The Mighty Fortress Church and other Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Mighty Fortress Church, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a church that is popular for being unique compared to other churches. The atmosphere in Mighty Fortress is famous to all age groups because the church encourages people to come as they are, unlike other churches who are bound to repetitive rituals and formalities. Mighty Fortress wants the church to be an enjoyable experience for all. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

What makes Mighty Fortress internationally unique is the practical way of how they teach the Bible, which offers an authentic style of worship that is relevant to the modern world. They believe that everybody from the community, regardless of who you are, should be welcome to the church and come as they are, to experience the difference in the Mighty Fortress Church and feel the love of God through worship and other activities.

The Mighty Fortress Church was founded by Bishop Thomas Williams. He is also the senior pastor in the church. Bishop Williams has been serving in the ministry for more than 30 years fulfilling various roles in the Body of Christ.


Bishop Williams always emphasizes and prioritizes the treasure that is found through the world of god and is a highly respected minister. He is also a ministerial graduate in Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before that, he has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications, a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership and two Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Among the many other beautiful churches in Minnesota is the Assumption Catholic Church in Florian. Founded in the early 1900’s, it was built for Polish immigrants. The Renaissance-style of its architecture is very rare in the area. Another beautiful church around Minnesota is the Christ the King Catholic Church in Browerville.

Another church that was built for Polish immigrants who made the area their home in the 1800’s It boasts of Baroque Revival style of architecture with its ornate steeple and copper onion domes. Lastly, there is the Church of St. Columbia in St. Paul. This church probably has the most unique design in Minnesota, featuring a mix of French Norman-style and Art Deco/Moderne architecture. View the interactive map at

The Philanthropic Initiatives that George Soros Has been Part of in His Lifetime

George Soros was born in Gyorgy Schwartz on August 12, 1930. George Soros was an author, philanthropist, an investor, and a business magnate. His wealth was in billions, and as of 2017, he had $ 25.2 billion. He was born in Budapest and later moved to England in 1947 where Soros did his bachelors and masters in philosophy at London School of Economics. After his completion, he started his career by taking jobs in some banks in England and later moved to the United States of America. In 1969 he began his first Hedge.

George Soros had put more helpful resources towards promoting his democratic ideas. He also made a lot of contribution to education, health and humanitarian efforts across the globe. The president of Solos opens society foundation Chris Stone would severally be quoted saying “We try to understand who is vulnerable, who are marginalized, who are oppressed, society by society, place by place.”

In humanitarian efforts, Soros has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to humanitarian relief; this was during and after the war in Yugoslavia in the mid 90’s. The Soros open society foundation gave support to other related causes like discrimination of Muslims in Europe, Women LGBTI, national security, disability rights, counterterrorism and international justice. Soros organization mad a lot of donation to international bodies like UNICEF and global crisis Group. In 2016 Soros donated $ 4 million to the University of Connecticut’s Human Right Institute.

As for his democratic Ideals, after Soros set up his first non –US foundation in Hungary, he started by distributing photocopiers in libraries, universities, and social groups. By doing this, he wanted to promote the flow of information and ideas by doing this he tried to weaken the authoritarian regimes which would later encourage democracy. It would only be achieved by developing higher education although the foundation also had other plans or promoting freedom of information, media freedom and anticorruption efforts. Learn more about George at Forbes.

To end poverty in Africa, George Soros contributed $75 million to Millennium Villages Projects and the Millennium Promise. This project was to address issues like food, water, Energy, education, business development tools, and access to health care. Because Soros wanted to develop societies, he concentrated much on education. In the early 70s, Soros was supporting Black students to attend the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In the early 90s, Soros contributed $880 million to help fund the Central European University in Budapest. He also donated $100 million to universities throughout the former USSR. He also supported childhood development and K-12, but most of donations and contribution were the majority of higher education which didn’t help the disadvantaged minorities. Read more on

In conclusion, Soros helped people regardless of gender, race, and religion. He made sure that education was taken as a priority to help develop society. Although he was not keen on early childhood care, he also contributed to their well-being in different ways. A lot of people benefited from his excellent work, and others are still benefits without necessarily knowing him. He was and still is determined in making the world a better place for everyone.

Roberto Santiago`s Journey to Success

The owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago, is one of the most famous businessmen in Brazil. The prestigious shopping complex is located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago is a committed entrepreneur who also runs other business ventures. He deals with the manufacturing of home utilities and assorted gifts.


