his career Don also created the skin care product Hydroderm.

Before he founded these companies, Don Ressler began his career as a consultant for a number of companies that were looking to take advantage of the internet. With his consulting he was able to help generate over $1 billion in sales along with raising more than $100 million in capital for various internet companies. With this success in generating revenues and raising capital, Don Ressler has established a reputation as being one of the leading business and brand building experts. To culminate his professional success, Don would establish Intermix Media as the parent company of MySpace and sell it for a price of over $650 million. Therefore Don Ressler has had one of the more active careers in terms of running and building companies.

As the current CEO and Co Founder of Intelligent Beauty on Matrix Partners, Don Ressler looks to build and run yet another successful company. With his experience he will be able to use his expertise to stay on top of the latest fashion trends which will help give this company the direction it needs to succeed. Don is very familiar with building and running companies and will therefore likely help build this one into one of the leading companies in the fashion industry. His experience in generating sales and raising capital will also prove to be very useful in helping Intelligent Beauty become a leading company in the fashion industry.

See Don Ressler at

Ressler is very experienced in working in a variety of different types of companies. These have allowed him to be one of the more successful businesspeople in Southern California. As a result Don Ressler will likely continue to build companies such as Intelligent Beauty and make it one that will meet customer needs as well as set new trends in the industry that will benefit many people.

Mike Baur Offers Lessons In Capitalism

Starting a company of any kind can be hard. Doing so takes a lot of determination and much hard work. Those who begin a company of any kind know that they are taking a large risk. They face all sorts of challenges when they begin their own company. It is not always easy to move forward. One person who wants to help make this process far easier is someone who knows this field quite well. Mike Baur is there for the needs of his clients, aiming to offer them the kind of mentoring they need to be able to have a startup of their own that is going to do well in the market and provide for the needs of their customers.

Highly Skilled Advice

Baur is one of the world’s foremost entrepreneurs and banking experts. His knowledge of the Swiss banking industry, one of the most important of all in Europe, is highly detailed. He has spent many years in this area, learning as much as he can about the workings of the banks in this area.
Starting The Start Up Factory

In order to show others exactly how to tap into sources of funding and how to ultimately provide for the needs of their own ideas, Baur has decided that a formal process can be of great use in doing so. This is why he has decided to start an organization known as the Swiss Start Up Factory. The company that he has started is all about offering help for people who really need and want it from someone who they know has their back at all times.

Swiss Based

He knew that it was important to offer help based in his native land. Swiss society is about funding of all kinds. This is one of the world’s centers of fiscal management. Here, many people in the world of finance have chosen to make their homes. They know that doing makes it easier for them to tap into a world of finance and credit. As a Swiss national, Baur understands the local culture that surrounds him at every turn.

Talk Fusion Makes a Difference

Talk Fusion is a company that’s all about helping other people lead better lives. Whether that means helping people realize their dreams, build a better future or to give back to communities on a global level, that mission is the essence of the company founded by Bob Reina.

As Bob likes to say “With great success comes greater responsibility,” and this idea is truly the foundation of the culture at Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina, who is the CEO and also Founder of Talk Fusion likes to lead by example, and in that sense Bob has had a massive impact. Bob gave a $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and has given hugely to an Indonesian orphanage. Through all of this Bob is going forward in a quest to change lives through his own actions and though his company and its independent associates (in over 140 countries).

Giving Back In a Big Way To Non Profit Organizations

Bob Reina means it when he says he wants to give back to the world in a meaningful way. In a new program launched by Talk Fusion, every Talk Fusion Associate is allowed to donate one free account to any charity they choose. This innovative free charity account comes with the Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan, and it comes with special features including branding, customization and access to all of the company’s video marketing products.

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How To Handle People Trying To Ruin The Reputation Of Your Business

It is difficult, to say the least, to not react and attack when people come at you and try to rip your reputation to pieces. You have worked hard to build your clientele, build a reputation and prove yourself, your clients like what you do, they trust you and tell everyone they know how good your business is so when someone comes along and tries to endanger that, you feel so angry. Here are some ways from the website: on the best way to clean up negative news online.

1) Do not think that just by sitting by and doing nothing that the problem will go away, you do, however, need to be careful in how you handle things. Do not retaliate or let your emotions get the best of you, fighting back is the wrong way to handle things and it looks immature and unprofessional. Instead, let who you are and the job that you do speak for yourself and continue to do the best job at your business as you can.

2) Make sure that your customers know that business will go on, that everything will be just as great as it always has been. Let them know that your business is not going anywhere or changing because of the negativity from others. Let them know that you are working harder than ever to bring the same or better service than ever before. Don’t let the negativity get the best of you, you’ve worked to hard to get where you are at.

3) Offer something extra to your customers, that can be specials, a sale, extra services for free, or any number of things you want to do. Give your customers the very best customer service, go out of your way to make your customers happy, and give the very best value for their money that you can offer. This helps to take the focus away from the negativity and put emphasis on the great business you have and the great services or products you offer. Make it worth their while to be your customer and to continue to use your business.

4) There is nothing wrong with talking to friends or family members about what is going on, they can give you support to get you through what is going on with your business. Other people might also be able to see things about the situation that you don’t, they can give you an outsider’s perspective on the situation and listen to you release your thoughts and feelings so you can better handle the situation.

5) Remember what your purpose was for starting your business and what you wanted to accomplish in the beginning. Use this to keep focused on your purpose and to not let you get discouraged, stay as motivated as you were when you first started your business. Don’t let stress or pressure get the best of you, stay calm and in control. Keep doing what you have been doing for your business to be successful.

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