Born on 16th July 1958, Roberto Santiago lived with his family at Joao Pessoa. He attended Pio X-Marist College. Santiago joined the University of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE) where he graduated with a Bachelor`s Degree in Business Administration. He started to venture into businesses after completing his university education. He began investing while he was young until he made enough capital to start his chain stores.


Roberto Santiago demonstrated entrepreneurial skills when he was working at Café Santa Rosa. While holding a managerial position at the restaurant, Santiago learned how to invest and manage businesses. He later used his skills to invest in a packaging business by applying the techniques that are used to manufacture decorative objects.


Santiago saved enough money to purchase a huge piece of land in Joao Pessoa. He started developing Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987. The project was completed in 1989 when the shopping center was inaugurated. Since its construction, the Mall has undergone several expansions and renovations.


Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil. It provides a large space to conduct several activities, including entertainment and formal functions. The mall is comprised of several shopping centers, a gaming area, a food court, a gym, a college, a financial institution, cinema halls, and a rooftop cinema hall.


Manaira Shopping Mall provides a variety of entertainment activities. The movie theaters incorporate recent 3D films. The mall has a large gaming area with a bowling alley. The food court section has undergone several renovations to provide advanced dining stores with a variety of foods. The mall has high-end dining areas and fast food restaurants. Domus Hall, located at the rooftop, is used to host musical concerts, exhibits, graduation ceremonies and conferences.


Roberto Santiago built the mall in a strategic position to facilitate its accessibility. Buyers from different parts of the country visit the mall to purchase clothes, electronics, food, jewelry and other services. Joao Pessoa residents consider the mall an entertainment center. They visit the place for their leisure activities and refreshments. The college offers multiple degree courses to thousands of local and international students.


Other than being a dedicated business entrepreneur, Roberto is passionate about sports. He is a fan of different games which explains why he designed the mall as a sports and recreational center. He participated in numerous games during his college and university education. Over the years, Santiago has acquired multiple trophies in motocross and kart championships.


Beneful Dog Food Brings Goodness to Healthy Puppies

Beneful Healthy Puppy is a dry dog food created by Nestle Purina. Have you been wondering what Beneful means, what it stands for? Beneful means “full of goodness”. Healthy Puppy is one recipe that is sure to get all puppies off to a supreme start.

Beneful starts with farm-fresh ingredients. Real chicken is the number one ingredient, than adding whole grain wheat, barley, and rice. These are blended with vegetables, such a peas and carrots, to produce 100% of the nutrition young dogs must have.

Large breeds, which will grow to be 70 pounds or more, were also considered when Nestle Purina’s animal nutritionist were creating this blend. Larger breeds have specific needs.

The nutrition in Healthy Puppy has meet the requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials, which regulates the sale and distribution of animal feeds. Not a very exciting name for an association but a very important job, that Beneful and their staff takes very seriously.

All pups deserve a great start and Beneful plans to provide that by honoring their pledge to be “full of goodness”.

How Rocketship Education is the Sauce Boss

Charter schools do not ask tuition for enrollment, unlike private schools. While fees from charging parents makes for more money they can use for ultimately helping their students learn, charter schools among the network of 18 Rocketship Education facilities across the United State do not require them from any enrollees.

Rocketship Education was created by Preston Smith in 2007 with some help from technological genius John Danner. They brought personalized education to the bulk of the United States. Before this time, many schools didn’t use technology in helping students learn from their mistakes on an individual level. Such is an important part of students’ days at Rocketship Education.

There are four class periods that last about 90 minutes each. Three of them or more traditional subjects, while one is for personalized education.

Preston Smith, the current president of Rocketship Education, recommends schools hire teachers if their demographic backgrounds are similar to open classrooms with similar characteristics.

He learned a handful of other things from being with Rocketship Education over the past ten years.

Reaching test scores loftier than comparable private schools in neighborhoods hosting Rocketship Education’s top-notch facilities is a work of Preston Smith’s educational background. The network of public charter schools – not requiring any tuition from parents – is regarded as one of the most popular in the United States. Tallying more than 3,700 students is a direct result of the pedagogical theory brushed up on in college, then having luck applying it to the real world.

Visiting the homes of children is an important part of personalized education for Rocketship education. Teachers have to engage in this activity at least once a year. They don’t have to stay at students’ houses very long either, just enough to get a hang for how they might want to learn in class.

Rocketship Education is known as a leader in the United States for bringing innovation to education. It is currently the most popular public school of its kind.

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Customer Experience


Artificial intelligence is one of those topics that are taboo, but also very interesting. On one hand, there are people who believe that artificially intelligent robots will place humanity into slavery and may even eradicate the species, to reach the “singularity”. Among these people is Elon Musk, so artificial intelligence is a very powerful subject. In this article, we will discuss how sentient AI (self-aware machines that have human-level intelligence) can and have begun to enhance the Ecommerce customer experience. Visit to know more about Sentient.

Current Customer Experience

Currently, there are thousands of different customer experiences when it comes to ecommerce. You have two extremes, one where the customer experience is unknown, complicated, and makes target audiences leave the site almost instantly. On the other hand, we currently have great customer experiences, where the customer feels safe, the interaction is seamless, and the follow-up creates repeat sales. In between these two extremes lies the current average customer experience; most ecommerce websites.

The reason why these experiences are average is because ecommerce is a fairly new concept, and humans don’t have the capacity to understand hundreds of thousands of variables that an artificial intelligence program can. It often takes months for a human to first, design a website, add products, create a customer experience, and then test. In the following months, variables are tested, such as button color, text, photos, and sales funnels. Sentient AI is able to do this at a much faster rate.

Sentient AI Ecommerce Customer Experience

With sentient AI, the ecommerce customer experience has already changed. Companies such as, Sentient, have begun testing intelligent ecommerce with AI-Powered shopping. Sentient Aware, for example, uses deep learning to give the customer the product they need, as soon as they arrive to the page. For example, the AI will learn that their favorite color is blue, and so will show a picture of a blue shoe first, instead of the red or black one. This is powerful, since the customer retention increases, with custom product listings for each visiting customer.


In conclusion, the ecommerce sector has slowed down over the years due to the time it takes to test new variables. With sentient AI, it is much faster to test what customers prefer, and what web design is more effective. With companies such as Sentient, the ecommerce customer experience will develop into a personalized funnel.

Todd Lubar See’s an Increase Among Millennials

As of late, Baltimore often referred to as the Charm City, has been living up to its name, as a number of young professionals relocating to the city continue to see an upward trend. Baltimore has been noted for its declining population, but in all actuality, the city has seen an immense spike in the population amongst young professionals. The increased number of young professionals is expected to continue to rise, and the economic situation of the city is directly tied to this trend. There has been a strong demand for apartments to go along with the growing millennial population, and the city has seen a few major projects underway amongst real estate developers, as they have begun refurbishing older buildings in order to create new and fresh living options in the form of apartments and condominiums. You can visit for more.

Public transportation seems to be an integral part of the infrastructure overhaul that is taking place in Baltimore. With an improved and expanded plan for public transportation in the city, more incentives are being created for those wishing to live and work in the downtown area. Because more suburbanites will be able to gain faster access to the city and its many amenities, the growth of the metropolitan area is expected to increase at an even faster rate than what was originally projected. Start-up companies have also begun flocking to the greater metropolitan area of Baltimore, as the city has always been friendly to new businesses and new talent from surrounding areas. The cost of living is also not expected to rise significantly in the incoming years, making it an even more attractive option for young professionals looking to begin their lives.

Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, and the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments, having two decades of experience in the real estate industry. With a background in credit and finance, Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Speech Communication in 1995, and from there, went on to hold positions at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. Visit his website

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Human, migrants’ and civil rights groups- assuring justice for all

Human, migrants’ and civil rights groups play a very critical role in the society. They act as the watchdogs that watch out for human rights violations by governments or by individuals with power.

It is common for the powerful people to limit the rights of the poor. This happens through intentionally denying underprivileged communities their basic rights which are provided for by law.

Human rights were established in 1948, by the UN charter declaration of 1948. They outlined the rights that are supposed to be accorded to everyone without looking at their origin, religion, age, nationality, color or any other factor that differentiate the human race.

Human rights apply equally to all human beings be one wrong or right. All the three categories of human, civil and migrants’ rights groups have one important role, making sure that no government or person interferes with the implementation of human rights. They all agree that human rights and freedoms should be selfishly guarded since only through obedience to the law can there be peace and stability in the world. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

It is true that most of the conflicts witnessed in the world today are as a result of discrimination that is occasioned by non-adherence to the rights and freedoms of people. If there is respect to the law, then there will be no injustices, and there will be a peaceful coexistence of people.

Human, civil and migrants’ rights groups that lead the way in human rights protection in the world today include:

International Migrants’ Rights Advocacy

This is an organization that protects the rights of immigrant communities. Their aim is to see migration become a common thing that does not raise suspicion among people in a society. People need to develop a positive view about immigration. Immigration should create a platform for people to interact more closely irrespective of their origin.

International Migrants’ Rights Advocacy as a rights group partners with other migrants rights groups to push the agenda of equitable rights for all migrants, who in most cases are minorities in the country of residence.

Advocates for Human Rights

This is another group with a global outreach. It is composed of lawyers and legal experts from all over the world who offer legal support to communities that need representation in the quest for justice. The group also wants to see a society that respects the dignity of humanity.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

This is a group initiated by two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They are the founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix News Media based in Arizona. The group was established to fight for the rights of immigrants who often face hard times in the state due to violence deployed by law enforcement agencies, especially at the border.

The group was brought about by a settlement that the two journalists received from a case they had filed against the state protesting violation of their rights. They won the case, and the court of appeals ordered that they be paid 3.75 million dollars.

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Eric Pulier’s Achievements As A Technologist

Eric Pulier is a prominent entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he has achieved so much and is envied by a lot of people. Eric has achieved all his success by sheer hard work. He was born from a humble family living in the state of New Jersey. While in school, Eric Pulier worked at a gas station so that he could make ends meet. However, besides working at a gas station, Eric was aggressively working on matters related to technology and computer programming.

After high school, Eric Pulier joined Harvard University. He undertook a course in science and literature. In 1988, she graduated from the Harvard and went to Los Angeles to start his own business ventures. His first startup was People Doing Things, which he established in 1991. People Doing Things was a company dedicated to creating technological solutions for the education and healthcare industries. However, Eric Pulier sold the firm and launched other companies. He moved on to create companies that dealt with Virtual computing and media. The intention of Eric Pulier throughout his life has been to use technology to create solutions that work for the people.

The most recent business venture that Eric Pulier has created is the Atomic Systems. The objective of this company is to merge physical and digital aspects of life. Eric Pulier believes that for humanity to achieve growth and create a bright future it is a must for more input to be applied to technological innovation.

Eric Pulier has set the records straight that it is indeed possible to achieve success in life without going through illegitimate attempts as some scrupulous capitalists do. Eric Pulier envisions life in such a way that technology is used to complement human life. So far, Eric has created tons of companies which have all achieved the success of creating disruptive innovations in the market. He has created solutions that have benefited consumers in various ways.

Eric Pulier does not use profits accrued from his businesses to just improve the standards of his life. He invests surplus money back into technological innovations. He has invested in many startup companies that continue to churn out solutions for various challenges affecting people, especially in the healthcare and education sectors.


Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Work at The Toronto General Hospital

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie is the head of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto. He has been able to develop a method to reset the jaw’s skeletal clock bones so that they can be able to grow just like they do in a newborn baby.

Cameron has been able to do this by using a protein that seduces adult stem cells to become bone tissue.

The procedures are conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital and Toronto General Hospital. The procedures are a significant milestone for research teams with the dream of tissue regeneration. The current method of rebuilding the body parts usually relies on the painful process of stealing bone, fat as well as muscle from one part to fill gaps in another part.

20-year-old Janine McFarlane had a benign tumor that swelled from the right side jaw two years ago. If left untreated, the tumor which is a rare and aggressive jaw-tissue growth called ameloblastoma can grow to deform the face and fill the airways until a patient chokes to death.

MS. McFarlane underwent a traditional surgery. In her case, the surgeons replaced the jaw tissue that was lost with 12 centimeters of bone that had been carved out of her chin. Ms. McFarlane claims that she couldn’t be able to walk for two months.

Dr. Clokie said that Ms. McFarlane’s case involved a 19-hour operation as well as two weeks in the hospital, where she spent one of the weeks in intensive care unit. In January she will undergo another surgery where the surgeons plan to use the hip bone to build her mandible further so that the dentists can implant false teeth.

Mr. Russel also had the same problem. He underwent a four-hour surgery that left him with a faint scar. He only spent two nights in the hospital. The only effect that Mr. Russel experienced was numbness in his lower lip and chin. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

While reconstructing Mr. Russel’s jaw, Dr. Clokie added a specific growth protein to a gel that becomes liquid while in the freezer and robust while in warmer temperatures. He then modeled it to resemble Mr. Russel’s missing jaw piece.

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